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message 1: by Cody, Hir en Dagor (new)

Cody (rolinor) | 87 comments Mod
talk about the second movie

Miss Silvertongue (misssilvertongue) | 1 comments My favourite actually. But I love all the movies in LOTR anyway. :)

message 3: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (elizabethnovak) It's my fave too.

Queen Susan the Gentle (highqueensusanofcairparavel) My friend used to have this one in number one but now she loves Return of the King.

message 5: by Jenna (new)

Jenna | 33 comments My fave one I just downloaded it to my iPod touch

message 6: by Sophie710 (new)

Sophie710 | 75 comments love the extended scene where legolas and gimli compare orc kills! but how did legolas lose?
also notice how his quiver is empty... then the next shot of him is him shooting with a FULL quiver....????
helms deep is the most epic battle EVER

message 7: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (elizabethnovak) Hmmmm...I've never noticed that.

message 8: by Cody, Hir en Dagor (new)

Cody (rolinor) | 87 comments Mod
He actually slid down on an uruk shield... Bloom broke a rib from falling from a horse also... Legolas is much more coordinated then Bloom lol.

message 9: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (elizabethnovak) Lol! Yeah, when he goes on the oliphant he is so cool.

message 10: by Sophie710 (last edited Mar 03, 2011 04:02PM) (new)

Sophie710 | 75 comments did you know that Gollum (Andy Serkis) was nominated for best supporting actor? Unfortunately, he didn't win...

message 11: by Sophie710 (new)

Sophie710 | 75 comments There's also an animated version of the movie. Very weird. Boromir has this viking hat and something very strange happened to Sam's face.

message 12: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (elizabethnovak) I hate the animated version, they all look so weird.

Queen Susan the Gentle (highqueensusanofcairparavel) Yeah, but where are Aragorn and Boromir's pants?

message 14: by Sophie710 (new)

Sophie710 | 75 comments i know! lol! and they don't pronounce the S in Saruman. He goes by Aruman.

Queen Susan the Gentle (highqueensusanofcairparavel) Ack. I never noticed that.

message 16: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (naomihp) I actually havent seen the movie yet, my mom promised we would next week....... but I loved the book!

message 17: by L (new)

L (I would like to briefly mention how pleased i am to have found this group, dedicated to an outstanding writer & my favourite book/ films of all-time 'the lord of the rings')

In regards to The Two Towers i would have to say that this film was both exciting and full of tension, as one delves back into the realm of Middle-Earth continuing the story of the members of the fellowship as they continue thier journey.
It was certainly interesting to watch the three seperate parts; one with Frodo and Sam, one with Merry and Pippin and the other with Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn as the fellowship split up in its quest to save Middle-Earth. Directed fantastically by Peter Jackson i enjoyed this film even more so than the first, especially as i got chance to encounter the Ents and thier confrontation with Saruman. Rohan is also spectacular seen for the first time, looking majestic at the top of the mountain and of course the battle of Helms Deep is truly epic...apsolutly gripping.

I could ramble on all day, but i have to say that out of the three films that make-up the rendition of the book this one has to be my favourite.

message 18: by Lótë (Iris) (new)

Lótë (Iris) (irisflowerpoppyseed) | 6 comments I've seen it so many times. It is a great movie. I loved being introduced to all the new characters and stories.

message 19: by Celia (new)

 Celia (menel-char-pippin-ronald-sasha) The battle of Helms Deep in my opinion has to be the best battle out of all of them. I have the movie at home and sometimes when I don't have enough 're to watch the entire thing...I'll just kind of skip to there and watch the battle. It's not only the battle it's just everything that happens like throughout the battle...I think that Peter Jackson did an outstanding job capturing what each character was feeling...and not just during this one battle or this book...throughout the entire trilogy.

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