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emily*the ninja queen of implication* (THENINJA) | 7 comments Olivia was sitting in her dogcrate.

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"OMG, OMG!" Autumn Screamed as the white coats chased her through the school. As she ran, she noticed many odds and ends, as they say. Suddenly, She lost them, and started walking to catch her breath. She noticed A girl maybe 14 or 15 sitting in a SMALL Kanine- Kamper... that WAS way too small for her, decided Autumn. She unflipped the lock, then started running again, looking back occasionally to see if the girl was coming.

Sarah (Gummybear Lover) | 29 comments ((Whos lizzie?))

Sarah (Gummybear Lover) | 29 comments Jack cried as she flew in the sky. She has recently lost her flock(they died because of the Erasers). Amy and Jay are gone,gone gone.And I want revenge. Jack stopped flying and wiped her tears. I'm going to the School. Jack was in California so it took a little time to find the School. She heard 2 white coats coming to the entrance and made them collaspe. She opened the door and flew inside causing a comotion. She kicked a whitecoat in the back and elbowed someones head. She heard whitecoats coming towards her and blasted a wave at them. They immediately flew back. Plan? To send a message saying you mess with my flock,you mess with me! Jack saw Autumn run and was reminded about Amy. Jack saw an Eraser and knew he killed her. She flew to him and kicked his chest. He fell and laid there. But it was already too late. Jack already lost her family. Jack flew back leaving behind the chaos. "This is a message!" Jack said and left the School, crying.

emily*the ninja queen of implication* (THENINJA) | 7 comments Olivia climbed out of her dog crate. She walked twords the door, looking at the havok. She streched out her wings and flew up.

Sarah (Gummybear Lover) | 29 comments Jack flew in the woods a while later and cried alone.

emily*the ninja queen of implication* (THENINJA) | 7 comments Olivia stayed emotionless as she flew. She hear Jack cring and swooped down.

Sarah (Gummybear Lover) | 29 comments Jack heard a thought and turned around and saw Olivia. She gasped and forced Olivia to stop with her mind.

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Sarah (Gummybear Lover) wrote: "((Whos lizzie?))"

((dang.... i had a typo... stupid word editor...))

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Geno watched as a girls ran by, stopped, and unlatched his cage. "Ummm, thanks..." he said as she dashed, motioning for him to follow her. Stretching his wings felt great.

Sarah (Gummybear Lover) | 29 comments Jack sobbed and thought about Amy, how she would be comforting her right now but she can't.

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Geno and Autumn uncaged jack.

Sarah (Gummybear Lover) | 29 comments ((umm i already escaped like a WHLIE AGO jsyn))
Jack stood up and wiped her tears. No, Jack thought. I have to be strong!

Sarah (Gummybear Lover) | 29 comments Vince flew back and morphed into his original model self. "Hey what happened?" he asked when he saw her.
"Got a little hurt but I'll survive."
"Okaay,"Vince said."Let's go then!" Vince morphed back into wolf and winced. He took out his wings and Jack and Vince flew away.

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((srry)) Autumn Decided to form a flock. "after all", She though, "we have to work together." She gathered everyone . "OK, you guys, we gotta Stay together if were gonna make it to our next birthdays!"

Sarah (Gummybear Lover) | 29 comments ((lol no need to be sorry))
Jack saw Autumn and stood still as she watched

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Geno Found Autumn finally. "um... thanks for saving me... what's your name?" He asked as he beamed a cool and brilliant smile.

emily*the ninja queen of implication* (THENINJA) | 7 comments Olivia stared a her.

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"what? OK, well, for a while, I was living in a cabin in Canada. We'll fly there, but first eat these." She said as she handed concentrated food tablets that could carry them for hours, as she had stolen them.

emily*the ninja queen of implication* (THENINJA) | 7 comments Olivia looked at them.

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"eat it!"

emily*the ninja queen of implication* (THENINJA) | 7 comments Olivia shrugged and ate it.

Sarah (Gummybear Lover) | 29 comments Jack and Vince flew together to a little cabin nearby.

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"OK, lets go!" She said as she flew north, towards Canada.

Sarah (Gummybear Lover) | 29 comments Jack decided to go to Canada. ((haha averyyy))

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