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message 1: by Glenn (new)

Glenn | 17 comments Hey gang,

A few months ago I came across a word processing program specifically developed for authors and I thought I’d share some info about it with you. It's called Liquid Story Binder and I’ve been using it for the last few months to write Book 4 of my Harbinger of Doom fantasy series instead of Miscrosoft Word. It’s got great features for organizing your ideas, data, and drafts, tracking characters, timelines, book cover images, and many more features. The program can be loaded on a USB drive and carried with you. It saves the files in text format so they’re openable in any other word processor. Here's the link to the developer's website: if you'd like to check it out. They offer a free trial i believe for 30 days of use; the full program is about $45. After using this, I’m never going back to MS Word. If you try it out, let me know what you think.
glenn g. thater
author of the Harbinger of Doom saga

message 2: by Keiji (new)

Keiji Miashin Wow, that looks like a very interesting program. I've been using Story Book to plan my works, which is a pretty good piece of software for being free, but having to jump out of it into Open Office to actually write can be a bit of a hassle. As well as keeping track of all the .doc files.

I'll definitely will be giving this program a try. Does it have any import features if you've already got .doc/.txt files?

message 3: by Sue (new)

Sue Bowling (sueannbowling) | 19 comments Considering the problems I've had with MS Word (see "Wars with Word" on my blog ) maybe I ought to look into this. Does it work on Mac, or is it just a Windows program?

message 4: by Glenn (new)

Glenn | 17 comments Yes, you can open any .txt files in it. You can also copy and paste directly from MS Word.

message 5: by Glenn (new)

Glenn | 17 comments i think it is just for windows.

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