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Winter Rose Phantom Sakura was sitting in school.

message 2: by Perro (new)

Perro Chewing on her pencil eraser...

Winter Rose Phantom ((of course;) ))

message 4: by Perro (new)

Perro ((lol)) then suddenly syoaraon li (ley just call him Syli) busts in a gases everyone!

Winter Rose Phantom ((i don't get it))

message 6: by Perro (new)

Perro ok well i shall continue! thn Syli drags Sakura out and revives her. "I did'nt want the others to see it!" He says then points out the window. Sure enough EVERY CLOW CARD EVER is loose and rampaging! Who could have done it?

message 7: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Tomoyo stared at Syoaran and Sakura, fascinated by this.

Winter Rose Phantom Sakura sighed"That can't be possible. I have all of the cards already.....see?" she said pulling out the cards which were still "sakura cards".

message 9: by Perro (new)

Perro "Then what could it be?" Said Syri. ((How can Tomoyo do that if she got gased?))

message 10: by Winter Rose Phantom (last edited Aug 25, 2010 07:29AM) (new)

Winter Rose Phantom ((Sakura probably did something to wake her up...No WAIT she was ln the bathroom! HA! I AM so Smartness!))Sakura shrugged "I have no idea but we'll have to do something. But first I Should Call Kero shouldn't I?" she said taking out her minnie cell they got when eriol was causing trouble.

Winter Rose Phantom ((Hello?))

Winter Rose Phantom ((HELLO????????))

Winter Rose Phantom Kero answered the phone when it rang."WHAT???????? Don't bug me while i'm playing video games i've almost got 5,000,000,000 points!"he yelled "KERO!!!!! Look outside!!!!!" said Sakura "Hold o-AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"screamed kero
"What?!"asked Sakura
"I lost......."said kero dissapointed
"Look out side now!!!!!"yelled sakura
"Fine.....Geez."he grumbled floating up to the window and looking out. when he looked he said"this isn't good."he looked down at the phone"this rampage'll pass. trust me. i'll tell you about it later. for now stay inside"
"fine."she hung up

message 14: by Perro (new)

Perro Suddenly the sword card jump through the window and stabbed her phone....

Winter Rose Phantom ((that was random))Sakura yanked her hand back before it could hit her

message 16: by Perro (new)

Perro But now her phone was broken! How would she reach Kero?

Winter Rose Phantom soon the rampage of magic came to an end and so did school. "c'mon guys lets go talk to kero at my house"said sakura

message 18: by Perro (new)

Perro "MWAHAHAHA!" Screamed Yuko as she jumped from no where.

"You can't be in this story! Get lost!" yelled Sakura and Yuko disappeared!

Winter Rose Phantom ((Ummmmm ok?))

Winter Rose Phantom Sakura looked confused

message 21: by Perro (new)

Perro "Oh's happening..." Tomoyo said. "The worlds are merging..." ((lol ii was all like hey! sakuras not my friend?! who is elundari?! lol))

Winter Rose Phantom ((lol^^))"Tomoyo...How would you know??"sakura looked confused

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