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A.F. (scribe77) | 1777 comments Mod
Tell us about your best marketing advice or ask questions on how to improve your promotional skills.

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Suzanne Tyrpak (suzannetyrpak) | 23 comments Kindle Boards, Mobile Reads, Blog, blog, blog. And post on Forums. Let people know what you are doing!

DATING MY VIBRATOR DATING MY VIBRATOR (and other true fiction) by Suzanne Tyrpak

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Mhairi Simpson (mhairisimpson) | 142 comments Kindle Boards is the next thing I have to get involved in. I'm feeling rather overwhelmed with it, to be honest. No idea where to start :S

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Everly Anders | 29 comments Here is an article on how to promote your book on Goodreads while still maintaining good etiquette. The article was retweeted last month by Goddreads to over 150,000 of its followers.

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Jim Vuksic | 111 comments All mainline publishers assign a marketing representative and publicist to every contracted author to assist in promoting their book. They will contact you by phone or e-mail as soon as it has been released for distribution.

If you have not yet been contacted, I recommend that you call your publisher; there may have been a mis-communication on their part and they may not even be aware that you have not yet been contacted.

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Kevin (kevinhallock) | 60 comments I'm currently trying out Story Cartel as a way to get reviews for my recently release novel, and the results so far are promising. I have just over hundred downloads that have produced five reviews on Amazon so far. My book will be up for a few more weeks, but it's looking pretty good right now.

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R.S. Novelle (rsnovelle) | 45 comments Blog tours have been great for me, and I'm currently playing with the idea of using BookBub or eReader News to get the word out to an even larger group.

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Jim Vuksic | 111 comments Proactively soliciting and scheduling events such as book signings and presentations at book stores, libraries, reading clubs and literary conventions are a great method for authors to introduce their books and themselves to the public. Networking is a very effective and time-tested promotional tool.

That said; it is imperative that the author prepare and polish the presentation itself, along with their public speaking and social skills. A poorly conceived or amateurish delivery may do more harm than good.

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Marianne Perry | 37 comments A.F. wrote: "Tell us about your best marketing advice or ask questions on how to improve your promotional skills."
My writing grew from my genealogical research to solve family mysteries and passion for traveling. As a result, I've published non- fiction articles with practical research tips related to genealogy, travel and writing to try and help others. These articles have been published in genealogy magazines in North America. I also write regular helpful blogs on my website with my travel photos on same subjects. I've joined genealogical groups to continue learning more about this area, too. Facebook and LinkedIn have been positive venues for
me to discuss these subjects with a helping- others focus always the goal. My historical fiction, The Inheritance was inspired by family genealogical research plus trips to Calabria, southern Italy where the story is set and my ancestry is rooted. I've included a genealogy research chapter at the end of my book to help readers. I love genealogy, travel and family has always been my priority. I hope readers enjoy my writing but also gain practical knowledge that will advance their pursuits. Thank you..

Marianne Perry
Author of The Inheritance
Writing inspired by genealogical research to solve family mysteries.

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