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message 1: by Pennyddreadful (new)

Pennyddreadful | 4 comments In interviews, Stacia Kane said that the second book contains a huge clue as to the city's location. Perhaps the answer lies within the cemetery that Chess and Lex visited: Oak Hill. Also given the numerous geographic clues through out the series (Triumph City is large North American city on the coast with numbered streets, a disused subway system, near a river, a harbor, etc)...I suspect that Triumph City may have been Washington D.C. "before Truth." Perhaps someone else has other theories as to this elusive mystery? :)

message 2: by Diana (new)

Diana | 20 comments I don't know if there's a subway system in Chicago, but I do know there are trains (and isn't there one reference in one of the books to a train passing?)

It's also far enough from New York to require a *flight* to Triumph City, so that utterly rules out Philadelphia, even if it had a subway system (which I'm fairly certain it doesn't).

Also, it apparently has fairly harsh winters, so that rules out anything north of say, the Mason-Dixon line, unless there's some kind of climate change assosciated with Haunting Week.

I would say DC sounds like a good candidate for the name "Triumph", since one of the things the Church overcame was world governments.

I'd almost say Boston, though.

I would say the numbered streets aren't a guarantee. With the number of streets that are named after either political or religious figures in the United States, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the streets were renamed after the Church took over.

message 3: by Pennyddreadful (new)

Pennyddreadful | 4 comments You've raised some excellent points, Diana. Boston would also fit nicely with the Puritan motif of the Church of Real Truth.

Nice call on the numbered streets as I hadn't even considered the Orwellian ends the Church might go to in an attempt to erase history.

message 4: by Missy Ann (new)

Missy Ann (missyanntx) | 4 comments I'm going to have to throw in for Boston too. I'm against D.C. because nobody's bitched about the summer heat. ;)

I'd love to say Salem but no subway unless you're looking for a sandwich.

message 5: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea (vampirebookclub) | 52 comments Mod
Very nice catch on the reason for the numbered streets, Diana. Agreed.

At first I went with D.C., too, but Boston is definitely a viable option.

message 6: by Diana (new)

Diana | 20 comments I'm almost *POSITIVE* it's Boston, now. There's a Chester Airport in Chester, CT, which is *about* fifty miles as the crow flies from Boston. But Chester was some distance away from Downside (Terrible was doing 120 on the way out there; I downloaded those e-books last night as my hardcopies are out on loan), and if Downside sits more or less between Triumph City and Chester, that's not all that far. I mean, *I* drive 26 miles to work and back daily.

(However, Chester, CTs airport didn't open until 1959, and I'm pretty sure Terrible knows when WWII started and ended....)

And there would have been reason to leave an old (thus historical) and attractive Catholic Church standing, and there's a lot of Catholics in New England (Chess's apartment building is a disused Catholic Church).

I'm rereading the books now, in part to take it a little more slowly (they were quite intriguing so I kinda blazed through them, and missed some things), in part to come up with a *QUALITY* review of the books, in part because of Terrible (*wink*), and in part because I want to come up with a location of Triumph City.

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