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message 1: by Julie (new)

Julie (hawkeyegirl) | 3 comments Mod
So the ultimate goal of this group is to set up in-person meetings, who's interested?

message 2: by K (new)

K | 1 comments I would be interested but live north of Des Moines, so I would need enough advance warning to plan for it.

message 3: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Eliason (RachelEliason) | 4 comments I live in Des Moines and would be willing, schedule permitting.

message 4: by Jessica (new)

Jessica I live 1.5 hours from Des Moines so It wouldn't be prudent for me.

message 5: by Sydney (new)

Sydney Conrad (sydneyconrad) | 7 comments I live in Clive, so a Des Moines meeting would be easy for me. I would be interested. Will it be a book club review sort of meeting where we all read a book before hand and come to discuss? Or will it be a meet and greet event?

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