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The HAtchet

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Youhans Abraham | 5 comments My overall impression of this book is that this book is very interesting and i like how brian has to use his naturall instincts to live in the wild.somtimeing the book i would gag at the discusting imagery i would have in my head ,but the reason i gagged was because the story ad good description wich made me want to read more and more. I think that this would make a good movie because it would have good affects and i like reading books and look at the diffrences from the movie. I like how the tornado is described with alot of detail and the airplane crash to. i enjoy that Brian has to find and live his life in the wild. he has to fight a bear well mostly defend hiself. and i think that the title goes really well with the story.I think Brian is a hard working boy who could survive in the wild. The ending is surprising how the pilot comes and saves him Brian was a very lucky persn wen he gets saved.my questions are what happens when he comes home what causes the stroke? why does he not fly the plane himself?

Annalise Venhuizen Kontras (annalisevkontras) | 32 comments Mod
This is very good, Youhans!

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