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message 1: by Ivan (new)

Ivan | 561 comments Are you a Bloomsbury Groupie? I think I may qualify. I thoroughly enjoy reading books by them and about them. One such book (about them) that I highly recommend is Bloomsbury Pie The Making of the Bloomsbury Boom by Regina Marler Bloomsbury Pie: The Making of the Bloomsbury Boom by Regina Marler - terrific looks at the Bloomsbury phenom (and wildly entertaining).

I also enjoy novels that feature them as characters, three favorites are:

The Hours by Michael Cunningham The Hours

Mitz The Marmoset of Bloomsbury by Sigrid Nunez Mitz: The Marmoset of Bloomsbury

The White Garden A Novel of Virginia Woolf by Stephanie Barron The White Garden: A Novel of Virginia Woolf

what are some of your favorites?

toria (vikz writes) (victoriavikzwrites) Yes, I, too, am a junkie.

message 3: by Ivan (new)

Ivan | 561 comments I've got a couple of art books of Vanessa Bell and Charleston House and Dora Carrington - lovely books - and I just ordered Virginia Woolf, Vanessa Bell: Remembering St Ives along with To the Lighthouse and The Common Reader: First Series, Annotated Edition. The first is just a picture book, the second is something I'm bound and determined to read before I die and the third is next month's BYT selection.

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