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Joey Hidalgo 1. I felt that the author did a really good job capturing his father’s tale. Most of the time we think of comics as goofy and inappropriate, but Art Spiegelman did a mature job at telling this story. The holocaust is a hard story to portray lightly to children but I think the author managed. It was a really god book for most ages
2. I enjoyed the back and forth between the story and the story about the making of the story. The author chronicled the events as he was writing the story. That aspect of it, I think, helped add to the lightness that the story cleverly had. The plot was one of those rare uplifting stories when you think that the character (Vladek Spiegelman) will make it. But unfortunately in the last chapter he is taken away to Auschwitz.
3. I would recommend this book for anyone who thought that the whole world was against them. Fortunately that isn’t true so you can see the real terror that the Jews went through. This seems to make your situation a lot less worse. You can almost immediately connect with the characters whoever you are really.
4. I wondered why the author (Art Spiegelman) decided to not finish the story. I realize it is in two volumes but that really frustrated me. I also didn’t understand why he wrote the prologue the way he did. There were many more but it was still understandable throughout the whole book

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Great response! This is very good.

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