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Why non-muslims discuss Islam without prior knowledge of Coran and Sunnah

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message 1: by Aliya (last edited Aug 29, 2010 01:40PM) (new)

Aliya (ayilamina222) | 43 comments Asalam-Alaikum
i'm a muslim sister.........i think that question that u posted is a little rude......yes, i agree that some ppl who comment dont have any knowledge about islam....but it doesnt mean that u need 2 have a whole discussion bout that topic......muslims are supposed 2 educate those who have less knowledge/no knowledge at all about even if ppl who have no knowledge at all are commenting, we should educate them instead of questioning them like

(take the Prophet (PBUH)for instance,he had way more problems then we did.....but he kept his cool...he didnt just blanky question ppl......his ways of teaching were with peace and kindness EVEN if ppl tried killing him or killing the ones he loved)

this islam group is for both muslims and non-muslims....both groups are here 2 learn about islam (hopefully)....some of us come in2 this group with no knowledge about islam and plan 2 learn.....are world today is all about technology and communication (or socializing).....most kids nowadays dont usually go 2 the libaray 2 learn about things.....they usually go online and research....ppl nowadays also like communicating..... (some ppl actually learn more by socialiszing then opening up a book or even researching online) goodreads lets us do both....communicate and even if someone is posting things without knowledge or even making fun of islam....we should solve this problem in a peaceful way....becasue islam is the relgion of peace.....

message 2: by Aliya (new)

Aliya (ayilamina222) | 43 comments and Djamel....i am not trying to offend you with my comments above or start a fight.....i just wanted 2 tell u how i felt about this specific topic.....
i was just a little suprised when u posted this because i've seen ur other comments and i really liked them and i learned from them.....

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Aliya (ayilamina222) | 43 comments Djamel wrote: "I am sorry but think there is a huge misunderstanding. You got me all wrong. Let me clarify. My purpose here is to have non-Muslims reflect on what is happening now in western societies and media i..."

Oh, ok....i guess i didnt fully understand your topic when i first read it.....sorry for the lecture

message 4: by Nenangs (new)

Nenangs | 8 comments i'm confused,
did someone (or djamel himself?) delete the original post from djamel?

message 5: by Aliya (new)

Aliya (ayilamina222) | 43 comments Nenangs wrote: "i'm confused,
did someone (or djamel himself?) delete the original post from djamel?"

dajmel posted the original question.....i was commenting on it....

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Nenangs | 8 comments but now there is not even a single post from djamel here...???

message 7: by Aliya (new)

Aliya (ayilamina222) | 43 comments Nenangs wrote: "but now there is not even a single post from djamel here...???"
djamel didnt post a comment....he just posted the question

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