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The Thea Osborne Mystery Series by Rebecca Tope

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MinglingThreads There are seven books in this series. They are set in a small Cotswold villages.

1. A Cotswold Killing
2. A Cotswold Ordeal
3. Death in the Cotswolds
4. A Cotswold Mystery
5. Blood in the Cotswolds
6. Slaughter in the Cotswolds
7. Fear in the Cotswolds

Knitting is obviously not the main theme of these books.

In the third book of the series one of the main characters is an eccentric called Ariadne, she is a pagan, knitter, dyer, spinner, and self sufficient growing all her own food, making wine etc.

Ariadne spins yarn from her own sheep, she dyes the wool with dye made from local plants, she began a small business knitting jumpers (sweaters) when the business took off she began employing local knitters in order to meet her commissions.

The story is being told in Ariadne's voice, and as we follow her through the week knitting, spinning etc are often part of the setting.

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Wylie Kay (wklilly) These look fantastic. None of my libraries carry them. Dang! I am going to check papberback swap to see if I get them. Thanks for letting us know about them. :)

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