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Lacey was in her room reading her vampire book. She loved to read about them.

Jason smiled at his phone. His friend was being stupid and sending pics of him drunk.

*Mrs. Brightside* Danny just bailed his friend out of jail, again. He sighed, driving home.

Danielle smiled, in a good mood! She just left a party, and decided to walk home. She was a little tipsy, as she waved at guys honking their horns

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Lacey put down her finished book and set off for a walk.

Jason sighed and was walking.

*Mrs. Brightside* Danny got home, and saw Danielle still gone. He groaned, turning on the tv.

Danielle laughed to herself, and sat down. Ugh, she was getting a headache. She rubbed her head, and popped a pill in her mouth. She hoped it would make her head feel better.

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Lacey was walking through the streets and looking for her brother Jason. She found him.

Jason smiled and said "Hey Lace"

*Mrs. Brightside* Danny tried calling her, but she didn't pick up-of course.

Danielle missed the call, not getting her phone quick enough. She started walking again, happy there wasn't traffic

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Lacey looked at Jason and smirked. "What do you want Jay?"

Jason sighed. "I want to take you home" She looked at him. "Are you drunk?!"

*Mrs. Brightside* Danielle heard them, and started walking the other way. She didn't want to..bother them

Danny sighed, hoping she was okay.

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Lacey sighed. "I don't want you to come home with me gosh"

Jason grabbed her arm and said "I'm not drunk"

*Mrs. Brightside* Danielle took off her shoes to walk quicker, still feeling out of it

Danny sighed, and grabbed his car keys. He left.

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Lacey turned and started to run from her twin. She didn't want him to be near her when he was drunk. She ran out into the road.

Jason sighed and heaved in the street.

*Mrs. Brightside* Danny saw her, and stepped on the brakes. He beeped the horn loudly.

Danielle heard, and headed back in that direction.

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Lacey looked at him tears in her eyes and her face beat red.

Jason sighed and ran after Lacey.

*Mrs. Brightside* Danielle stared at them, then at the car. Oh damn, it was Danny. She quickly hid

Danny got out, and sighed. He looked around

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Lacey looked at Danny and said "Sorry" and started to run.

Jason screamed her name.

*Mrs. Brightside* Danny frowned, watching her go. He rubbed his head, calling Danielle again

Danielle quickly silenced her phone, moving in the bushes. She was scratching her legs

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Lacey sighed and ran to her house. She locked all doors and windows.

Jason ran into a different girl.

*Mrs. Brightside* Danielle stumbled, grabbing his arm to keep from falling "Oh god, I'm so sorry" she said letting go quickly

Danny swore, and got back in his car. He sped away

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Jason looked at her his eyes glazed over. "It's my fault miss"

Lacey got into her bed and cuddled up.

*Mrs. Brightside* Danielle looked at him, frowning "Are you..okay?"

Danny sat on the porch steps

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Jason looked at her. "My sister she thinks I'm drunk"

Lacey started to cr.

*Mrs. Brightside* Danielle raised an eyebrow, starting to think clearly again. "Are you?"

Danny rubbed his head, looking at the clock

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"I don't know...I puked not too long ago but I don't feel drunk" Jason said.

Lacey got out of her house and started to walk down Danny's street.

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*Mrs. Brightside* Danny looked up at her, immedietaley recognizing "Hey!"

Danielle nodded "Does your head hurt? I have some pills.." she said reaching for it in her purse

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She looked up at him her face red and tear blotched. "What?!" She asked.

Jason looked at her. "I'm fine...thanks for the offer though"

*Mrs. Brightside* Danny frowned at her "Are you okay?"

Danielle shrugged, looking around "Are you heading home?"

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Lacey sighed. "No I'm not"

Jason nodded. "I am'

*Mrs. Brightside* Danielle looked around "Same, wanna walk with me?"

Danny watched her "What's wrong?"

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Jason smiled. "Sure,I'd like that"

Lacey sighed and said "My brother wants to ask me what my ex did to me and I won't tell him and it just makes me sad to think of not telling anyone what had happened"

*Mrs. Brightside* Danielle smiled, and started walking.

Danny stared at her "Can you tell me?"

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Jason smiled and started to walk right beside her.

Lacey started to cry again. All she could do was nod. She didn't know why she wanted to tell him things but she felt the need to.

*Mrs. Brightside* Danielle glanced at him "Did I tell you my name?" she thought back to it "Well, it's Danielle." she said shrugging

Danny frowned, and walked towards her. He gave her a hug "Tell me." he said, softly. His eyes were filled with sympathy. He kept her close to him still.

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Jason smiled. "I'm Jason"

Lacey smiled at his sympathy.

*Mrs. Brightside* Danny smiled back at her

Danielle smiled "Jason..that's nice. Uh, I live down here." she said turning their direction

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Lacey sighed. "Can we please go inside? I'm getting kinda chilly"

Jason smiled. "Want to go out for coffee? Like now?"

*Mrs. Brightside* Danielle smiled "Sure."

Danny chuckled, leading her inside "My bad." he said, closing the door behind them.

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Jason smiled and took her hand and led her towards town.

Lacey smiled. "It's fine"

*Mrs. Brightside* Danielle smiled, feeling warm. She followed him.

Danyy sat down, patting the seat by him for her to sit. "So..what did you want to tell me?"

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Jason smiled and got to the cafe.

Lacey sat next to him and said "Well where should I start?"

*Mrs. Brightside* Danny smiled "The beginning"

Danielle walked in, and ordered a mocha

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Lacey smiled. "Okay well,I had a boyfriend and I wasn't ready it but he forced me to and my brother saw some bruises on my arms he asked and I lied but he saw through my defenses. I already broke up with my other boyfriend but he wouldn't leave me alone until tonight when I told my brother some of what had happened"

Jason just ordered his black coffee.

*Mrs. Brightside* Danny frowned "What did you tell your brother..?"

Danielle took her drink, and took a sip

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"I told him that he used to beat me and that's all" Lacey said.

Jason smiled. "Do you have any sibilings?"

*Mrs. Brightside* "Yeah, I have a brother. You?"

Danny nodded " are you planning on telling him the rest?"

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"I have a sister" Jason told her.

Lacey shook her head tears starting to bubble up in her eyes.

*Mrs. Brightside* Danny sighed, giving her a hug "Its okay. You don't have to if you don't want to.." he said, rubbing her back

Danielle nodded "Oh, that's cool. How old is she?"

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Lacey nodded and leaned into him. "Thanks for letting me talk to you"

"She's 25 like me"

*Mrs. Brightside* Danny smiled, shrugging "No problem. Glad I can help"

Danielle frowned "My brother is too..ugh! You guys are so old! I'm only 23"

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Lacey smiled. "Want to go get a beer with me?" She asked.

Jason smiled. "It's not that old" He jokingly scolded.

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