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Samantha and Jack

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wat do u think would happen if Samantha did end up with Jack?????????????????????????????????????

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This is one of Meg Cabot's best books ever!!!!!!!

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Kimberly | 1 comments who here lives in danville?

Mailan ~(Equestrian Star) :) (equestrianstar) | 1 comments ugh! Sam and Jack airn't ment to be!
they will not go well 2gether!
David is soooo much better 4 Sam! he's like perfect. i mean like any girl 4 a real guy to be like him. guys these days r so ugh!...
anyways i luv this book too!

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Regan (sballallstar) | 1 comments Regan lives in Alamo!!! Does that count for anything Kimberly???

message 6: by Kat (new)

Kat (bookfan101) | 9 comments david rlly cares about Same, ehy does she like Jack though I mean hes so, guh!! I wish she would write a third book!!!!

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Kat (bookfan101) | 9 comments Kimberly wrote: "who here lives in danville?"

srry kinda random but rlly cute pic, is that ur dog???

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Kat (bookfan101) | 9 comments Miley wrote: "wat do u think would happen if Samantha did end up with Jack?????????????????????????????????????"

bad things would happen, very bad things would happen. Jack is a control freak, no one need that, and i do not think Samantha would be able 2 take him because of her independency .

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