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The Blackgod (Children of the Changeling, #2)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Sci fi/ fantasy about a girl who can 'absorb' people forces. [s]

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message 1: by Alexandria (new) - added it

Alexandria (airdnaxelA) | 12 comments Ok I read this is my school library about 7 years ago and then it went missing grrr.

It was an adult novel.

It had a girl on a rock surrounded by a stormy sea on the cover - i think.

She is very gifted in what she does. I think her name begins with a 'K' - i think (????)

I think she comes from a pretty influential family and has a tutur.

I think it was calle 'black god' or somehting like that since I have looked up the title that I thought it was and cant find it.

i think there might have been somethin about a pendant. there is something about a heard of buffalo or something that I remember too but I dont know if they were real or 'spiritual'.

Sorry that isnt an awful lot of info but it has been a long time.

Any help would be great since I've been looking for it for nearly a year now :(

Thank you

message 2: by Mir (new)

Mir | 703 comments Is this set in our world or a fantasy world? If the later, maybe Daughter of the Blood. No buffalo, though.

message 3: by Ann aka Iftcan (new)

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6972 comments Mod
what do you mean by absorb people forces? Do you mean she absorbes their life force, which results in 1) they die or 2) they become essentially vegetables?

When did you read it, and was it new then?

message 4: by Erinb (new)

Erinb | 7 comments when you talked about absorbing people's forces, the first book that came to my mind was The Runelords: The Sum of All Men. A Runelord can take an "endowment" from a person, such as sight, which would then increase the Runelords sight but leave the other person blind. Very original concept. That's about all I remember about the book though, i read it more than 10 years ago...so i'm not sure about the pendant or buffalo...

message 5: by ambyr (new)

ambyr | 30 comments So perhaps this is obvious, but it's not The Blackgod?

message 6: by Alexandria (last edited Sep 23, 2010 03:06PM) (new) - added it

Alexandria (airdnaxelA) | 12 comments ambyr wrote: "So perhaps this is obvious, but it's not The Blackgod?"

That's it!!!!!!!!!

Ambyr you are a GENIOUS!!! I would hug you if I could. You honestly have no idea how many years the title of that book has been bugging me because I have wanted to re-read it.

I must have been putting the wrong wording into search boxes because it has never shown up before(weird huh?)

But any way...

Thank you sooo much :)

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