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the outsiders

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Youhans Abraham | 5 comments my overall impression of this book is that it shows how life has changed from people naming themselves because of their back rounds. there are two groups the greasers and he socs. The greasers are dont have that much money, and here are the socs rich people who think they are better than the others because they have more money. There is ponboy Curtis the main character and his brothers Sodapop, and Darry they belong to the greasers plus the other two boys who are greasers Johnny and Dally.Ponyboy is good at school he is quiet and shy and likes to read and write. Sodapop is kind, handsome and a fun loving guy. Darry is the serious older brother he is very hard on ponyboy he wants the best for him thats why he gets so mad at him. He takes care of pony boy and Sodapop because there parents died in a horrible car crash. Johnny is the baby of he gang the youngest and the smallest he is pretty shy. Dally is the biggest and the strongest of the gang he hides his emotion and tries to act all tough. Sodapop and Darry get in fights over Ponyboy's future. Bob the leader of the socs attacks Ponyboy and nearly drown him Johnny stabs bob in anger and he kills him. the boys run to Dally because they know he will have a good plan. He gives them money and they run away to a abandoned church Poynboy and Johnny sit and read to each other to pass time. there is a fire in the church there were kids inside of it and Ponyboy and Johnny go to help save the little kids. Ponyboy gets out but Johnny gets struck in the back with a burning piece of wood and breaks his back. Dally robs a liquor store and the police shoot him dead. in school he wries about how he is in a greaser life. What i thought about this book is that it explains the life in gangs and there is no good in fighting and killing. The charecters have good and diffrent personalities this iss a very interesting book.i would reccomend this book to any guy who dosnt like to read and who would like somthing interesting. i have no questions.

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Justin Brice | 2 comments what i felt about the book was. it was a very good when they had a rumble and how the greecers had won. and when ponyboy johnny had ran away. and it was sad when darry had died and how johnny had died to i would reccomend this book to teenagers who like to read books about gangs and fighting.

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Tyler | 3 comments My impression of this book was that it shows how tough some peoples lives are, but how they have good friends and loving family to depend on. There are two gangs, the greasers and the socs. The greasers are a strong gang of teenagers, but they are also poor. The socs are a group that thinks they are the best and they are rich. Ponyboy Curtis is the main character. He is sort of a shy and quiet kind of person, but is very intelligent. He has two older brothers; Sodapop and Darry. Sodapop is the hotshot brother, but he is also caring towards Ponyboy. Darry is the concerned older brother of Ponyboy. After Johnny and Ponyboy go to the church, and it starts on fire and there are children inside of it, and they both help them. Dally also helps the little kids. That shows bravery in the Greasers. I didn't like how Johnny and Dally both die at the end of the story.
I would recommend this book to teenagers because it is a non-fiction book with lots of action and anticipation.
I do not have any questions about this book.

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