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How many ideas can you come up with to get kicked out of a store?
1. Open up packages and throw what is in them at people
2. Take out the balls and throw them at Elderly and Children.

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3. knock everything on the shelves off onto the floor and leave them
4. random spasm on the floor then get up and walked away (that one's always funny)
5. act like you have terets and randomly yell or bark at people

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rofl!! I like yours!!

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13. Act like your drunk

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I don't know. I kept deleteing my accounts but I'm not gonna anymore

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Eve (emusings) 14.) walk up to a guy putting away produce then start acting like you have rabbis and drool over the veggies
15.)Come in holding a sign for the grocery store next door and shout adds for it, when you get kicked out come in with a different store sign and repeat
16.) look puzzled and wander aimlessly around until some one offers you help then ask them where the dead person section is
17.) climb on top of a shelf and shout " this store SUCKS!!!!!! Leave while you still can!"

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Eve (emusings) 19.) Run to the fruit section and climb on to a shelf and start calling out exercises and yell at the people who don't do them
20.) go up to the manager and tell him that you fire him/her and that now he/she can be a casher
21.) Go up to all the employees and stick them in chicken outfits
22.) bring a table, chair and table cloth and sit down in an isle and have a picnic off the food in the shelfs

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Eve (emusings) hehe

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Eve (emusings) yeah

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ummm yell really loud and steel somethin i dont know lol she is so unpretty by the way jk lol

Amy-Bookzz♥♥(: (Pancakes) | 125 comments "JK" means "just kidding" ...

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lol I like these I really need to copy and paste this list on a word sheet print it out and try then rate them and tell you how amazing they were lol

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talkin about the list of things to do tio get kicked out of wal-mart....

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Eve (emusings) 24.Try to start a conga line and kick any by standers that are to the side of you

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Eve (emusings) *shrugs*

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Eve wrote: "24.Try to start a conga line and kick any by standers that are to the side of you"

LMAO!! nice XD I like this one

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Eve (emusings) I have no idea what so ever what lmao means

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Eve (emusings) oh well

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lol it meand laughing me @$$ off XD

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Amy wrote: ""JK" means "just kidding" ..."

uhh duuu

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Eve (emusings) oh.... I'm always out of it. o.O

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nothing foget it

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forget it i say forget itttttttttttttttttttt jk lolllzzz

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u wanna bet on that?

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r u a girl??????

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ohh was thinking wrong this whole time srry bbout that i feel retarted how old r u>50 ???????????????????

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sooo im bored what bout u

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fine it's not boring so u r a girl?????

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k now im on the right page lol

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u arent very smart it was a metaphor silly what i meant by saying that was like we both know that ur a girl now. now u got it

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i was jk wow lol

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