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message 1: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire ((Um... yeah. We're starting over the roleplay! You don't have to make new charries, and we can still have the war going on, unless anyone has any other ideas.))

message 2: by Quinten (new)

Quinten ((I still have my three, and I'll just have them as outcasts in the beginning again. Things went wierd.))

message 3: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire ((Yeah, I think I'm gonna start over my charries, too...))

message 4: by Quinten (new)

Quinten Dresden sat beside the fire inside of his small hut deep in the forest. He gazed in to the flames and wandered when the time would come that the war reached his sanctuary and he would be forced to fight again.

message 5: by RedPath, NEW TITLE :O (new)

RedPath | 613 comments Mod
((let us just say that Parisa is already dead....

And now Melania is a general -nervous laugh-))

message 6: by Quinten (new)

Quinten ((¿))

message 7: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire ((:OOO))

message 8: by Quinten (new)

Quinten ((¿Que esta?))

message 9: by RedPath, NEW TITLE :O (new)

RedPath | 613 comments Mod
((in the old RP my character Parisa died and I wanted to make Melania a general))

message 10: by Vїllaїп (new)

Vїllaїп (lost_machina) | 595 comments ((hehe so I guess I'll use Kayja...))

message 11: by Quinten (new)

Quinten ((Bring the fun.))

message 12: by RedPath, NEW TITLE :O (new)

RedPath | 613 comments Mod
((I guess I shall RP))

Melania trekked through the forest, sword at hip and crossbow in hand. She was taking a break from her position and getting some much needed fresh air. The news of the morning still replayed in her head, mocking her. Melania had been promoted to General and the title weighed heavy against her shoulders. She wanted to refuse, but it was not something you can just decline. Hence, she was now outside, trying to get away from it all for a few precious moments.

message 13: by Quinten (new)

Quinten Soir had scented the warrior long ago, and now followed her in human form invisible to al but the animals.

message 14: by RedPath, NEW TITLE :O (new)

RedPath | 613 comments Mod
So rapped up in her thoughts was she, that Melania didn't know that she was being followed until she stopped to rest. She quickly tightened the grip on her crossbow and eyed the follower coldly, giving a curt nod in greeting.

message 15: by Quinten (new)

Quinten Soir faded in to view. He wore buckskin clothing and his matted black hair laid long down his back. His golden eyess met the warrior's and he simply stood watching her form the shade of the trees.

message 16: by RedPath, NEW TITLE :O (new)

RedPath | 613 comments Mod
((Can she see him? I'm a tad bit confused))

message 17: by Quinten (new)

Quinten ((Yes.))

message 18: by RedPath, NEW TITLE :O (new)

RedPath | 613 comments Mod
((Okay, danke))

"Hello," she said after a moment of silence,setting her crossbow down. She had no desire to fight him, and setting down her weapon was a sign of peace. She did not break eye contact with Soir.

message 19: by Quinten (new)

Quinten His eyes shifted and he stepped back deeper in the shadows and let out a long howl telling Dresden about the woman.
Dresden stood from the fire and started off towards Soir's location.

message 20: by RedPath, NEW TITLE :O (new)

RedPath | 613 comments Mod
Melania startled a little bit as he did this. But then she heard someone coming and wondered if it was friendly. There was something familir=ar about this wolf-man. All she could do was wait.

message 21: by Quinten (new)

Quinten Dresden atepped into the clearing behind the warrior with one hand on his sword hilt. "And who might you be?" He asked leaning against a tree.

message 22: by RedPath, NEW TITLE :O (new)

RedPath | 613 comments Mod
Melania turned to face him, only slightly intimidated by the newcomer. She contimplated giving him a fake name. But she decided against it, "I am Melania." She didn't use her new title, for it didn't feel right when said it in her mind. "Who are you," she asked, keeping her tone businesslike. Melania couldn't say she'd ever met him before.

message 23: by Quinten (new)

Quinten "I live here, and I hope that you meen no harm." He said simply.

message 24: by RedPath, NEW TITLE :O (new)

RedPath | 613 comments Mod
She nodded, understanding. "You need not worry. I'm just taking a walk." She looked around at the trees and ferns with admiration. "You are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place."

message 25: by Quinten (new)

Quinten "Yes, and I hope to keep it beautiful. I don't like soldiers." Dresden said eyeing her armerments.

message 26: by RedPath, NEW TITLE :O (new)

RedPath | 613 comments Mod
"Then this is good, for I am not a soldier," she replied. It was the first time she had acknowledged the change in her position. She turned a little away from Dresden, watching a wood beetle climb up a tree. 'I'm afraid you never answered my question," she said casually, "What is your name?"

message 27: by Quinten (new)

Quinten "You don't need it to simply walk." He said simply.

message 28: by RedPath, NEW TITLE :O (new)

RedPath | 613 comments Mod
She stared at him for a moment, eyes guarded, before shrugging and picking up her crossbow. "You're right. In that case, I should leave your home." Melania started to walk past him, heading for the town she had come from.

message 29: by Quinten (new)

Quinten Dresden's hand snaked out and he sliced through her bow string with a small blade.

message 30: by RedPath, NEW TITLE :O (new)

RedPath | 613 comments Mod
As soon as she felt the string break, Melania's sword was drawn and pointed at Dresden, eyes narrowed as she scrutinized him. "Was there a reason why you destroyed my crossbow?" Her voice was unemotional edged with steel.

message 31: by Quinten (new)

Quinten Soir's arms settled around her shoulders silently as one hand gripped her sword wrist, and the other rested at her throat with a claw pressed over her jugular. "We don't want you getting jumpy." Dresden said running a finger across the broad side of her blade. His nails turned black and they sliced throught thr metal removing the point. He held up the finger and a black metal claw melted back in to his hand.

message 32: by RedPath, NEW TITLE :O (new)

RedPath | 613 comments Mod
She frowned and dropped her sword, becoming unarmed as it landing on the forest floor. She swallowed against Soir's claws and glared at Dresden. "Suspicious creatures, dark woods, who wouldn't be jumpy?" She replied coolly. "What are you doing?"

message 33: by Quinten (new)

Quinten "Living in peace." He said as he turned to soir. He said a quick word in a strange language anf soir smoothly released her and backed away. He shifted as he did and watched her warily.

message 34: by RedPath, NEW TITLE :O (new)

RedPath | 613 comments Mod
Melania glanced warily between Soir and Dresden, then picked up her useless weapons with a small hope that she could repair them once she returned home. "I understand where you're coming from," she said quietly after she sheathed her sword, "My apologies for getting in the way of your lifestyle." Melania nodded curtly and went to leave once more.

message 35: by Quinten (new)

Quinten "Goodbye." He said simply.

message 36: by RedPath, NEW TITLE :O (new)

RedPath | 613 comments Mod
She gave a small wave and trekked away, through the trees and plants back home. She pulled out her sword and examined it, touching the place were the point used to be. Melania sighed wearily as she replaced it on its usual spot on her hip. There was still hope for it yet.

((I gotta go))

message 37: by Vїllaїп (new)

Vїllaїп (lost_machina) | 595 comments ((Hey Quinn, I was wondering, can this be when Dresden meets Kayja? In the other rp they already knew each other, but I don't think we ever said how. So, I was wondering if this could be before, when Kayja still hasn't outgrown his thirst for blood...))

message 38: by Zhai (new)

Zhai | 268 comments ((Woohoo :3))
Arihime looked at the sky from a tree in the forest while she sang a song about angels.
Arisu was sitting right beside her and yawning.

message 39: by Quinten (new)

Quinten ((oui mon ami. (<--Yes my friend. so that no one yells at me.)))

message 40: by Vїllaїп (new)

Vїllaїп (lost_machina) | 595 comments ((Lol, French, I'm pretty sure?))

message 41: by Quinten (new)

Quinten ((Oui.))

message 42: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire ((Yay! How can I bring Peyton/Kira in?))

message 43: by Vїllaїп (new)

Vїllaїп (lost_machina) | 595 comments ((umm, lol, maybe have her meet up with someone...)

Kayja looked down at the small hut below him, looking slightly nervous as his eyes darted from tree to tree suspiciously. A fire was still crackling inside the hut, he could hear it, but he had seen the man leave, and he was certain that no one else was in there. He reluctantly slid from the large pine branch he was perched on and landed on the ground softly, without making any noise at all, not even snapping the dead leaves beneath him. He looked over his shoulder again before he slipped into the house. Just clothing... He glanced at his tattered rags and grimaced. He's gone nearly a month without a bath, or fresh clothes. He must reek. He found a bundle of supplies in the corner and quickly started rooting through it, not wanting to be there when the man came back. Why, he wasn't sure. It would probably be an easy meal. He shook his head and threw all the food aside. That was no use to him.

message 44: by Zhai (new)

Zhai | 268 comments Arisu yawned, "im going .. 'home' come after whenever you want.."
Arihime nodded and looked at the ground.

message 45: by Quinten (new)

Quinten Soir sniffed the breeze and barked a few quick words to Dresden. Dresden nodded and motioned off to one side then the other. Soir went off silently in the first direction as silent as a breeze. A shadow detatched itself from Dresden and slid along the ground in the other direction Dresden continued straight back. One or the other would catch the intruder and then he would deal with them.

message 46: by Vїllaїп (new)

Vїllaїп (lost_machina) | 595 comments Kayja tossed everything aside that he didn't need. Food, blankets... they were no use to him. He didn't even bother to put it down gently, he probably wouldn't see the man again in his life. Strange, that a non-vampire would choose to live their life in solitude. He didn't even smile or show any sign of relief when he finally found a small bundle of clothing, he just seemed too nervous to show any other emotion. He slung it over his shoulder and crept out the door.

message 47: by Quinten (new)

Quinten Soir stood before the stranger in wolf form. As big as a war horse and as black as death's shroud. He growled deep in his chest. Night Fang rose from the man's shadow in his humaanoid form and wrapped an arm around the man's throat. His flesh was as corpse white as the vampire's but his had a strange metalic sheen to it. His arm, though thin, was like a steel band around the vampire's throat. "Don't move." He whispered grinning. His breath smelled of death and gore and his long blade like teeth clicked as he talked giving it a strange musical quality.

message 48: by Vїllaїп (new)

Vїllaїп (lost_machina) | 595 comments Kayja's breath caught in his throat. This wasn't the man he had seen. Hell, was he even elven? Shock and confusion quickly transformed into anger, even though he still had no clue what this man was. He snarled angrily and ignored Night Fang's warning, baring his fangs and trying to twist out of his grip.

message 49: by Quinten (new)

Quinten Night Fang tightened his grip and at Soir's nod he sank a mouthful of blades in to the band of muscle at the base of Kayja's neck shearing through the top of the man's shoulder blade and collar bone.

message 50: by Vїllaїп (new)

Vїllaїп (lost_machina) | 595 comments Kayja bit back a yell of pain. He reflexively tried to double over and move his hand to try and pry Night fang off of him, but the arm around his neck prevented him. He hissed softly, as if that would do something to ease the pain, and forced his body not to be so tense. The bundle of clothing dropped to the ground.

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