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A.F. (scribe77) | 1777 comments Mod
Please list and discuss your favourite fantasy or paranormal novels.

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Joshua (JoshuaCaleb) | 12 comments Warped & Wired: The Wryter Chronicles: book 1
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Magic and Technology don't mix. At least until now. Portia Greyleesah, a member of an ancient and magical race of beings called Wryters, and Mitchellina Cruise, a normal human island girl living in the pacific, are each content with their respective lives. But when each discovers the dark secrets of their true parentage, they both reluctantly leave their very different lives in search of the truth. They are forced to join together, much to their dismay, in order to uncover the secrets and truths, eventually working together to bring down the dark villain that threatens the lives of the entire world. www.TheWryterChronicles.com

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Sarah Kernochan (professorbunny) | 6 comments Jane Was Here

Jane Was Here by Sarah Kernochan

A mysterious young woman calling herself Jane turns up in a small New England town. She claims a fragmentary memory of growing up in this place, yet she has never been here before in her life. Upon her arrival, strange and alarming things begin happening to some of the town's inhabitants. As Jane's memories reawaken piece by piece, they carry her back to a long-buried secret, while the townspeople hurtle forward to a horrific event when past and present fatally collide.

Sarah Kernochan

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Everly Anders | 29 comments The Seamstresses by Elle Lapraim
“The Seamstresses” is a short story about what truly holds a relationship
together and what tears it apart, and the magic that is caught somewhere in

When Yin opens her eyes after her death, she is in her grandmother’s
seamstress shop she remembers as a child—but she is not alone. Her sister who
died two years earlier is there to tell Yin about their true calling in this strange
and wonderful place. But Yin’s sister is hiding something that will alter Yin’s view
of the living world forever.

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A.F. (scribe77) | 1777 comments Mod
Ruined City by A.F. Stewart Ruined City

In the Northern Pass towers the city of Elowen, the glittering guardian between the Empire of Aloquis and the Kingdoms of Immra. It stands proud and prosperous, never dreaming its dark past was coming to call...

On a bright winter’s day a stranger arrives in Elowen, bearing a secret. From this man a dark blight of ruin descends over the great city and this day becomes known as Winter’s Bane.
The day the world changed for the people of Elowen.
The day their existence turned into a recurring nightmare.

Read of the aftermath of revenge through the eyes of a shopkeeper, a child, ghosts, a blacksmith, a guardsman, an innkeeper, and even a King.

Twelve Stories, One Evil.

Smashwords Link:

Lulu.com Link:

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Michael (michaeljsullivan) | 63 comments FREE SHORT STORY: The Viscount and the Witch
This is a prequel to my Riyria Revelations Series but is standalone so you don't need to have read the other books. I'm releasing this for free in celebration of the release of Theft of Swords on November 23 by Orbit books. You can Download it here .

Eleven years before they were framed for the murder of a king, before even assuming the title of Riyria, Royce Melborn and Hadrian Blackwater were practically strangers. Unlikely associates, this cynical thief and idealist swordsman, were just learning how to work together as a team. In this standalone first installment of The Riyria Chronicles, Royce is determined to teach his naive partner a lesson about good deeds. Join Royce and Hadrian in this short story (5,400 words) about one of their earliest adventures.

If you get a chance to read it (it's short just 5,400 workds), please let me know if you read it what you think.

message 7: by George (new)

George III (glc3) | 19 comments The US Army doesn't run from any enemy, living or dead:

In 2053 the dead walked. These are the stories of some of those men and women that fought back. These are the stories of some trying to find a “cure”. These are the stories of those that are just trying to survive the nightmare of the walking dead. These are the stories of those that caused The Dead War.

The Dead War Series, Book 1 $1.50 : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006YEKJXO

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Will Macmillan Jones (willmacmillanjones) | 14 comments The Mystic Accountants

Join the quest for the magical toilet. laugh at the Mad Monks trying to take over the Worlod, starting with Wales (proof positive of insanity). Fall off your chair laughing, and make the author's fantasy come real.

Oh, did I forget to mention that this is a serious High Fantasy?

message 9: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Lake | 1 comments Jody, an aristocratic teenager, falls into a deadened coma, after a surreal accident in the woods. Awakening, she discovers that she has gained an exceptionally powerful memory, which soon allows her to learn the violin at an extraordinary speed. Once her town becomes infected with an intruding group of seeming phantasms, she is swept into an adventure, together with ghosts from the present and past, to rescue her town from the intruders. Before Dark is a maze of political, financial and spiritual intrigue whose many conflicts, pursuits and legends will capture the reader in a thrilling chase until its dramatic conclusion.

This is my newest novel paranormal fantasy with intense action and suspense at nearly every corner! You just might find this book a quite enjoyable and rather surprising read! Before Dark by Jonathan Lake

message 10: by Frank (new)

Frank Hofer Engineering with Magic

When you have a couple of engineers decide to write a fantasy, you get Duck Blood Soup. Don't let the title put you off - after reading the book you'll realize that it makes a lot of sense.

Duck Blood Soup is a "muskets and magic" fantasy about a world where the magic is combined with science to boost a nation's industrial revolution. Duck Blood Soup introduces new species and has a well thought-out magic system.

Download a sample at http://www.amazon.com/Duck-Blood-Soup...

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