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message 1: by Denise (new)

Denise Does anyone in the group like mysteries? I am a cozy mystery reader for the most part. I tend to like to read a series and I have to start with book one and read in order. I got started reading mysteries as an adult by reading bibliomysteries (set in a bookstore, library, main character is a writer, librarian, bookstore owner, publisher, ....etc). I really got hooked reading Carolyn Hart's Death on Demand series.

message 2: by Melanie (new)

Melanie Jackson (melaniejaxn) | 8 comments Another cozy reader here. I seen to have a fondness for series that involve cooking-- like Krista Davis' Diva books The Diva Runs Out of Thyme or Melinda Well's new series. Bookstores are a close second for me.

message 3: by Angela (new)

Angela B I read mysteries but not a lot of the kind you too have mentioned. My favorite mystery series is by Brian Freeman's series about Dective Jonathan Stride I would suggest it for just about everyone the first book it Immoral (Jonathan Stride, # 1) by Brian Freeman

message 4: by Denise (new)

Denise Do you think when people read mysteries that they generally like series or stand-alones? I tend to pick a series because I like to get to know the characters. Some of them become like "old friends" after several years. So many times when I read a stand-alone book (not necessarily a mystery--and especially a romance) when I get to the end I want to know more. A couple books I have read recently that I would love to know more are The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom and Parting Gifts by Lorraine Heath. In both of these books I want to follow the characters further in their lives.

In my mystery series I really like China Bayles (by Susan Wittig Albert), Lily and Robert Brewster in the Grace and Favor Mysteries by Jill Churchill (Jill hasn't written nearly enough of these, set in the 1930s, love this series), Charlotte Larue (by Barbara Colley), Emma Lord (by Mary Daheim), Helma Zukas (by Jo Dereske which Jo tells me is about to end--she is working on the last one now. Well, I could go on and on but I think this makes my point that I am a series fan and that carries across to most genres that I read except maybe Time Travel either romance or scifi.

What about everyone else?

message 5: by Angela (new)

Angela B As far as books where I wanted to know more about the characters life one I read very recently was Graceling there are more books in series but they aren't centered on the same characters from what I can tell and also When Autumn Leaves was a very good book and when it was done I was like "but what happened with" and had 3 or 4 characters I was dying to know more about

message 6: by Carol (last edited Aug 24, 2010 01:13PM) (new)

Carol Neman | 10 comments Denise wrote: "Does anyone in the group like mysteries? I am a cozy mystery reader for the most part. I tend to like to read a series and I have to start with book one and read in order. I got started reading mys..."

Denise, MYSTERY is my middle name, and COZY MYSTERY is my nick-name...I can relate to much of what you first posted when you posed the question about also a fan of Emma Lord, and I think Mary Daheim has another female sleuth protagonist who is a B&B proprieter, with a quirky sister and curmudgeonly mother. Gee, that sounds like the Hannah Swenson series by JoAnn Fluke, except Emma is editor of a paper and Hannah runs a bakery and gives us cookie (and other) recipes at the end of each chapter. I still like to read about cookies, even tho I don't eat them any more.

Let's see...what else do I like? MC Beaton's Agatha Raisin...she is such a hoot. I didn't like her (Aggie) for the first two books. She is so love addicted, it was making me sick...but then I got into the insanity and hilarity of where her foibles got her, and also could see myself in her (probably why I didn't like that to begin with) and now am completely in love with that character. Beaton has another character, male, Hamish Macbeth (?) but I don't care for her writing of that character...after two books I just couldn't get interested.

I also like a real, very much, lot the series from Marsha Muller. Let me reword that...I like reading Marsha Muller a lot, anything and everything she writes...but especially the series about Sharon McCone. It's especially interesting to me because I came in on down the line and decided to go back to book one. On the book jacket of one of the early books there is a photo of her...she reminds me in that photo of my hippie days, long hair, very nice smile and some kind of peasant blousey-looking thing. She's been writing for a long forward to the present: she's now a sleekly coifed, tailored-looking sophisticated woman, who has married another author (Bill Pronzini) whom she had read and admired in her earlier life...the story of the romance of these two and how they met and got together would be, to me, the story of a lifetime...I wish they would write it together (they have written a book together about the American West, bringing their own individually created characters together in a story that spans a century...a really novel treatment, and mystery, too). If I ever get to meet her in person, I'm going to suggest the dual-autobiography idea...maybe she/he would go for it.

Used to like Grafton, Cornwell, Lillian Jackson Braun...The Cat Who series was my first love. I've read those all several times, I just drag them out after they've been put away a year or so and read them all again, starting with #1. It's so sad when I'm all read out of my current favorite author and I have to find something quick to's almost like withdrawal. That's when I start browsing the Mystery shelves in the library...that's how I found Mary Daheim and JoAnn Fluke.

Oh, I forgot to mention Rita Mae Brown and the Mrs Murphy Mysteries. She also has a second series centered around foxhunting in Virginia...I learned so much about the sport it made me want to learn how to do it.

Then there's Chet and Bernie, Spencer Quinn's characters...told from the viewpoint of Chet The Dog. Very endearing, both of them. It made me laugh to read some of Chet's 'feelings' much like my own dog, Buster.

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