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Short profile ftw. :P

Name: Soulstar

Gender: Female

Clan: Riverclan

Rank: Leader

Appearance: Soulstar is large for a female cat, with powerful legs that are lined with scars that speak of her experience. She can certainly hold her own against a fight with any tom since her physical strength is good for a female cat at her age, especially as she is approaching age just a little. As for her fur, it is a mottled blue-gray that is laced with the pale lines of scars. Her eyes are dark blue, giving her face the appearance of being just a little more blue than it actually is. Her fur is actually a little on the long side as well, but not so much that she could be classified as a long furred cat.
Personality: Soulstar is a powerful, silent cat that has a commanding sort of personality that is perfect for her position. She isn’t apt to aimless talk, and much prefers action. Accordingly, she is not one for peace discussions with other clans and attempts to sort out problems like prey thievery with talk—she doesn’t hesitate to lead her clan into battle when they are strong and well. In fact, her clan is powerful because of this, though they are not heartless and merciless like Shadowclan. True, they are very resistant to outsiders and Soulstar insists on keeping the clan pure, but they are not obsessive about it or cruel in doing so. Soulstar doesn’t hesitate to fight, and her temper is snappish and quick to break, but she doesn’t explode into fury like some warriors—she responds with cold calculation and a quick attack, often one aiming for the jugular. She’s very committed, though, especially to her clan, and would die for them easily. Her pack is the most important thing to her—even if it means risk to herself.

History: LALALALLA *slacks off*
Kin: All deceased, and she was the only surviving kit of her litter of two.

Crush: Open

Mate: Nuu

Apprentice: Open

Other: 5 lives left

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SpazzyJazzy About tinme =P


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Silverbreeze | 83 comments Can I make her a crush?

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Sure, go right ahead.

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