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Tzeck | 1 comments Do your favourite (or some random) authors inspire you to write stuff and how? I personally had some great expirience in this direction lately, which goes different ways. Mostly it happenes in my commentary journalistic articles I write every one in a while and the greatest inspiration for them is Kurt Vonnegut (but they're all in Bulgarian so no one here here would understand them). Anyway, I wrote also a little poem in English one day last year, after reading Vonnegut's "Galapagos". It was entirely inspired by the book, but no quoting or something similar - just a few words inspired by the whole book's idea and atmosphere. It was actually meant to be song lyrics for my band, but didn't match the music and remained just a poem. Here it is:


Walking through the ashes of civilization
As it was known a million years ago
When people ruled and crushed the world
Creating needless guns just for fun
And killing each other on the run
Brushing aside all their pains
Making and destroying chains
With nothing but their big and mighty brains

Seeing nature’s bowing to its own children
Crying blood from wounds of growth
Metal rain of human’s madness
Squeezing slowly sap of Earth
But was it all this worth it
The horror that we’ve made
To live with and within
With no religion we’ve commit our mortal sin

Now there’re no guns, no wars, no pain
No prejudice, no envy and no shame
People everywhere are all the same
And nothing else around to blame
No hands to make implements of fight
No brains to take minds off of life
Now, a million years from then, we’ve paid the price
To find our so much sought-after paradise

So, do you have something written by yourselves which was inspired in some way by Kurt Vonnegut (or even by someone else)? Or how generally your favoutite author affects your life? I think it would be nice and interesting to share each other our inspiration by literature.

message 2: by Daniel (new)

Daniel | 6 comments I enjoy sprinkling Vonnegutisms through my writing.

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