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Please list and discuss your favourite mainstream or literary novels.

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Holly (hollybourque) | 5 comments My Name Is Joe is considered to be contemporary fiction/literary fiction. Enjoy!

My Name Is Joe by Stefan Bourque by Stefan Bourque

In what has been called a masterpiece of emotion, Stefan Bourque's "My Name Is Joe" has been celebrated by readers around the world as an inspiring tale and a reminder of the great capacity for human kindness.

Joe, a quiet and introspective loner has discovered he will soon cease to exist due to an aggressive, incurable cancer. Lonesome in his final days and after long contemplation he decides to do something that he has never thought to do before--Joe decides to reach out to his fellow man in an effort to teach others the valuable lesson he is learning before it is too late.

With a single act of kindness Joe inadvertantly pulls toward him a young, single mother who carries her own deep-seated guilt for the death of her mother.

Can these two wayward souls find the redemption that they each so desperately need before time and death separate them? This is a tale of compassion, redemption and the deliverance that can only be achieved through the courage and love that human beings possess but too infrequently share.

"Powerful, unflinching, courageous and just in time!" -- Amanda Grace White

What readers are saying:

"Restored my faith in the potential for human kindness."

"... an emotional book, you'll likely be left with a renewed appreciation for life."

"I absolutely loved this book. Stefan Bourque has a way of romancing his readers with his fluid, almost poetic prose and turns of phrase."

"My name is Eryk and I just made a new friend whose name is Joe."

"... it definitely asks the hard questions."

"Bourque has written a beautiful book with My Name Is Joe."

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