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Lirit and Derek rode the bus to school. they got off and headed to the highschool hoping to be unnoticed.

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Derek saw Kyler and walked over with Lirit under their big umbrella "need some help?" he asked holding it over all three of them.

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He shrugged and lirit walked with him inside. They walked inside and Derek put the umberella in his locker. Lirit walked to her locker as well. She grabbed her things for art and walked to class. derek went to history.

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Lirit sat sort of in the back quietly. She looked at the table as she set her things down.

Derek sat somewhat close to Kyler.

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She nodded slightly reachign under her chair and grabbing his pencile. She looked at her lonely table and then up at him handing him his pencile.

Derek said "here' when the teacher called his name.

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She waved her hand to the table and scooted her stuff over a bit.

Derek took some notes and realized he already knew this stuff. He sighed softly and looked over at Kyler.

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Derek smiled slightly at her.

She looked at his hand "lirit" she said softly taking it hesitantly.

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She looked down and shrugged opening her sketchbook to almost the last page. She started to draw something random as she usually did.

Derek chuckled softly smiling more.

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((ok lol))

Lirit stopped her pencile and lookeda t the table then at Marx raising a brow. "dude you don't even know me"

Derek had tried to pass her a note all during class.

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She rolled her eyes slightly hoping he wouldn't notice. She was drawing a random person. He didn't have a face yet but then again she just started. She looked back down at her drawwing and continued.

Derek sighed softly and walked out of class as well. He walked to his locker and got his things for Math.

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The note read hey what class you have next?

She looked up at him almost glaring but she pulled back her gaze trying to look unfazed almost distant "what?" she asked softly.

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He looked up at her and smiled. "Im derek" he said softly.

She shrugged "It's nothing really" accept for the fact that my parents are dead she thought.

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He smiled a bit more and then sighed softly seeing that she put her headphones in.

"Im serious I'm fine" she said softly getting goose bumps at his closeness.

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"Science" he smiled slightly "you?"

she clenched and unclenched her pencile blushing slightly. She pulled a bit further away looking at him.

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He chuckled softly "Im sorry"

She bit her lip "but nothing's wrong...Im just a quiet person" she said softly and went back to work on her drawing.

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She sighed softly tapping her chin with her pencil. She looked around the room having finished the top half of the body and now needing a face.

He chuckled softly again.

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He handed in his homework as well.

Lirit blushed slightly and tapped Marx's finger softly.

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"this sounds weird but...can I draw you?" she asked timidly. "I have the body done..I just need a face and head.."

Derek took notes. He wasn't so good in this class.

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She turned a little more to face him and adjusted herself looking up at him and starting to draw.

Derek smirked and taped her shoulder "you might wanna turn that down" he said softly.

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Derek chuckled softly and wrote down the homework.

She turned a little more and tipped the page up a little to get a better look at him wihle she drew.

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((we are in class lol))

Derek sighed softly not exactly getting the home work.

Lirit was looking back and forth from him to her drawing her hand moving like crazy as she added detail after detail nearly finished.

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((Lol , I'll be in class tooxD))

Michael walked into Art class a bit late and saw Lirit and Marx

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Her hand stopped "it's ok" she said blinking a little. She was in her zone and then suddenly snapped out of it. She started drawing again.

derek was on the second to last problem and tapped Kyler's shoulder "I dont really get this one.."

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Lirit hadn't noticed Michael she was in her zone again as she was almost finished with the drawing.

He nodded several times "oh...ok" he smiled slihgtly understanding and finished the problem. the next one was pretty much teh same 'thanks"

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Michael took the seat beside Marx

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Michael looked at Marx then looked away

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Michael took out his drawing book and started to sketch

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Lirit frowned and looked at Marx setting down her drawing.

Derek put his things away and waited for the bell to ring.

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Michael sketched down some random things

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Lirit sighed softly hoping it was done enough. She looked it over and shrugged puttig away her sketch book. "you're a little late" she said to michael. The bell was about to ring.

Derek got his things for science and walked to his locker putting away his stuff.

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Michael looked at her "Probably" He smirked then packed up all his stuff and went to Gym

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Derek sighed softly and went to science.

Lirit walked to math.

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Michael put his bag on the ground and changed in the change room

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Lirit sat down in the back.

derek sat in the middle of the room with a soft sigh.

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Lirit doodled until the teacher came in.

Derek saw Marx.

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Derek shrugged and sighed softly.

Math started and Lirit went straight into the homework getting it done.

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((sure :D))

Lirit picked up her thing and walked to her locker. She put them away and got out her wallet for lunch.

Derek got his wallet and walked to lunch next to lirit as he usually did.

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Lirit looked up at him and shrugged "sure" she said softly. derek looked at him and then at Lirit. He raised a brow but shrugged.

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Derek nodded "derek" he said almost like lirit had earlier. She was eating her food.

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Michael was sitting by himself at an empty table. He was new

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Lirit nodded. Derek chuckled softly "Im her older brother" he looked at her and then at his food then at the new guy. "you should go sit with the new guy" he whispered to her "be friendly....you're to quiet" derek poked Lirit "you sound like mom" she sighed and stood walking to the new guy "can I sit here?" she asked.

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Derek chuckled "sorry she needs to be a little more social.."

She waited for Michael to answer hoping it was yes so she didn't get chewed out for not sitting with him.

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Derek smiled at Kyler and pulled out his wallet "here let me" he said handing her a 5.

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Michael nodded "Sure" He said

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Lirit smiled slightly. "thanks" she said softly and sat down starting to finish her piece of pizza.

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He frowned "I didn't mean it like that...I was just trying to be nice" he put a hand behind his head.

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He nodded "you're welcome." he smiled slightly back.

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Michael looked at her "You were dared or something to come sit with me right?" He said

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Derek sighed softly.

"nah but close" she smiled "my brother doesn't think im Social enough" she rolled her eyes and giggled softly. "so he decided to be mom for a moment and told me to sit with someone and be social" she easily lied about the last part.

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