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Libertine's Kiss - by Judith James

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Libertine's Kiss was released on Aug. 3. Synopsis: Friends from childhood, Puritan Elizabeth Walters, and William de Veres, a cavalier and notorious libertine are now on opposite sides of the English Civil War.

After years of separation, an injured William shows up on Elizabeth’s doorstep but he does not recognize her. She treats his wounds and they engage in an unforgettable night of passion. In the morning he leaves - without asking her name.

Because of William’s allegiance to the exiled King Charles II, Elizabeth is charged with treason for harboring and aiding a fugitive. She is stripped of her lands and left penniless.

When Charles is restored to the throne a year later, Elizabeth hopes to plead her case to the king in order to reclaim her land. William, now an Earl and royal poet, spots the mysterious woman he shared a night of passion with and discovers her identity. As a royal confidant, he vows to help Elizabeth by preparing her for her audience with the king.

What made this book was the rakish William and the pure Elizabeth. She is the only one who knows the real William, the sweet boy from their childhood. He has changed...for the worse but she gets him back on track.Libertine's Kiss

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Emery Lee (authoremerylee) Having read more than a few Harlequin Historicals in my time, I thought I knew what to expect when I opened this book. I could not have been more mistaken! The sumptuous detail of the setting, the impeccable research on the historical characters, the poetry, and the sizzling eroticism took me completely by surprise.

The main protagonist in LIBERTINE'S KISS, William De Veres, is closely modeled after the real life John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester. Courtier, playwright, and poet, he was one of the foremost libertines of the Merry Monarch’s court. William is deeply troubled by events from his past, and speaking frankly, is pretty damaged goods. He,like Rochester, is a brilliant satirical wit, but chiefly when completely soused. He drinks and goes from bed to bed with little care for the consequences of his actions, but Elizabeth’s re-entry in his life turns it completely upside down. Elizabeth loves him for who he is and renews tender sentiments that that he thought long dead. She eventually forces him to face his demons or lose her forever.

Having a great love of history, particularly the Restoration and Georgian ages, I lost myself completely in this novel. Although I am not a connoisseur of poetry, the inclusion of Rochester’s actual poems in the context of the story absolutely worked, adding richness and a greater realism.

The sexual content is quite explicit and even vulgar at times, but again, completely in keeping with the setting of Charles II’s debauched court.

LIBERTINE’S KISS is by no means a light read, but those who, like me, seek romance novels with both historical accuracy and substance, will not be disappointed. A great historical romance read.

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LuvBug (*Formerly Luvgirl)  | 1 comments Hey guys. RomanceNovelNews.com asked me to paste my differing review here, and I'm just getting around to it after about 2 weeks, sorry. I'm looking forward to the different opinions of everyone :-)

2.5 stars. I am not a fan of Judith James writing style. I don't see the wonderful prose that many other readers see. The dialogue between her characters does not seem authentic. It seems rushed and forced. Maybe I could have bypassed her writing style if the heroine was as fascinating as the hero, but he out shined her by a mile. It's too bad that the heroine wasn't worthy of the match with the hero because his personality was fascinating. The book is worth the read for the hero alone. He reminded me of Johnny Depp in Pirates Of The Caribbean.

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