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message 1: by Ashpash (last edited Aug 18, 2010 07:33PM) (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Well to start us off I have a few stories to recommend....

Other people's stories:
I love you Dylan
I love you Dylan two
Walk by moonlight
The controller
500 days
Diary of an agent's sister

(more that I can't think of right now)

The story that I wrote that I would really like you to check out: "To see the Invisible"

Post away!

message 2: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 13 comments To see the invisible, so far is great!!

message 3: by Jordan K (new)

Jordan K Bell (jordankbell) | 1 comments First, Ashpash, I'm honored. Thanks!
Second, if you like fantasy, Tales of Rathya is phenomenal.

message 4: by No One (new)

No One (baka) Oh! I know some!

Frostbite by Krista.
Falling Death by Krista.
Vices by Acacia Ackles.
Listener by Tink.
Hello, My Name Is Trollface by Shelleyhw Hw.
Leaving Me by Maria Reza.
Losing My Mind by Maria Reza.

message 5: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
First, your welcome Katie
Second, No one I read Frostbite and Listener and your right, they were good!

Katie I will check out tales of rathya, sounds interesting.......

message 6: by No One (new)

No One (baka) This is a great group by the way. A good way to find good reads.

message 7: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Thanks No One, I started this group because I was beginning to run out of writings to read....

Oh and thanks Stephanie for backing up "To see the invisible", i'm working hard on that story.

I right the chapters on Microsoft and then post it on goodreads=)

message 8: by Run away brain (new)

Run away brain (Runawaybrain) | 9 comments Hello everyone!
I haven't started to see the invisble but will.
And i'm writing one called Secrets of Angels check it out.

message 9: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Thanks for joining us Humneet and I'll see if I can check out secrets of angels=)

message 10: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 13 comments Keep going Ashpash, with To see the invisible l!!
Other great writings are:
A Flower Because....
And Arranged

message 11: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Thanks Ever for the compliment and i will try to be the first to compliment on your story if you write it! Ummmm another thing with "To see the invisible", those of you who are wondering: "Ricky!? Where the hell is Ricky?!", do not panic!

Our ignorant, charming, grumpy yet sweet character will return soon, just give it some time.

Other stories I like:

Arranged Problems
The Tales of Rathya!!!!(awesome story man!)

I'll tell you guys if I can remember more=)

message 12: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 13 comments Lol I was wondering where Ricky was!!!! Another great
story that I read recently is
Sent from Heaven!!!!

message 13: by Ashpash (last edited Aug 27, 2010 03:54PM) (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Testing, Testing, 123.... In Need Of Guidance is BACK!

I have successfully made the next chapter of In need of Guidance so those of you who were waiting for like... ever, I deleted "please read" and put "My first kill (chapter includes flashback)", instead!

Please read my newest chapter in "IN NEED OF GUIDANCE"!!!=)

message 14: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Newest chapter to Dragon keeper and the last chapter for Angela and Super school has been posted!

Rebellion will begin again too!

*It's because i had a problem with my computer so the stories on my user name weren't able to be posted on the internet. So only the stories on my guest were being posted. But i found a solution!

Happy writings Everyone!

message 15: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
I'll check out your story Ever=)

message 16: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Ever's story, "hidden", is really awesome! Love your writing Ever. You shouldn't have kept your talent hidden for so long=)

message 17: by No One (new)

No One (baka) I'm trying to write horror, something that I haven't done in a long time. Romance is so much easier! I've only written one chapter, though, not including the prologue. I'd love to get some critic.

message 18: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
I read it and it was really good. U did awesome! Keep going!

message 19: by Run away brain (new)

Run away brain (Runawaybrain) | 9 comments Ash is right it is really good!

message 20: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Oh, there is a sory that I will be posting up called "Dying Star", but I'm not going to post it until I'm completley caught up on most of my stories.

message 21: by No One (new)

No One (baka) Thanks! I'm trying to keep on, but it's hard. I have absolutely no inspiration. I know the ending and all, but I just can't seem to ... be satisfied with what I write.

message 22: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Same thing happens with me! It always seemes like other people like my writing but I'm never satisfied with it!

message 23: by No One (last edited Sep 06, 2010 09:58AM) (new)

No One (baka) It's annoying. Everytime people say it's good, you really wonder. "Is it now? Or are you just being nice?" Gah! I've really never posted any of my stories before I made an account on Goodreads. I think it's hard to let everyone see my writing, but in the end I think I can get used to it. It's even harder letting people I know read it. That I've never done.

message 24: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Oh that really must be hard.... I don't think I know every one on goodreads as in meet them in person so it doesn't really bother me to let people read it. I like when people read my stories but I wonder if they ever find them boring...

message 25: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
i've always dreamed of being published=)

message 26: by Run away brain (new)

Run away brain (Runawaybrain) | 9 comments Sometime i'm just like why the hell am i doing this there are millions of better books that are way better, mine will never get published.

message 27: by No One (new)

No One (baka) It really is about throwing ourselves into it. As for me I'm mostly worried about the genres I write. I love writing romance, but I hate romance movies. So people think that I'm not one of those girls who write those silly romance stories. I'm really embarassed by just writing them, though I really love it.

About being embarassed because there are many others that are so much better ... Well, there will always be someone better than you. That's why you have to get better yourself.

message 28: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
True... very true

message 29: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Ello everyone! The last chapter of "In need of Guidance", has been posted!

*confetti, balloons, cheering, clapping, hooting*

Which makes it the third story I have completely completed on goodreads! Hip Hip hooray!!!

I am still working on my other stories and I'm thinking about deleting "The circus", whoever thinks I shouldn't.... tell me.

message 30: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Rebellion is back! and don't forget about the never ending story=)

message 31: by Ashpash (last edited Sep 16, 2010 02:20PM) (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Dying star has three chapters posted already and I would love for you guys to check it out. Also don't forget about the never ening story!

message 32: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Some writing recommendations:

The Serpents Choice
Meet Alyson
*some of my stories(=

That's all I can think of right now=)

message 33: by No One (new)

No One (baka) I recommend anything written by Nate.

message 34: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Make a link to his stories.... please=)

message 36: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Okedoke thanks

message 37: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Hey everyone! Here's the thing, I'm thinking of deleting "Rebel" and just keeping "Rebellion" posted because I have too many stories up right now....

Tell me what you think!=)

message 38: by Jayme (new)

Jayme Drouillard (jaymed16) My friend wrote a really good story.
"Love Triangles" by Haley Head

message 39: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
I've seen it that title I think. I'll prob check it out=)

message 40: by Emily (new)

Emily (your-gayest-nightmare) | 4 comments I dont mean to be asking everyone to check out my writing (i know it isnt the best) but i would appreciate if u guys would check out finding love by emily ray
Jealousy by emily ray
And a story me and my friend are writing called questioning life by emily ray and mary s. Also check out hidden by mary s.

message 41: by No One (new)

No One (baka) Candace's NaNo project. She really has a way with words.

message 42: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
I checked out the book you recomended "No One". OMG it was soooo good=)

message 43: by MarySue (new)

MarySue | 5 comments Hey, will you guys read my story
Hidden by Mary S.
And will you read
Questioning Life by Mary S. and Emily Ray.
I know they won't be the best. But please read them. tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy them!

message 44: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Hey! Know this is irrelevent but please check out this website I made:

message 45: by No One (new)

No One (baka) Wow! Irrelevant, but a nice site.

message 46: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
"Angela and Super School: whatever it takes!", has been POSTED! It's the sequel to "Angela and Super School". Please read them! I'm so excited that I made the first chapter and can't wait to see what you'll think.

message 47: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (alwaysrebecca) I only have a few posted right now, but here are some poems that I've written...

feel free to comment

message 48: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Don't worry, anyone who is a memeber of goodreads is basically a nerd LOL=)

message 49: by No One (new)

No One (baka) And proud of it!

message 50: by Ashpash (new)

Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
You bet<3

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