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Caroline (godwithus) which.pack do i do??

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Caroline (godwithus) name-Starryreef
She is young,never mated,spunky,fun, and attractive. Shes about 1 year
Job is watcher/guide
anything else?

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Axela LOL Nothing else except that the character sheet is in the Characters section and that's where that belongs. There's a full sheet to fill out.

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Caroline (godwithus) oh.

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Caroline (godwithus) theres no topic for that.

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Axela Yes there is. You go to the home page and all the way to the right on the banner that says "Discussion Board", click "all". It'll show you a whole new folder where the characters are. There's a topic for ShadowPack. Put your charrie there.

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Caroline (godwithus) oh. thanks!

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Axela No prob. Do you want to start the rp or me?

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Caroline (godwithus) ?

message 11: by Axela (new)

Axela Do you want to be the first one to post a roleplay entry, or would you rather I started it?

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Caroline (godwithus) u can

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Axela Morningmark sighed, laying her head on her paws. The cool ground was warming beneath her, the big orange sun was slowly rising, and the warm light of day gently soaking into her coat. Ever since the day she was born, she'd had a special love of mornings. She'd taken to staying up all night waiting for them. She relaxed her ears and tail, closing her eyes slowly, luxuriously. With a huff, she let her fur start to rise and immediately felt the warmth of day soak through to her skin. She shivered and her fur rose up higher. With another slight shiver, she raised her head and sang a song of deep love, grace, and beauty, her voice strong but gentle. It was designed to wake the Pack in preparation of the coming of Day. "Awaken..." came the gentle prod. "It is time to run and to hunt once again..."

When her song ended, she lowered her head and exhaled again, still basking in the warm light of the morning sun.

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Caroline (godwithus) Starryreef awoke to a orangey morning sunrise. She huddled at the entrance of her cave,feeling the morning breeze. She looked over all to make sure they were safe. Starryreef shut her eyes listening to her mourning doves call to its mate. Soon,the mate responded. She listened to the morining taking it in. Her stomach growled slightly but she ignored it. Starryreef rolled over,looking at the pink sky. She loved early morinings,especially for their color.

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Axela Morningmark opened her eyes to see if the Pack had responded to her gentle request. Seeing Starryreef rolled over and gazing drowsily at the orangey sky, she smiled to herself and rose groggily. Shaking her fur lightly, she padded softly beside her. Her ritual was to wake the Pack, but it didn't seem like anyone else had heard. Flagging her tail, she sat, then seemed to think better of it and sank to the ground peacefully.

"Good Morning, my Sister," she said formally, which was the only way she ever spoke. "I trust the Spirits of Night have yet gifted you with a deep and restful sleep?"

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Caroline (godwithus) "Oh yes.....If only the spirits of the water could grant us fish." She said nooding and licking her soft ruffled belly fur. The day had returned,and Starryreef hoped for a meal today, 'if only the spirits were up to it....' she thought

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Axela Morningmark smiled at her friend. "I will ask them for their assistance," she promised. "Perhaps they will grant us a filling meal as well as a deep sleep..." Her thoughts seemed to be trailing away.

"But come," she said after a pause of a second or two. "If we wish for a successful hunt, we must first awaken our lead Huntress. She will feed us today, I am sure."

((I made her: Diamondfang, Morningmark's Sister))

"Will you help me to wake the rest of us?" Morningmark asked, tilting her head to the side. She meant for a second voice to join her morning howl.

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Axela Starryreef's unresponsiveness didn't mean much to Morningmark; she was used to being ignored.

Instead of taking it personally, she raised her head and howled loudly, her ears back, her eyes closed against the brightness of the new sun, red light filtering into her sight.

"Awaken, ShadowPack!" Her song commanded. "The sun has risen, and the time to hunt has come! Run, Wolves, and feed thy Pack!" She accidently slipped into the language of an Ancient, but ignored it. She did it so often, the rest of the Pack would understand.


Diamondfang's eyes snapped open, and immediately she joined the song. "I Run, I Hunt, I Feed my Pack!" She chanted, twice. Then she lowered her voice and somewhat hummed. With her pretty golden eyes she looked to her sister. "Best of mornings, Morningmark." "And to you," was the reply. With a small bow, she stood and walked up to her sister, smiling. Morningmark rose and the two leaned on each other in their own personal greeting.

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Caroline (godwithus) Starryreef looked up at her and growled friend like. She stood after she left and lazily walked over. "Greetings fellow huntrees"

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Caroline (godwithus) "i better go do my job." She said,turning. A breeze ruffled her grey white fur,as she trotted. S.R. mumbled a prayer to the spirits. Starryreef saw everyone safe and sound.

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Caroline (godwithus) "Greetings. My i help you with anything?" She asked looking at Hawktail. Starryreef noticed he was male,she had been looking for a mate

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Caroline (godwithus) "Suits me." She said,swishing her tail and turning. The spirits whipered in her ear.

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Caroline (godwithus) She saw that everyone was fine. Starryreef had nothing else todo so she sprinted,catching up with Hawktail. "Starryreef and you are?"

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Caroline (godwithus) "Starryreef. Greetings." She said,following him. "Mind if i join?"

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Caroline (godwithus) "Thankyou." She said still walking. ((wont be on this weekend. power play if u want))

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Axela Morningmark chuckled to Diamondfang. "It looks like your Pack is hunting without you." Diamondfang gave Morningmark a look that said, "Yeah, sure," but turned to look behind her anyways. Sure enough...

"Hawktail! Starryreef! Where exactly do you two think you're going?" She barked, her sentence ending with a sinister growl under her breath. "Insolent do--"

"Do not be so harsh to them, Diamondfang," Morningmark soothed her. "They do not want to wait for your permission. They are hungry."

"Remind me not whose fault that is..." Diamondfang grumbled, in a bad humor.

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Caroline (godwithus) Starryreef shook and lept to her cave,mad that the spirits ruined her chance. She growled and rolled over,plaving vines that surronded her cave.

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Caroline (godwithus) She finished,obviously bored. Starry sat up,looking at Hawktail. "Greetings,i thought you went hunting to bring us thr grace of fresh meat?'

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Caroline (godwithus) "I see,why are they keeping us in this state of afair?" She growled deeply and rolled over by him. Starryreef watched the clouds roll with the wind.

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Caroline (godwithus) "Well,we must be doing good then for this earth." She brushed her tail on his and rolled over to a sit. Starryreef watched her birds sit on there eggs. Then,a thought struck her,"There must be something!If there alive and fat,why aren't we?"

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Caroline (godwithus) "I know but berries!they eat fruits too! We have eaten those before!" She said,proud."They have to be somewhere...." Starryreef was walking in circles.

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Caroline (godwithus) "Allright." She purred. "Not those Mourning ones,ok?" Starryreef said,standing by him.

((Should they mate later?or not?just and idea from her not mating yet.)

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Caroline (godwithus) ((Ya,sure,u got it!))

Starryreef smiled and started helping the pups with hunting.

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Caroline (godwithus) Starryreef ran over,"Thankyou." She brushed him and ate a few.The juice covered her muzzle.

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Caroline (godwithus) "These are great!But here," She said,stepping so he could eat.

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Caroline (godwithus) "I am not much of a hunter,i am guide and watch. But you can talk to the head huntress." She suggested,starting back to her cave.

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Caroline (godwithus) She smiled. "Ok, it seems as if the spirits meant that too. What are you in the mood for?Caribou?Deer?Bird?"

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Caroline (godwithus) "I vote caribou. They travel in greater packs and they'll be migrating off the moutains,so they'll be easy to catch." Starryreef looked at them in the distance. " Its a hike but worth it."

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Caroline (godwithus) "Ok. ill gather the mistress hunters and you gather the mister hunters. Find a male guide too." Starryreef said,all ready starting.

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Caroline (godwithus) She gatheted all but Morningmark and DiamondFang

message 41: by Caroline (new)

Caroline (godwithus) "Seen Diamondfang or Morningmark?" Starryreef asked,the huntresses following her.

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Caroline (godwithus) "Well,we will have to wait." She said. Starryreef boomed to her fellow hunters,"We are missing to huntresses,Diamondfang and Morningmark. Please,search.'

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Caroline (godwithus) Starryreef searched,"Diamondfang!Moriningmark!!!"

message 44: by Caroline (new)

Caroline (godwithus) "Thanks' She ran over to them.

message 45: by Caroline (new)

Caroline (godwithus) "Come on our hunting adventure for caribou."

message 46: by Caroline (new)

Caroline (godwithus) ((ya. shes gone...um...gtg anyway.))

message 47: by Caroline (new)

Caroline (godwithus) ((no dont worry. they'll leave without them and if Alexa's wolves wanna come they can catch up.that ok?))

Starryreef moved back to Hawktail,"Lets go."

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Caroline (godwithus) :She howled and they started off. "We have plent of time. It takes 7 days,3 miles and they migrate in 2 weeks." Starryreef smiled,"What your story?"

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Caroline (godwithus) "Your life?" She took a turn,guiding the pack.

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Caroline (godwithus) "Oh," She nodded,continuing. "I really no nothing about my early life." Starryreef told him.

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