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A.F. (scribe77) | 1777 comments Mod
Please list and discuss your favourite sci-fi novels.

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Joshua (JoshuaCaleb) | 12 comments Warped & Wired: The Wryter Chronicles: book 1
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Magic and Technology don't mix. At least until now. Portia Greyleesah, a member of an ancient and magical race of beings called Wryters, and Mitchellina Cruise, a normal human island girl living in the pacific, are each content with their respective lives. But when each discovers the dark secrets of their true parentage, they both reluctantly leave their very different lives in search of the truth. They are forced to join together, much to their dismay, in order to uncover the secrets and truths, eventually working together to bring down the dark villain that threatens the lives of the entire world. www.TheWryterChronicles.com

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Sheila | 97 comments Refracted Rivers are drying and crops are dying, but children run and play in the fields, and think they might even enjoy setting monsters free. Of course, the parents won’t approve, but that’s the least of their problems, come the flood.

Next time he wakes, the young man remembers running in different fields. But he still can’t catch the girl, or find how to stay in one place. Loves proves as elusive as gold at rainbow’s end, and time slips through his fingers once again.

Maybe it’s fate. Maybe fame and fortune have something in mind. Or maybe when time finally runs out someone else might help him find what he’s looking for.

message 4: by Frank (new)

Frank Hofer Engineering with Magic

When you have a couple of engineers decide to write a fantasy, you get Duck Blood Soup. Don't let the title put you off - after reading the book you'll realize that it makes a lot of sense.

Duck Blood Soup is a "muskets and magic" fantasy about a world where the magic is combined with science to boost a nation's industrial revolution. Duck Blood Soup introduces new species and has a well thought-out magic system.

Download a sample at http://www.amazon.com/Duck-Blood-Soup...

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Cary Neeper (cary_neeper) | 19 comments The View Beyond Earth (The Archives of Varok, #1) by Cary Neeper The Webs of Varok by Cary Neeper Here's a series that gets as realistic as possible and deals with tough issues and their solutions in an entertaining setting--the only thing science fictionish about it--an alternate 21st Century solar system where the aliens are too close, too nosy and too attractive to ignore. http://thearchivesofvarok.com The Alien Effect by Cary Neeper

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Les | 5 comments ...Before You Leap
...Saves Nine
The first two books of the "Time Will Tell" series. Please visit my Goodreads author page:

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