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((Roleplay here))

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Kayla Bellow started awake and nudged his rider. Hailey immediately got up and strapped her bow and quiver of arrows around her shoulder, and her sword in its belt on her waist. She climbed onto Bellow's back and he dove from the cave and fanned out his wings, keeping them in the air easily.

Setna yawned and her jaws opened wide. She stuck her head over the side of the cliff she was on and let it rest on a hanging rock next to her. She roared and fanned out one wing, letting it soak up the sun.

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Faux saw movement from the corner of her eye and immediately shot towards it, looking for some action.
Giselle tightened her hold of Faux, feeling the change of direction even with her eyes closed. The wind kind of gave it away. Her eyes flicked open and she locked gazes with Faux. What is it, my sweet?
Another dragon, m'lady.
Her gaze flicked over to where Faux was now looking and blinked. Are they friendly?
I do not know, miss.
Well, why don't we find out? she thought with a smile as Faux sped up.

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Kayla Bellow sensed another dragon. We are being followed. He blinked.
Hailey nodded. Go ahead and land. I will not be followed. They are friends or foes, therefore they go away or die. Bellow roared and banked to the right, landing on a rock ledge big enough for three dragons. Hailey leapt off and started a fire to make it look like their stop was natural.

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Faux frowned. They've stopped, m'lady.
I see the fire. Land.
Faux nodded. I will land, but if they threaten you i will not hesitate to kill them.
I understand. Thank you, Faux, she murmured, patting her neck softly.
Faux teleported to the cliff above the dragon and rider, peering down as Giselle hopped off.

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Kayla As soon as the Rider was on the ground, Bellow hoisted himself up and went into a defensive position, his fangs open, at the other dragon. Hailey whipped up her bow and pulled the string back. The arrow would go straight through the girl's heart. "Who are you? Why are you following us?" She asked out loud. Bellow snarled at the other dragon. Don't even think about it.

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Oh, i'm thinking about it, Faux hissed. Stand down. I have no desire to fight you, but if you threaten my mistress i will kill you.

"Peace," Giselle said, holding her hand up. "I only wish to know who you are and what your business is in this territory."

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Kayla Hailey did not lower her arrow. "Our business here is our business here, is it not? You have no right to know."

Bellow opened his jaws and roared, showing his fangs. Don't try it. Unless you want to feel how hot white fire is. His bright orange eyes narrowed.

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Faux smirked and examined her claws. Scary. My teeth are practically shaking. Not. White fire, huh? I wonder what it would be like. White vs. green. Who would win? I have to tell you, acid hurts..or so the remains of any past foes have said...if there are any remains, that is.

"I do actually. This is my land," she said, stretching her arms out both ways. "For quite a distance."

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Kayla Hailey raised her eyebrows. "Oh? I did not realize the land had been claimed. Are we not flying free skies anymore?" The hand pulling back her arrow tightened.

Bellow snarled again. So does being melted into a scale soup, dragoness. Don't believe me? Want to try it? Hailey can tell you about the last dragon who challenged me. She was... let us say... boiled to death. One lick of flame touches you and you will be dripping your own scales.

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Faux snarled at him. Are you challenging me, boy?

"Calm, Faux," Giselle said, hearing her dragon's roar. "Ignore the beast if he is bothering you."
She turned back to Hailey. "It is not claimed, no, but the dragons and riders alike depend on me for help when in need. You would not want to crush their hope, would you?" She looked at her bow and smiled. "That looks handmade. Did you carve it yourself?"

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Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 338 comments Mod
Control bounced out from the trees and came between the two dragons. Whoa... He said, looking up at them. They were so big compared to him.

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Kayla "Yes, I did. And it has deadly accuracy, no matter how fast you move. Why would they depend on you?"

Bellow stepped back as a new, very small dragon came between him and his opponent. Who are you, hatchling? he snarled, his orange eyes scouring the newcomer.

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Faux looked at it in surprise then smiled. Hello there, little one. What is your name?

"I bring them food and supplies from other lands. You see, they do not have dragons of their owns. They rely on me to help their lives continue the way they have been living them."

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Control continued looking at him. He was so big Control could probably fit on his front paw! He looked at the dragon's paw and wondered. So he hurried over and sat on it. Yep! He could!

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Kayla Bellow was so surprised that he snorted with laughter, and a white flame shot out of his nostril. Oops. Again, who are you?

Hailey lowered her bow. "Truce for the moment. I want to know who this new dragon is."
((i hafta go!))

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Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 338 comments Mod
Control turned around and looked at the dragoness. I'm Control. He said happily.

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Faux looked at Bellow with a grin. You're a softy. I knew it!

Giselle nodded and looked at the newcomer. "He's cute."

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Dibily Do | 71 comments Nothing could put a damper on his joy right now. Jack was on Snowback, and riding out in the open sky. where to next? asked Snowback telepathically. "I don't know..." Jack said as he rested on his dragons back. I don't think we need to travel far Jack, look down said Snowback. "what?" Jack said as he looked down, three dragons and riders. I think we should go down, looks like they want to fight...and we better stop them said Snowback. Jack looked at him. "Why get involved?" asked Jack. Snow back turned his head and looked at Jack. because I have a responsibility, we are the peace keepers around here remember said Snowback as he turned and flew down.

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Faux looked up with a soft growl when she heard the flapping of wings. Who goes there?
It's Snowback. And his rider..i believe his name is Jack.
Gisellenodded and turned to them. "Greetings Jack and Snowback." He hadn't seemed to hear her.

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Dibily Do | 71 comments Snowback landed and looked at the three dragons. Jack stood up. "We come in peace Riders...we were just wondering what was going on" said Jack

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Gabrielle suddenly burst out of the trees and ran at Control. She picked him up off the other dragon's paw and held him in her arms. Then she looked around and realized everyone was looking at her. She changed her grip to a more protective one.

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Dibily Do | 71 comments Snowback looked at Gabrielle and then back at the other dragons. "why are you all three here?" asked Jack as he slid off of his dragon

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Gabrielle slowly started backing away, hoping she could sneak by undetected without being noticed by all these huge dragons.

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Dibily Do | 71 comments Jack turned his head over at Gabrielle. "And who are you?" asked Jack

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Maybe he had heard her after all..she noticed Gabrielle walking away too. "Yes, who are you?"

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Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 338 comments Mod
Gabrielle winced. Apparently she couldn't. "Gabrielle." She said quietly.

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"And what are you doing here?"

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"Trying to chase my dragon down." Gabrielle said, looking down at Control. He looked up at her happily.

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Kayla Bellow snorted, this time angrily. Why did everyone have to disturb us? Hailey and I were doing fine until you all came along. Now I have a moody dragoness threatening me, a pet dragon climbing on my foot, and a peacekeeper dragon and his rider here. He huffed.
Hailey pulled her arrow back and pointed it straight at Jack's heart. "Yes, if you'll all just leave now I will have no need to fire this."

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Dibily Do | 71 comments Snowback hissed and turned towards Bellow and the rider. Jack just looked at Hailey. "Go a head...if your willing to kill, just because your annoyed, go a head." said Jack. Jack what are you doing? thought Snowback. "And I don't think you have a right to tell us what to do, we are all riders like you, so we all know that this land is not claimed." said Jack as he climbed up on Snowbacks head and stood up. "Take your best shot" smiled Jack

message 32: by Kayla (new)

Kayla "I get annoyed easily," Hailey said lightly, cocking her head. "So you had better leave. Now."
Bellow snarled and thrust his head at Snowback. Get away. You have no business here and I don't think you want to be melted, do you? He lashed his tail.

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Dibily Do | 71 comments Snowback just dodged the angry attacks. ....you don't make your attacks better by being mad thought Snowback as his spikes on his back started to get bigger and taller. "Your the one who is making the trouble...we did not come down here to fight" said Jack as he cocked his head the same way Hailey did.

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Kayla Hailey let her arrow loose, aiming it at Jack's stomach. It flew with speed and precision, so fast she barely saw it. Bellow rumbled and let a tongue of fire out of his jaws. Together they screamed, "Leave us alone!" so loud that their own ears hurt.

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Dibily Do | 71 comments Jack grabbed his swords and hardly dodged the arrow. "look....we don't want to fight. Just calm down" said Jack as he slid down back on Snowback's back. Snowback recoiled his neck and head. Jacks right...why fight said Snowback to Bellow.

"Get ready Snowback.....just in case" said Jack silently to his dragon.

message 36: by Kayla (new)

Kayla "You will leave us alone. Now. If you do not want to fight, then why stay and provoke me?" Hailey snarled. "I will give you one last chance. Leave now, or see your own blood." Bellow growled and opened his jaws, showing them his razor-sharp fangs filled with an intoxicating venom.

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Dibily Do | 71 comments Jack...I don't think we are ready to take them on just quite yet thought Snowback. Jack looked at Hailey. "Back up" said Jack. Snowback started to slowly back up, Snow was snarling, showing his fangs, his breath was so cold, you could even see frost coming out of his breath.

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Dibily Do | 71 comments "Why are you so paranoid? We just wanted to talk" said Jack to Hailey. This is not going to end well

message 39: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Bellow snarled and advanced, Hailey advancing on the ground with him. "Five. Four. Three." she started. "Two." She cocked her head again.

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Dibily Do | 71 comments Spikes all around Snowback's body covered where he could be hit. "Fly up not away" said Jack. Snowback let his wings expand and flew up in the air, hovering. His tail was pointed at Bellow and Hailey like a spear.

message 41: by Kayla (new)

Kayla "One!" Bellow launched up, out of reach of Snowback's tail, and let white fire spew from his jaws, a column of it twenty feet out from him. It would melt everything. Hailey pulled back another arrow and shot at Jack's collarbone.

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Dibily Do | 71 comments Snowback flew right up into the path of the sun, so no one could see what they were doing. Jack swung his sword and the tip of the arrow went flying and the stick fell. "Icefire" said Jack. Snowback nodded, his mouth started to puff up. This fire was very different and unnatural, it was fire but what ever it touched it became pure ice. "1,2,3, Go" said Jack as he made Snowback go right at Bellow and Hailey, but in the suns path. This was going to get interesting

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Kayla Bellow snorted. The sun did not affect his vision at all. He reached up and clamped his jaws down. The fangs would incapacitate the dragon. Hailey screamed. "You didn't want a fight! We are defending where we were first! Why can't you just leave!?"

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Dibily Do | 71 comments "WELL THIS IS NOT ALL YOURS!" shouted Jack. Snowback let out the fire. It missed Bellow and went to the ground, bluish flames started to spread...and where they toughed became ice. Jack...they were here first thought Snowback. "Ya...well this is no mans land...they should get use to it" said Jack to his dragon. Jack pulled up and made Snowback got up in to the air and then come shooting down. "Turn now" said Jack. Right when Snowback was about to hit Bellow, he turned and went around them. "I don't want to fight, but you have no right. We are just protecting our selves" shouted Jack.

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Dibily Do | 71 comments ((gtg))

message 46: by Kayla (new)

Kayla "I asked you to leave! You refused! I was trying to get a fire to eat something and Bellow needed to hunt! But no, when we ask you to back off just a few hundred feet, you can't!" She screamed as she shot another arrow. "Fine! If you can't leave, we won't either. We are going to stay here and do whatever we need to. So if you don't want to be squashed, eaten, or mistaken for prey, I suggest you clear out!" Bellow landed again, nearly squishing Control. Then as he settled down, his tail nearly whacked Faux. He put his head on his claws and Hailey jumped off of him. She made another fire, and sat there, tending it. Ignoring them all.

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Control was cowering in Gabrielle's arms. She herself was scared, but surrounded and couldn't see a way to get out.

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Kayla ((haha.. i hafta go soon.))

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"Well, wasn't that..entertaining," Giselle said, climbing onto Faux who was baring her fangs at Bellow, a growl building up in her chest. What is your problem? They were just passing by with a friendly hello, wondering why the hell all of us were glaring at each other and seeing if perhaps they could stop a fight, but no. You CAUSE one. You sicken me, she hissed. You have no feelings but for your rider and yourself. What a selfish being you are. She shifted, tilting her head back so her neck was exposed as her eyes gleamed that bottomless green of hers, showing she was not afraid of him. If you try something like that again, directed at my rider or no, i will not hesitate to tear your head from your body and shred the rest.

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Kayla Bellow was not at all concerned. Have fun, he commented drily. I will await the day when you become strong enough, big enough and deadly enough to even attempt that threat. I have nothing to worry about. It will not happen in the next few centuries, for sure, weakling. He cocked his head and then used his claw to scratch his snout, his orange eyes dangerous.The rest of that is not true either. We asked you all to leave, and they refused. We told you all to leave us alone, and you refused. We were trying to have a nice spot for me to hunt and my rider to eat. But no, that was too much to ask for in these no longer free skies. That fight would have been averted if they had left like we asked. That was not us causing the fight. We may have started it, but we were NOT the cause. And yes, I care about myself and my rider. I put her above all else because she raised me and kept me alive. I will do the same to her. He turned to Control and the female rider. Get off of my ledge. PLEASE. He put please on the end because so far they had not done anything bad to him.
Hailey notched another arrow and held it half-up. "You will leave now if you do not want to become my smoked meat for traveling," she said. She looked at Faux and Giselle. "Do not refuse to leave. It will start another fight. One that you have no chance of winning."

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