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message 1: by Elle (new)

Elle (thegirlinbldg8) ARe there going to be any more details about this online? I'm not going to be making it Saturday (kids birthday party to go to), but I'd really like to know more about it!

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Would love some more information regarding this as well.

message 3: by Elle (new)

Elle (thegirlinbldg8) I was able to go for a little bit. You earn points for reading and discussing books on a list. There are different categories:
Classics and "Lives" (Not sure what 'live' club is) is on Goodreads.
Fantasy,Paranormal Romance, and Mystery are on facebook:
Historical Fiction on Blogger:
Personal Growth on twitter:
http://twitter.com/helen_hall_lib you're suppose to end post with # and the book title.

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