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;;BaileyGray♥ Name:
Connections: (Got a cop buddy? Name em)

Name: Shay
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Mafia: Valentino's

[image error]
Personality: Sarcastic, Loyal, Flirty
Connections: Her best friend is a cop.
Weapons: She has two semi-automatics, knives, and whatever is around her.
History: Her father was Valentino's right-hand man, and now She kind of took his place
Crush: -
Other: Owns, and runs a car shop. This car is her baby: [image error]

Nicole aka Sparkles aka Lizzie :D (lizzynette) | 43 comments Mod
Name: Mia
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Mafia: valentino
Personality: flirty, smart a**, smart, loyal
Connections: none
Weapons: 10mm revolver, knives, anything around or available to her
History: none
Crush: open
Other: her vehicle:

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Name: Mimi
Age: 19
Gender: F
Mafia: Monet Mafia- art stealers
Appearence: description
Personality: Sarcastic, rude, sly, cunning. Mimi is serious in what her family does, and seems to be a bit of a b****, but truthfully you just need to get to know her and break past hte wall she has put up
Connections: Andre
Weapons: her guns are her baby's, keeps a knife with her at all times
History: She lived in France for 14 years of her life before her mother got her to the US, not wanting Mimi to be like her fathers family- a mafia- it was a bit to late. In the US a group tracked them dwon and used them as leverage for Mimi's family back home, they didnt act fast enough and Mimi's mom was killed. Mimi has been hardened from that and that is why she usually comes off so rude and b****y.
Other: Fluent in French, Italian, and a bit of German. She can speak englush fairly well too.
Has a photographic memory, has a way with technology and can make things go BOOM

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I'll make Andre tommorrow unless someone else wants to

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Name: Andre
Age: 21
Gender: M
Mafia: Monet Mafia
Appearence: tall white blonde hair, gray blue eyes, pale skin, muscular tattoo on his left ankle
Personality: loud, pretty funny sometimes, tires to lighten the mood in bad situations. Smart in tough situations is pretty good at getting his way
Connections: Mimi
Weapons: uses his fists mostly. Good with a blade and has a gun
History: Lived in France his whole life knew Mimi's family practically adopted son, especially when his parents were killed in an accident two years ago.
Crush: . . .
Other: Speacks english, fluent in french obviously, gets by in german.

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