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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

The main characters, Jody and Tommy, are hardly your standard Dracula/Renfield vampire combo. In some ways, I'm not sure they would even be interesting without the vampirism. But, they are pretty interesting and amusing ...

All the supporting cast - The Animals, Officers Capuvo & Riviera, the Emperor, the Vampire dude - are also a bit (!!!) odd each in their own way ...

What are you thoughts on the characters as written and how they add or detract from the overall story?

message 2: by Donna (new)

Donna (donnahr) The Emperor is definitely my favorite character. And his "men" of course. I love the scenes that he is in.

The Animals remind me of the show "Reaper" that was on last year. The characters worked at a Home Depot-ish type store and definitely did things like turkey bowling. They also got off their stoned butts and went off to fight evil. It's nice to know when the supernatural s**t hits the fan, we'll be able to count on the stoners.:)

The relationship between Jody and Tommy does bother me a bit. It doesn't ring very true. I don't really know why she would be with him, except that she really did need a "minion" to help her, but it's put across that she actually loves him. I never could totally buy into that.

message 3: by Alexis (new)

Alexis (alexisfromoregon) Well I'm almost done and I do like this book don't mind the characters (I too especially like the Emperor and his men- and how people all over respect him) and the tech thing don't bother me either. Wouldn't say this was the best ever book, but I have laughed out loud in parts and found it a quick and pleasant read.

message 4: by Scott (new)

Scott The one exchange that I really liked between Jody and Tommy was when they were "testing" the vampire theories. I thought that it was a funny exchange of dialogue.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm still not eating bugs!!

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