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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. jfic/YA romance, Letitia and silkworms (Solution: Kathryn Worth: They Loved to Laugh) [s]

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Teri G (teri_g) | 7 comments I read this YA/jfic story as a kid, mid-1970s, but have no idea when the book was written. I believe the author's last name begins somewhere between S and Z -- seems to me it was W. It is set in the US in the late 18th/early 19th century. Our heroine is a teenager named Letitia. She is a cousin or orphan who comes to live with the family of a friend or relative. The family has 2 or 3 older handsome sons, one of whom she falls in love with. There is a part where her love interest rescues her from a dangerous place (a well? a hole? a locked storage room?) and I believe there was something about raising silkworms to make money. I'm thinking that Letitia comes into the family with money and is a little snobby, but I could be wrong and might even have that backwards. Eventually she and one of the sons become engaged. A very light romance. I think the cover showed Letitia and the son standing by a tree. Any ideas?

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Teri G (teri_g) | 7 comments Sherri, YES! Thank you! I looked it up on Amazon and there is the cover, big as life, and the story line matches. Can't believe someone knew it right away. I don't remember the phrase you mention, but then again it's been, ahem, just a few years (like 30) since I've read it, lol. Had I remembered that our heroine's name is Martitia, not Letitia, I might have had more luck googling ... Thanks again!

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