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message 1: by Kayla (last edited Dec 26, 2010 08:23AM) (new)

Kayla | 307 comments Mod
Important Positions: Head of Avatar Program (Jazzy - Zara)




Motto/Quote: Optional

Appearance as human: A link or written description. The description must be at least four full sentences.

Appearance as Na'vi: A link or written description. The description must be at least four full sentences.

Personality: At least four full sentences.





message 2: by SpazzyJazzy (last edited Dec 20, 2010 04:16PM) (new)

SpazzyJazzy Name: Zara

Age: 27

Gender: F

Motto/Quote: I miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight add one. Depends how I'm feeling :P

Appearance as human: http://screencrave.frsucrave.netdna-c...

Appearance as Na'vi: http://francescabalogh.files.wordpres... With humanised clothing, though. I don't know any self-respecting human who would run around in that :P

Personality: Zara is a kind young woman, friendly yet still somehow managing to be stern. She expects the job to be done to the best of your ability, and as part of her job she doesn't seem to miss anything, no matter how ignorant she may act. Her British accent makes her seem like an exceptionally gentle and, in her own respect, 'cute' person, and seems to take everything in her stride. She's fairly reasonable, but her main concern is the natives. She doesn't agree with any violent action that may be used, and even frowns upon the station that they have set up on Pandora.

Family: Open

Crush: Open

Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Spouse/Mate: Noooooooooooo. I prefer to work my way up from a crush. It's a lot funnier :P

Other: Head of Avatar Program. Did I run out of ideas for this character? Yes. Did she just have random traits chucked in? Yes. Am I unmotivated? Yes. I think I may edit her now :P Ehhh... nevermind. Can't be bothered *Facepalm*

message 3: by Kayla (last edited Dec 30, 2010 06:47AM) (new)

Kayla | 307 comments Mod
Oh dear. :P Mmmk.... Here go:

Name: Riquelle (Ri for short)

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Human Appearance: She is very tall for the age she looks as a human, around 5'9 and very slender frame. She has high cheekbones and very long eyelashes, and her eyes are a light, ice blue color. She has a very hourglass-shaped form. Her skin is pale but not pastily so, and her fingernails are shaped nicely. Her lips are very full. Her hair is black and curly, and falls in ringlets past her shoulders.

Avatar Appearance:
Except without all the red paint... :P

Personality: Her first and foremost personality trait is defense. If someone says anything that might be a challenge or insult, she immediately goes into defense mode. She's very emotional. She always wants to be in avatar form because it's so fascinating to her. Although she would never hurt anyone on purpose, accidents have happened (though she feels terrible afterwards).

On the other hand, she is the type to just go with life, the ups and the downs. She tends not to complain about anything unless she feels very strongly about the topic. She does have a sweet side and enjoys socializing, though she may be a bit shy when you first meet her.

She is a very, very down-to-earth sort of girl. She understands and respects the Na'vi's feelings of disgust and hatred, and she knows that if she were truly a Na'vi who lived on this planet, she would feel the same way. She is very, very curious about them but she would never ask or act or do anything that would make them uncomfortable.

Family: All dead - mother and father killed on earth

Crush: Open

Mate/Spouse-Thingy: Open


message 4: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) Name: Ari

Age: 21

Gender: Femlale

Motto/Quote: Do it right the first time around, unless you're trying.

Appearance as human:

Appearance as Na'vi:
Of course she'll be in human clothing. Her hair won't be braided, but it will be brown instead of black.

Personality: Ari is very independent when it comes to working. She speaks very little, but is always full of ideas. She is determined and only weakened by mistakes. Being apart of this Avatar program
is all she could have wished for. Ari is good at hiding emotions and with standing pain.
Ari is very suspicious at times, depending on the sistuation. She loves to exercise and explore. She had always dreamed of exploration and that is one of the few things she will hold up a conversation about.

Family: Her mother died of cancer and her father is a marine. Her father's name is Wilson.

Crush: Open

Other: She has gradutated college and is working on her bachelor's degree.

message 5: by Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (last edited Jan 01, 2011 04:49PM) (new)

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 133 comments Name: Rachelle(Chells)

Age: 19(That's right. She started the program when she was 13)

Gender: Female

Motto/Quote: *Silence*

Appearance as human:

Appearance as Na'vi:

Personality: She's quiet, but easy going, and not completely silent. When asked a question she often doesn't answer the first time, she takes her time to think about it. She's really quite nice when you get to know her, and will get herself in trouble if it keeps you out. Has a very weak sense of right and wrong.

Family: She has an older sister Riquelle and her dad is a marine.

Crush: None.

Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Spouse/Mate: Also none.


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