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message 1: by Sue (new)

Sue Has anyone done a book review on this as yr 11 English ?

Phoebe im going to :)

Gabby Mine is Yr. 9 english...

message 4: by Cinderella1559 (new)

Cinderella1559 Call me old-fashioned, call me a wowser but I know second-hand the dire affects drugs CAN have on a person's brain - my own beautiful brother took his life some 20+ years ago - and illicit drugs was a BIG contributor to his tragic and traumatic end.
As to the book itself, the only glaring comment that I vehemently object to appears on page 91 where Paul Dillon of UNSW Drug and Alcohol Research Centre suggests that ecstasy INdirectly killed Anna Wood. He says, and I quote, "Anna died from complications resulting from taking ecstasy." Isn't this what we call "splitting hairs". Such an irresponsible comment.

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