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SpazzyJazzy Name: Stormkit

Gender: M

Clan: River

Rank: Kit

Appearance: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_XkXtCLugo54...

Personality: Stormkit is somewhat mischevious, yet quick to jump to conclusions and always loking for some dirt on his Clanmates. He's always counted on to be playing some sort of pratical joke, and the rogue part of him tends to shine through at times- especially when he shows such an uninterest whether a cat is from his Clan or another. He has a growing feeling that being amongst the Clans isn't right for him, but he's not unloyal and would stay with them forever, no matter how convincing another might be. Unlike his other littermates, Stormkit knows he's adopted, but that doesn't mean much to him. To Stormkit, his foster parents might as well be his real ones for all he cares.

History: Stormkit lived with his mother with his other littermates for three moons, that was until a grieving she-cat who had lost her kits tried to steal them away in the middle of the night. They were dumped at Fourtrees, nearly starving when the day after a Gathering occured. Naturally, there as some debate over the kits fate. The tougher toms called for the leaders to leave the kits; they were rogues, and of no importance to them. The ex-Queens, however, were adamant that the kits were granted the right to live. Because it was at Fourtrees, and there were four kits to share amongst the Clans, they were split up. Old enough to remember their names, at least, the Clans found their names suitable enough to simply add 'kit' to the end.

Kin: Chromia (Mother), Starkit, Skykit, Rosekit (Siblings)

Crush: Too young

Mate: Too young

Other: Needs foster mother

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SpazzyJazzy Huh. I finally comleted it. *Throws confetti*

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