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Dapplenose | 1062 comments Mod
Ashley left the group and Jordan left goodreads so we'll need to adopt Otterpaw and Willowpaw.

Sam adopted out Sparrowstar to Regan.

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Sam Up for Adoption:

Name: Sparrowstar
Age: 48 moons
Gender: She-cat
Clan: LeafClan
Apprentice: None at the moment.
Rank: Leader
Life: First life (Hasn't lost one yet.)
Mate/Crush: Nope,
Kin: Dapplenose (Sister)
Description: She is a light brown cat with short fur. Her belly all the way to her neck and under her chin is white. Very thin and lithe, scrawny almost. Her eyes are a sparkling light blue but as you get closer to the pupil, the color gets darker blue. She has small paws for an adult cat, perfect for being silent in the forest. She has a long, thin tail that ends with a white tip. In leafbare, her coat grows longer and grows a bit darker in color. Her nose and pads are a pretty light pink. The insides of her ears are a white and tan combination. Lastly her claws are normal sized but they're sharp, almost like the talons on a bird.
Personality: (8) Sparrowstar has a strong sense of justice, sometimes making her impulsive. She would do anything for her Clan, even at a grave cost. She's protective of her Clan and annyone who speaks badly about it better watch out. She can be very hostile when provoked, but usually respects all. Anyone who asks for help, she'll help them and she's rarily selfish. In the rare occasion she is selfish, she'll only think about herself. Nothing else goes through her head.
As a kit, she got in trouble a lot. She used sneak out of camp to see the world. When she would get caught she would say that she got lost and look at you and try to charm you into believing it. It didn't always work. When she finally became an apprentice, she wanted to be the best ever. Always training harder and hunting more than most of the apprentices. With all of that going on, she'd forget to feed the elders and clean out their bedding and she'd go hungry and be on elder duty.

Eventually her warrior ceremony came and she was proud warrior. She'd been in battle quite a lot,(mostly border skirmishes) and she'd seen the death of her mentor, Redwhisker, of whom she grieved for but seemingly quickly recovered. As she got a bit older, she got her first apprentice. She was overjoyed and might have been a little soft at first, but by the end of their training, she'd learned not to be so soft or too harsh.

When the deputy died, Sparrowstar, then Sparrowtail, took the position. She soon got the hang of being an authority figure in the Clan, but still consulted with the senior warriors. She led a few battle patrols and trained a another apprentice by the time her leadership came. She was nervous and rightly so. By Clan law, she took the position as leader and received her name and nine lives.


Name: Cloudwhisker

Age: 23 moons

Gender: she-cat

Clan: FireClan

Rank: Warrior

Description: Like her name, Cloudwhisker is a totally white cat with white whiskers. A totally cloud white, is how she describes it, always complaining about it. Her eyes sparkle, one green and one blue. Her paws are small, but her claws are sharp and so is her tongue. She has a nice fluffy tail that she grooms every single day. Her ears are average sized and comes to a point.

Personality: Cloudwhisker is upbeat and fun. She always loves some gossip- good or bad. Her tongue is as sharp as her claws and if you say something she doesn't like, you might find a lot of angry cats glaring at you. She always loves a good joke and is usually always in good mood. Even though she likes to socialize, she hates the spotlight. At points, she can be... mysterious and she definitely has her secrets. Otherwise, she'll do most things without thinking and is known to be unable to keep all secrets but her own.

History: She was brought to the Clan as a kit by her mother. She was a fighter, playing outside when the queens told her not to and invading the other dens which she said were cooler than the nursery. Her apprentice days, she felt, would never end. To her they were boring- except for the times she got to train with a certain apprentice who she won't name. When she finally became a warrior, she was thrilled. She hasn't had an apprentice yet, to her disapointment. She's always been trying to prove herself since she wasn't Clanborn.

Kin: (Anyone?)

Mate/Crush: Tig... whoops, did she almost spill a secret?

Apprentice: None at the moment

Other: For some reason she can see better out of the blue one than the green one.


Name: Ashfrost

Gender: Tom

Clan: CloudClan

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Ashfrost is a handsome young tom with a dark gray pelt the color of ash. He has strong hind legs, perfect for jumping. His pelt is kinda fluffy, except when it rains, then it clings to him like a squirrel clings to a tree. On is shoulder is another scar, not large but still big enough to see from the other side of camp. His tail is slim and long, longer than normal. His paws are bigger than normal, and sometimes gets teased for it. Because of his large paws, he has larger and longer claws. His eyes are a deep ice blue, giving him the last part of his name. There's a scar around his left eye that looks like this:

Personality: He loves sarcasm and uses it constantly. He can be very untrustworthy. Let me put it this way: If you gave him a mouse and told him to watch it, by the time you came back, there'd be bones. Mouse bones. The only thing you could ever trust him with was Clan business and his own secrets. Ashfrost can be insensitive and cold. But truly, on the inside, deeep, deep, deeeeep, DEEEEEEP, down, he's really a sweetheart. It just takes he right cat to get to him.

History: As a kit, he was brutally abused by his mother, Silverfang. Thus he got the scar around his eye. His mother told everyone he was scratched by a bramble. It was at that time he became as shy and scared as a mouse. He was miserable and he knew if he spilled it, she'd do much more than a scratch around the eye.
As an apprentice, he was shy and scared at first, then became bolder and disobeyed his mentor. His mother became agitated at his new found courage and gave him the scar on his shoulder that Silverfang claimed was from a badger. For the rest of his training, he was obiedient and never disobeyed ever agian.
When he finally had his warrior ceremony, he was naturally thrilled. But his excitement was stifled when his mother was around. She wouldn't put up with it. A moon later, his mother mysteriously vanished and the same night Ashfrost came home with blood stained paws, claiming he chased off rouges. Since then, he's been closed off and a loner. He knows no one really knows what happened and because his mother played her cards well, she kept the fact hidden that he was abused. And Ashfrost never told anyone the truth. The reason he's so closed off is because 1) He doesn't was anybody feeling sorry for him and 2) He's afraid his secrets will spill and he'll be outcasted.

Mate/Crush: None

Apprentice: None yet

Kin: Silverfang (Assumed to be Dcd)

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Sephiroth (Cinderbolt) | 275 comments You're giving away your prized Sparrowstar!? O.O.o

message 4: by Sam (new)

Sam Yeah... I know... but I don't roleplay here anymore.... Besides, well there really is no besides, is there? Well it'll give someone else a chance. Someone active. And yes, it's still me. Though this Sparrowstar, *whispers so Sparrowstar in the group can't hear* isn't my favorite... My favs are in Warrior Fans and Forever a Warrior....*stops whispering* So yeah.

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Regan  Carson | 141 comments I'll take Sparrowstar!


message 6: by Sam (new)

Sam Oh.

And if Dapplenose says it's okay, I give my prized Sparrowstar into *sinffle* Regan's (hopefully) capable hands. Take good care of her. Promise? Remember everything about her. Make sure she eats, and stays healthy. Make sure she satys a great leader! Make sure she's not forgotten.

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Regan  Carson | 141 comments Oh I will rp her really good! I promise :D

message 8: by Sam (new)

Sam Thanks. Make sure you keep that promise.

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Regan  Carson | 141 comments I will

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Dapplenose | 1062 comments Mod
Since Regan hasn't been active since December, we need to re-adopt Sparrowstar.

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