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For those of you who did read it, I was wondering about your general impressions of the book. Even if you didn't finish it, what you thought of what you did get around to.

I enjoyed The Demolished Man, although not until the second half. I found the characters a stumbling block-- pretty one-dimensional, and really only tools for the advancement of the plot. This is an example, in my opinion of a novel for which the focus is the story for the sake of itself, rather than the story for how it affects the people in it. I tend to prefer the latter. That being said, I thought the ending was really cool and it certainly had really creative and original ideas. I don't know if I will go out of my way to read Bester's other big sci-fi novel, but I'm not going to necessarily avoid it.

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Bryan (blyoung) | 13 comments I didn't take the time to reread... sorry. Got busy with other books and some traveling this summer. I do plan to reread soon, but once again sorry that I wasn't able to contribute to the discussion.

Likewise, I've read Cryptonomicon, but won't be rereading if it's chosen for the next book. It's a masterpiece, and I love it, but it's quite long to do more than skim it. Perhaps in another decade or so I'll reread it.

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