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Arena Practice and Ranked Battling

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±Starbucks girl± | 40 comments Mod
ALexis finishes Professor Greyrose's class and goes to the battle Arena.

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so does falco

±Starbucks girl± | 40 comments Mod
Alexis gets to the battle arena when the strictest teacher ever says May i help you? and alexis said: I am the new person in your class Cyrus: well them ms pixieblade you need to stop with the niceness and take your seat cause i am the strictest teacher here. Alexis: okay then *she takes her seat*

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falco sat by alexis "watch out, do what she says with out hesitation, complaining or questions"

±Starbucks girl± | 40 comments Mod
Alexis "Thanks for the heads up"

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"yeah" he sat still and listened

±Starbucks girl± | 40 comments Mod
alexis sat still and listened when cyrus said "Ms Pixieblade come up with Falco and battle eachother" Alexis"uh okay *brings falco up with me*"

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he stood on one side with no wand

±Starbucks girl± | 40 comments Mod
Alexis stood on the other side with a myth hammer and made the most strongest move ever and knocked Falco out. Then cyrus clapped and gave me a good review on that part

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he stood up and wiped up the blood from his mouth and did a bunch of of hand signal and jumped back a giant dragon of water came out of the ground and crashed at alexis pushing her to the wall

±Starbucks girl± | 40 comments Mod
Alexis dusts her self off doing the strongest spell ever which is Storm Lord

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he did more hand signals and water fortified him from danger

±Starbucks girl± | 40 comments Mod
Alexis move her sword around cause she is doing sword signals and makes his fort disappearand does stomr lord again and he flies back 100 yards

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he stood up bleed ing he unleashed his real power, he had 3 fire shields surrounding him and it made his powers 3times stronger he did some hand signals ad blew 5 15ft fireballs that locked on to her and would never miss

±Starbucks girl± | 40 comments Mod
Alexis stood up like it was nothing and unleashed her real power she had so many traps on falco and so many shields on her that she gave it all she had and did her most powerfullest spell ever and she hit him so hard that he flew right threw the school and he was bleeding a lot

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he stood up and turned into a 200 foot dragon and burned alexis and her shields he turned back to human and dropped to his knees he was exhausted

±Starbucks girl± | 40 comments Mod
Alexis got up exhausted to but still saw that he had ninty lives left in battle arena and used her sword to win

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he still stood up and made a ball of lightning in his hand and hit her with it shocking her with 100 volts and unleashed a dark knight army and attacked her with it, then enter her mind to trick her

±Starbucks girl± | 40 comments Mod
Alexis was used to that so she blocked it and then kicked Falco's but

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he went into her mind and tricked her so she felt pain of being hit by a katana around her whole body

±Starbucks girl± | 40 comments Mod
Alexis finally gave out and fainted

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he stood victorious and went to sit down his mouth was bleeding

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he went to the nurse to heal

±Starbucks girl± | 40 comments Mod
alexis just laid there fainted and bleeding threw her armor

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he was healed and brought alexis to the nurse and went to his dorm

╦Jumping other Jellybean╦ | 3 comments Jazmine was late for class and didnt know what had happened

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