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Pretties by Scott Westerfield

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message 1: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Waters | 5 comments The second of the Uglies series, Pretties, picked up right where the first book, Uglies, left off. In my opinion, this book wasn’t as good as the first, but it was still okay. Most of the story I was cheering for the main characters to beat and overcome the enemy, the tumor in their brains. But there were still times that I wanted to yell at the character Tally for not remembering her first love David from the first book when she was falling in love with a new character, Zane. What I like most about this book was the plot. With this story line, there were times that I never wanted to stop reading until the end. In this story the main character, Tally, forgets most of what happened to her in the first book keeping me into the story. I wanted to see when and how Tally was going to get all that information back while along the way she has a new adventure and running from the Specials. I would again recommend this book to middle to high school age kids. That is about the age of the characters and its age that middle school on up can related to the characters. The book really didn’t leave me with any questions knowing that I had another book to read to finish the adventure with Tally and her friends, but it did leave me wanting more. It left me more with things that I hope would happen in the last book.

message 2: by Jade (new)

Jade | 2 comments Pretties by Scott Wasterfeld is the second book in the Ugly series. The second book certainly lived up to the reputation that the first book, Uglies, created. But, just like the first, I believe that it took awhile to really get into the story line and to realy grasp the meaning of everything that was going on in the surroundings. This book for me seemed to be more of a inner battle, but not just because of the obvious reasons such as the brain altercations, more of a struggle for Tally to decide which boy she really wanted to fight for. I did enjoy the parts in the plot where you could sense the danger of the Specials and the risks of tracking devices that caught her last time. I liked how this time Scott Westerfeld displayed some culture, a type of culture that we would be more familiar with, it was useful as a good comparison of the two worlds and they almost seemed to clash. I would recommend this book for anyone who read the first book and that enjoys a good read that is worth the wait of introductions. A question that I would have for the author would be, when writing the second book what were your requirements to make the book interesting but different from the first book?

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