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Elysse (readyforthemorgue) ((start))

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Elysse (readyforthemorgue) Liliana got up out of bed and walked downstairs to eat breakfast.

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Megan try to get dressed but having trouble getting the shirt on over her arm.
"Darn it!" She screamed.

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Elysse (readyforthemorgue) Liliana watched her sisters come down the stairs and get some food. She sighed and continued to sit at the table.

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(how is her sister?)
Megan was done getting dresses.

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Elysse (readyforthemorgue) ((her sisters are normal))

Liliana finished her breakfast then went upstairs and turned the radio on. She danced until her sisters came up. They all got dressed and the oldest went off to college that would start in a week. Liliana and her other sister sat downstairs and watched TV until they had to leave.

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Asha walked out the door ready for school

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Achira | 128 comments Atilla sat in his room, woke up early. He took a shower and got dressed. He took a toasted bread and smeared some butter on it and packed his bag with school stuff.

He left house and walked towards school, his first day. On his way he wanted to look on his cellphone whats the time is and suddenly bumped in into a girl. His cellphone fell and took the girls hand for preventing her to fall, still with a piece of bread in his mouth he mumbled "Sorry, I didnt ment to...." and his face turned red when he noticed it was a girl.

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As asha walked to school she accedently ran into somebody. She picked up his phone he had dropped and handed it to him. She laughed when she saw the bread in his mouth. "Its fine, Heres your phone. I dont think it got to damaged. Im Asha by the way."

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Achira | 128 comments Atilla still a bit embarresed gazed at her. Then he looked down to his right hand, still holding her left hand. He quickly let her go with a step back, his face all red, he took the phone and looked at the screen. "8:27 AM! Just 3 minutes left for school!"

He looked at her again and thought "I have to say something.". He looked over her head, avoiding eye contact, while taking the piece out of his mouth and said a bit stuttering "Th... Th...thanks for the phone..... I... I am Ata." he didnt give her his realname but his nickname.

He quickly said and a bit nervious "I... I am on my way to school, so I need to go, sorry." and ran off.

((lets make it interesting :P))

School starts at 8.30 AM and it was 8:29 AM, just in time. Atilla first gazed at a board with all new students names listed on the board, which class they belonged to. "Let me see." Atilla said soft. "Ah there is my name." he said to himself. "Class 1A, Atilla..." and read the name below his name "Asha?! The girl I just met?" and looked a bit gloomy to the board. He turned back and saw a familiar face, the girl that should be in the same class with him.

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Asha saw her name on the list, the same as Ata. "We have same class, thats cool" She smiled at Ata

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Achira | 128 comments ((Lol, she doesnt know my real name but anyway :P))

Ata returned her a smile back. While smiling he thought "And now?" he was a bit embarresed leaving her suddenly back, but he didnt knew they attended the same school atleast. He walked towards her and eat the piece of bread, which he still hadnt consumed it yet, now he did.

Wiping his mouth he approached her and said on a solemn tone, while looking directly into her eyes "Sorry to leave you there back, Asha. I didnt knew that we were attending the same school. Normally I dont leave a beautifull girl like you behind. I just recently moved to here..." and scratched top of his head and gave her a weak smile... He noticed that he just called her beautifull, his honesty was a good thing but also his problem. He never had a real conversation with a girl before...

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Asha blushed. "Oh its fine. Where did you move from?" She asked
(Sorry but Im sorta bad at roleplaying but you are soooooo good at it!!!)

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Achira | 128 comments ((Its matter of time and practice, writing helps alot ;). Try to describe her how she acts. For example: When Ata approached Asha she was happy, she smiled and replied with a small nod "Oh its fine." and looked at him a moment. She played with her right hands index finger with her hair, by making small curls. "So where did you move from?" she asked curious.... This will make Rping more interesting. try to describe things. Take my posts as an example and try it out :P, do something wild, but not to wild :P. Now shall we continue :P))

Ata stuttered and tried to avoid that question "Eeeehhh, shouldnt we go to our classes? I forgot my timetable at home." He looked at the door where the students entered the school. A huge buzz sound was heared coming out the school, while a teacher yelled "Students inside! Class is starting!"

Ata looked at Asha and asked and putted his hand in his pockets "So do you know were we have class?"

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Asha nodded, "Yeah we better get going." She started walking towards the door and looked back. "Just follow me, its not to far from the main office." They ran inside and Asha took many twists and turns and finally entered her 1st hour room. She sat down at an empty desk behind one of her old friends. She made sure there was an empty seat next to her so Ata could sit. She watched him sit down and thought about the way he has been acting. he seems shy she thought as the final bell rang and class began

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Achira | 128 comments ((Another tip :P... This is what you wrote: She made sure there was an empty seat next to her so Ata could sit. She watched him sit down and...

Normally you better say; Asha hoped that Ata is going to sit next to her. or Asha called Ata to sit next to her by doing a handgesture to come. I dont mind but the rule of Rping is you cant say you watched someone do something. :P dont get this wrong, I just giving you tips :P.))

Ata followed her to the class. The school looked like a maze to him and when they arrived together at the class his head spinned a bit. "Pffffff, I wonder if I can remember the halls to get out of school." he said.

He followed Asha half way into the classroom and looked at her in the distance, were she was going to sit. He took a quick look in the classroom and ended the look with her and thought "Well I think I better sit next to her." and slowly went to the empty desk next to Asha. Ata dropped his bag next to his seat and took a seat and looked at the teacher that was in front of the classroom. He took a quick peek at Asha what she was doing and then the final bell rang and class began he turned his eyes back to the teacher.

((I take the role of the teacher a bit.))

The teached clapped his hands a couple of time and said "Good morning~! Welcome students, my name is teacher Willburk and I am 29 years old. I will be your history, math and your English teacher. On top of that I am also this classes mentor, so if you have any trouble or questions please ask." and ended it with a smile. The man was skinny and tall, a reall nerd typ that pushed his glasses up every 10 minutes. But the man seems friendly. Teacher Willburk talked about what the students could expect the first semester. Then he took out a list and said "Okay if I call your name please say present, and only that and started with Asha "Asha... Asha, present?" ASSUMING the said present the next question followed from the teacher "So tell us a bit about you, how old are you? what you want to be later on, what are your hobbies?"

((I used ASSUMING, its normally a hint to other Rpers to go along. But it doesnt mean you have to, Rp can go every direction. Well I dont know which country this is but I dont have experience with English or American semesters :P so I just wrote what came up in my mind what I think its okay. The teacher is an NPC, now controlled by me, now, its also a rule that a NPC (non-player character) cant be controlled by other players when its already in use by another. You can when for example, we were at the hall running to the next class and Willburk gave us a warning not to run, when the other RPer left the controle its safe to use him. There are still other exceptions but I will give you tips during our nice RP ^^! and this is my last post, tomorrow more ;). cya!))

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(lol nice tip bye)
Asha stood up infront of the class walked up to Teacher Willburk and began to speek. "Hey yall, Im Asha,Im 16, I love to sing. My future is planned out, I want to because a Broadway singer and preform in Broadway Musicals. I practise my singing constantly and anytime I roam the halls you will hear me. I think thats all" She said and flashed a smile at Ata as she walked past his desk.

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Achira | 128 comments Ata used his right hand to support his head and listend to Asha. He smiled about the idea that she singed, je didnt mind her dreams at all. Some girls and guys chuckled about the Broadway but Ata didnt mind.

When Asha went to her place the teacher applaud her and said "Ooh I hope to hear you singing one day." then took the list and just wanted to name the next one and Ata stood up and said "The next one would be me. There are only 2 persons in this class with a A."

And slowly got up and looked at Asha, smiled at her and walked infront of the class and said "My name is Ata and I am 19 years old." and puts his hands in his pockets and stared at the ceiling and then looked at the teacher and said "Thats it."

The teacher wasnt planning to let him go so quickly and said "So 'Ata'." and looked at the list "Is that a foreign name?" and Ata looked at the teacher and said "No its a nickname my friends use, only my bestest friends call me with my first name." and went back to his seat, looking at Asha and then looked back at the next students that was inline.

After all the students the teacher smiled and said "Well childeren I get you a break, 15 minutes, you can go to the yard, canteen or you can stay in the class and chat a bit.

Ata stood up and looked at Asha and said "I... I am going to the canteen, you can join me if you like." and slowly walked out the class, if Asha came with him she came with him to the canteen.

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Asha smiled at Ata when he sat back down. When he got up and left the class room Asha followed him. She caught up with him and walked next to him.
(One question, dont laugh at me but What is a Canteen?)
Asha didnt know what to say so she just walked with him without a word.

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Achira | 128 comments ((hahaha lol forgot this is english :P, knowing different languages let me make mistakes :P. I ment the school cafeteria, where you eat in break and stuff, sorry))

Ata took his bag with him, picked out a table and sat there. Only 2 seats where found there, he didnt want somebody else join his table besides Asha. Well he has to be polite and not ignore her what he normally does to others.

He sat down and pulled out a bottle of cold water and opened it and stared outside a window, then he noticed Asha also. He looked at her and blushed and said "Maybe we can walk home together after school, I live around the corner in the appartements."

He didnt knew why he asked that but he didnt knew anything better to say and looked away and took a huge sip of the water.

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Asha sat down next to Ata. She smiled when he started talking to her. "Sure, I live behind the appartment. Thats cool that we live near eachother" She realized what she had said and added "I mean, I dont know any kids near the neighborhood, its cool to have someone to hang with." Asha smiled politely and blushed.

She dug in her bag for sheet music so she could show off her singing to the whole cafeteria
(Im calling it that for now on)

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Achira | 128 comments ((Yeah lets call it cafetaria but you understand me, what i mean with the cafetaria right?))

Ata smiled while he blushed abit, he was quiet for a minute, looking at the table and took another sip.

He looked at her what she took out of her bag. He didnt see it good in the beginning what it was but then he looked carefull and saw its a sheet with music on it.

He looked at her normally and said "You are gonna to sing here?" And took another sip and kept his eyes fixed on her.

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(yeah, a lunch room. But you know I can add my own little twists in things too :P)
Asha laid the music on the table. "Uh Yeaha I was going to, If you dont mind" She said.
She looked at Ata then back down at her music, debating on if it was a good idea or not to sing infront of the whole cafeteria on the first day.

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Achira | 128 comments ((Be my guest ;)))

Ata took a huge gulp and thought ist not an good idea. He gave her a weak friendly smile and took the papers and said "Uhmmm, I think, believe, you can sing great." And looked around the lunch room ((:P)) and saw many new faces and already pictured what would happen if she sings. He looked back at her and said with a smile "You get your chance at the music class tomorrow." Then he took the last sip and closed it and put it in his bag. "So...... What do we have next for class?"

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Asha smiled and agreed. She knew it probably would not be such a good idea. She put the music back in her bag and took a water bottle out. She took a drink and then looked at Ata. "I have Math. What about you?"

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Achira | 128 comments Ata blushed and said "You can call me Atilla, Ata is my nick, I got used to the nick........." He stood up and said "Actually I dont know, but Ithink the same sinche we are in the same class." He threw the back on his schoulders and took Asha's also, he tried to be the gentleman. "I hold on your bag, cant let a lady carry something." And blushed again. "Well lead the way."

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Asha blushed when he grabbed her bag. "Ok, Atilla" She smield when she said his name "Its right down the hall." She got up and walked next to him pointing the way.

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Achira | 128 comments Holding 2 bags on his schoulders Atilla followed Asha to the class. Meanwhile he asked "So your really want to be a broadway star? What does other think of your dream?"

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Asha hesitated to answer the question.
"Yes, I have been dreaming to preform on broadway since I was 3. They think that I dream beyond the clouds and that I will never make it. I just ignore them and work harder. The only thing that brings me down is that my parents tell me that my dream will never come true." Asha sighed
(btw this is true, I really wanna be a broadway star and my parents dont beleive im capible)

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Achira | 128 comments (Well watch what my character says, thats what I also say to you ;)))

Atilla stopped and hold her arm to stop also, he approached her with a keen eye and a serious face and said "Never stop dreaming, if you believe you can do it then you work hard. I learned not to listen to much to others and go and work hard to your own goal. YouLike my parents said "You never be able to live on your own on a young age but I do now live on my own, study and do the things I wanted to do. It is abit hard but I manage to survive. Only if you really think you cant do it I would say dont do it and try something else." And gave her space. Its up to her to decide what to do. "Anyway, lets go. We are almost late for class."

((Last poost for today, europa night time and work tomorrow :p, cya))

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(Thanks, I really dont care what my parents say because I know that if I work hard enough that I can accomplish anything)
Asha smiled at Atilla. "Thank you" She sighed. She knew he was right

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Achira | 128 comments ((Hahaha thats right ;). Create your own path, master Logic thinking and you can do everything what you want :p (well not everything)))

He pulled at Asha's sleeves lightly and entered class. There where 2 desks free all the way back in the class. He sat at the window side and placed Asha's bag on the table next to him.

Mister Willburk was again infront of the class. Looking happy with a smile. "So students, we begim with math today. Open your books on page.........."

((Now we make this RP a small sim ;)))

Atilla opened his books and looked at Asha with a smile on his lips.

What would Asha do? Study, talk with friends, write poems and draw or do nothing (rest) you can take 2 actions per lesson.

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Asha grabbed her book out from under her chair and opened to the correct page. She looked at Atilla and smiled back.

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Achira | 128 comments Atilla studied and wrote poems and drawed abit in the class.

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(huh? Im sorry but none of that made any since to me at all)
Asha got out a piece of paper from her bag and began to write lyrics to a song she was thinking of. She kept look up at Teacher Willburk so it would look like she was taking notes

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Achira | 128 comments (( Hahhaha no problem never mind it, its a bit advanced rp for you :p, i will explain it another time, didnt got the time today.))

Atilla payed attention, he was very serious and making serious notes what teacher explained. After the lesson was done Atilla put all of his notes in the bag. The teacher said before he gave the signal to leave "Dont forget, use the notes for your homework, make assignment 1 till 20."

When the other students heard that they moaned and mumbled "Aaaaaaw, urgghhhh. Homework on the first day?" And they left. Atilla to, ofcourse he waited on Asha first with his bag on his schoulders.

((Lets skip the next lesson))

The next lesson was chemestry. The lesson was all talk and knowing each other so nothing special happend. No experiments or such. It was break time and Atilla, assuming Asha was with her, went to the lunch room to have a lunch. Suddenly another guy bumped into Atilla, pushing him back and said "Dont act all cocky" and took of quick. Atilla shrugged and sat down at the table and took its lunch out with the half full bottle.

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When the guy pushed Atilla Asha walked over to him the guy.
(lets assume his name is john)
"You know what John? You need to back down, take a breath and prance back into highschool. There is no reason for you to be such a jerk and pick on people. Remember Kindergarden? You were the one who always peed his pants in class. So if everyone has forgotten it then you need to chill and stop picking on people!"She yelled at him alittle longer and then walked over to Atilla.Asha sat down next to Him and began to eat.

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Achira | 128 comments Atilla looked at Asha when he held his bread in his hands and chuckled a bit then he took a bite. After chewing the food he worked it away with the half full of battle he had.

He sighed and said "Thanks, but I dont think it was neccesary....." Then he looked around and laughed slightly. He said "Its seems everybody has now another opinion about you, I think they will think twice before messing with you." leaned back in his chair and streched his arms.

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Asha laughed. "Oh trust me, alot of people know me here. They know that I can beat someone down if I have to." She said jokingly.

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Achira | 128 comments "I only know few people around here....." And looked around searching for them he couldnt see them.

"How come then you know much people and they you?"

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

"Well, Ive been here for ever, since kindergarden. Alot of people know me because of that. And my mom used to be a substitute teacher." She sighed

message 42: by Achira (new)

Achira | 128 comments ((Lol I didnt tell he is a person which parents doesnt come from the 'country' were we are rping... :p))

He looked at the ceiling and said "Oooh I would be mad if I sticked at a place so long......" And scratched his small beard. ((He is 19 after all :p))

"So it makes you a populair person on school right?" And pointed at her.

((Last post today, going to sleep, europa 12 o clock night :p, very sleepy, cya))

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(Oh wow, its late there it is 4:51 pm in central america!)
Asha smiled when he asked her that."Not nessicarily popular more like known. Really, I dont have very many friends, Im one of the toughests girls here and everyone is scared to sorta be around me. I dont like fight or anything but people just take me for granit. You see when I was little, my dad was like a billionair, that was the only reason why I had 'friends' well, I got tired of people acting like a friend so I toughened up. And now, no one will be my friend because I supposibly scare people." She shrugged

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Achira | 128 comments ((About 7 hours difference ;), and i post when you are asleep))

Atilla looked at her for a minute, examened her, then he said on a normal tone "you dont look scary to me." Then he laughed "who would be scared from a kind girl like you!" And sat back in his chair.He pulled out his cellphone and looked at the time and sighed and said "Break time always goed so fast, 10 minutes left"

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"Thanks, I have no idea why people are scared of me. But Im glad you arent because you seem like an awesome friend" She smiled.

message 46: by Achira (last edited Oct 12, 2010 08:51AM) (new)

Achira | 128 comments Atilla blushed and scratched his head and smiled "Hehe thanks, normally I dont quick friends. But I find friendship important."

Atilla looked at her, maybe she was a bit tomboyish, maybe thats why the other doesnt mess with her.

He sighed, he was abit tired. The next class is english class, he asked the teacher before he left the class. He ask Asha "What is you next class?"

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Asha got out her schedual,"Chemistry. I hate that class!" She complained. "Whats yours?" She asked

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"Oh its english isnt it? I forgot Mr. Willburk said that was his next class. He called role for it already, right?" Asha shrugged as the bell rang. She put her schedual back into her bag. Smiled at Atilla and gave him a hug goodbye. "Ill see you later" As she walked away

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Achira | 128 comments "Yeah, English...." He said. Hearing that she had another class Atilla already grabbed his bag. Hearing the bell rang he turned towards Asha to say goodbye and see her lateron. Wheb he turned around he opend his mouth to say something but suddenly he was embraced. Atilla astonished and stunned, he didnt expect it. He wanted to embrace hher to but still he was stunned. Finally he tried to embrace her also but she suddenly let go. With a tomato color head he said soft "Uhmm yeah, see ya." He looked around and saw some girls talking and giggling towards him. He was a bit shy and ran off to class. He had 2 hours of english class. But he just stared out of the window and thought about the hug. What does the hug mean? What does she means with the hug? He questioned himself.

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Asha ran of to her Chemistry class. Two hour straight of it. She thought it was pier torchur. After class, Asha walked into her Communication Arts class hoping that Atilla had the same class.

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