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message 1: by Zakiya (last edited Aug 21, 2010 10:54AM) (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) School's Out - Forever (Maximum Ride, #2) by James Patterson School's Out - Forever by James Patterson.

We got our book decided for the September 1st buddy read! We will be reading the sequel to The Angel Experiment, and hope that you may be able to join us.

Starts on Sept. 1st. Sign up for it below by just saying that you're participating.

Happy Reading!

message 2: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) Elyssa and I are in! :D

message 3: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (thehopelessbibliophile) I just finished The Angel Experiment. This sounds fun!

message 4: by Shay (new)

Shay | 862 comments I started The Angel Experiment yesterday. Reading it to see if my son would like it. I'll let him read anything so long as I read it first. It looked like it had violence and I'm more concerned about violent content than anything else that parents are usually troubled by.

message 5: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) Glad you liked it Amanda! And Shay, it isn't a violent book at all. Maybe a little kicking every once in a while, but it's really not too terrible.

message 6: by Shay (new)

Shay | 862 comments I don't want to be one of those parents that doesn't "let" their kids read anything. Then, their kids sneak around behind their parents back and read it anyway. The problem with that is that if it does have issues about sex, violence, or drugs, they've read it without feeling like they can talk to you about it. I mean, all of those things exist (in the real world) and those are all things that eventually people will have to deal with. So, isn't it better to guide your kids than to let them flounder around? As a parent, sticking your head in the sand is the worse thing you can do. So, I read everything first. I'm an annoyingly overly involved parent. (So says my son.)

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

I am in for the read!

No comment about kids reading.

message 8: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) Yep, this will be super-fun, Lyss!

Shay: I get what you're saying. To me, it doesn't seem like you're an "annoyingly overly involved parent," because my mom does that too. :) Well, she only reads the synopsis is what I mean.

message 9: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (thehopelessbibliophile) Ok, today's the day! How do we want to split up the reading - one section every few days?

message 10: by Shay (new)

Shay | 862 comments Zakiya wrote: "Yep, this will be super-fun, Lyss!

Shay: I get what you're saying. To me, it doesn't seem like you're an "annoyingly overly involved parent," because my mom does that too. :) Well, she only read..."

I read the whole book. When I was a teacher and let kids choose their own books for book reports, if I hadn't already read the book, I would read it.

message 11: by Zakiya (last edited Sep 03, 2010 04:39PM) (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) You can still participate in discussions though. It would be really helpful if you would!

Today's assignment (new one will be posted on Sept. 3rd) : Chapters 1 - 16. For those of you reading this version ( School's Out - Forever (Maximum Ride, #2) by James Patterson ) along with me, it will be pages 1 - 48. ** The page numbers will vary between editions, esp. eBooks. **

message 12: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) Sept 3rd - 4th assignment: Chapters 17 - 33.

message 13: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) Sept. 5th - 6th assignment: Chapters 34 - 52.

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

I have finished up to chapter 33.

1.). How do you feel about Ari being back?
2.). Total. I was shocked about the dog. What do you think about the dog?
3.). Wow, the erasers have upgraded again! How do you feel about that?
4.). Do you have a favorite part or quote yet?

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

1). I admit. Having Ari back was more then a shock. My head would of spun if it could.
2). A talking dog. As if this book/series needed any more strangness! But I like it. I also kind of think it is funny that it took Max so long to figure that out.
3). The new upgrade is def creepy.
4). I liked the part where Fang was all sweet and kissed Max on the forehead. It was an "ahh" mommet in the book.

message 16: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) Answers to Elyssa's above questions:

1. Having Ari back.. It's actually a cool part of the book to me, since Patterson decided to put us ni Ari's perspective sometimes. I like that. I was never really against him anyway.

2. I love Total! He's so funny, and he's loved by, yes, even Max. I like that he can talk, too. I've always wanted to know what animals were thinking :).

3. Erasers upgrading... Uhm, it's good, but at the same time, it's bad. It's a good thing because it means the universe is moving on up; but it's terrible because the flock can be traced in the sky now. But the Erasers aren't very good at flying, because they aren't as nimble as the flock, so that's good, too.

4. I have several favorite parts. This book is making me laugh harder and more frequent than The Angel Experiment. Here are my favorite quotes that I got from this book:

"Compared to the Erasers, we were nimble little stinging wasps, and they were clunky, slow, awkward flying cows."

" 'Do you want me to swear this time or do you want ti?' I asked.
'You can,' said Fang, stuffing the page back into his pocket.
'Well, crap,' I said."

" 'Total? Can you talk?'
He flopped down on the grass, panting slightly. 'Yeah, so?'
Jeezum. I mean, mutant weirdos are nothing new to me, you know? But a talking dog?
'Why didn't you mention this before?' I asked.
'It's not like I lied abou tit,' said total, reaching up with a hind leg to scratch behind his ear. 'Between you and me, I'm still trying to get used to the whole flying-kid thing.' "

"Later I sat at the table doing my homework, which is just another term for "grown-up-imposed yet self-inflicted torture," IMHO {in my humble opinion}."

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

Those are some of my favorite quotes as well!

Great answers, Z!

message 18: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) Thanks, Lyssa! :D

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

The book was a super quick read. If I wasn't so dang busy and tired all day i would of gobbled this book up in one night. However, I did finish it several days ago. Z the book was great. I really can hardly wait to see what happens next!

message 20: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) IKR?! Agreed, on everything. We will have to start Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports soon :D.

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