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Ricky (gemini0577) | 24 comments Sharayn Duchess of Tallahassee: Yourlocalho. wrote: "Jennie Jenna, you on board with the selection?
Patio: suck less. (get book. you get into 12 credit hours yet?)
Ricky: book. (ps how's the new store still working out?)
tim lemper: why haven't y..."

I'm gonna guess he isn't joing because he's already seen the movie which kinda-aorta takes the fun out of reading the book... he's prolly waiting until the next pick... LOL

Tezra - Esquire | 49 comments Hehe!! I'm sure it was just a keying error, but you wrote "kinda-aorta" and that makes me laugh!! I am going to adopt that into my everyday lingo because it's funny and stuff!

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