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message 1: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Chind (cherryblossommj) | 395 comments Mod
Do you believe God gives the gift of prophecy to some people today? Have you ever received a Word from God about the future, even a promise? Why do you think Daniel had such strong faith?

message 2: by Margaret (last edited Aug 20, 2010 10:41PM) (new)

Margaret Metz | 15 comments The gift of prophecy (as I was taught) is not limited to telling the future. I looked it up on the internet to get a quick explanation and found this:

"Prophecy is not prediction..

People sometimes think that "prophecy" means to predict (foretell) what will happen in the future. Actually, the simple gift of prophecy is essentially forthtelling; it is a ministry to make people better and more useful Christians now. Prophecy in the New Testament church carries no prediction with it whatsoever, for "he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort" (I Corinthians 14:3). Notice that there is no mention of the word prediction here."

In the book, Daniel seemed to use both kinds of Prophecy. He did tell what would happen in the future - but he also just encouraged them to have faith that God could work in and through them to accomplish His will and that they were able to do more than they thought because of God's power working through them.

As for why Daniel had such a strong faith, I think it's easier for children to believe and I think God loves to use the weak, the young, the simple (and so on) to show His glory.

message 3: by MaryLu (new)

MaryLu Tyndall | 44 comments Yes, I agree Lee. Prophecy is not limited to only predictions of the future. It is also, as you said, expounding on scripture to edify the body of Christ. I love Daniel's character. When I see such strong faith in children, it puts my own to shame. Despite all that had happened to him, Daniel had not let life defile his pure heart for God. He simply trusted no matter what. Because of that simple faith, he was able to hear more clearly from God than most of us. At least that's how I wrote him. Now, if only I can be the same way!

message 4: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Metz | 15 comments M.L. wrote: "Yes, I agree Lee. Prophecy is not limited to only predictions of the future. It is also, as you said, expounding on scripture to edify the body of Christ. I love Daniel's character. When I see suc..."

"Despite all that had happened to him, Daniel had not let life defile his pure heart for God. He simply trusted no matter what."

That was one of the things that made his character so interesting and amazing. It highlighted the fact that we all have a choice as to how to react to the situations in our life. It reminded me of Corrie Ten Boom and some of the others who have gone through horrific things during war or other tragedies. It could have turned them bitter or against God - but instead they clung to God and refused to let their circumstances define who they were. That is an incredible faith.

"Now, if only I can be the same way!"

I know. I feel the same way. All of us have our own trials and burdens we have to face - but I wonder how I would have held up in those kinds of circumstances. I thank God for those people who have that kind of faith and "shine" brightly for the rest of us - helping us to continue pressing on.

message 5: by Julia (new)

Julia Reffner | 9 comments I definitely believe that the gifts of the spirit such as prophecy are available today. Unfortunately because of the number of false prophets today (Matt 24:24) I believe we are doubtful of the true gifts that do exist. I know what you mean MaryLu about faith of children putting us to shame. I've also heard it said that many in the persecuted church see signs & wonders because of the purity of their faith.

message 6: by MaryLu (new)

MaryLu Tyndall | 44 comments Oh me too, Jules! I believe all the gifts of the Spirit are still active. Unfortunately here in America we don't witness them too often. I think it's because we have become so complacent in our faith. In fact, I've heard tales of wonderful miracles in other places like China and Africa where the gospel is spreading like wild fire. I do believe, however, that we will see the church come alive with God's power and love during the last days when persecution arises.

message 7: by Julia (new)

Julia Reffner | 9 comments Yes, that is so what I believe. I love reading Voice of the Martyrs (well, maybe, love isn't the right word...but it sure spurs on my faith) and hearing about everything happening in these nations.

message 8: by MaryLu (new)

MaryLu Tyndall | 44 comments Yes, the Voice of the Martyrs is something every Christian should read! Especially because someday we may have to endure the same type of persecution. I often pray that God will strengthen me now so I can stand firm if that happens.
And Lee, I forgot to mention how much I love Corrie Ten Boome's story. What an inspiration to us all!

message 9: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Metz | 15 comments You all said more perfectly what I was meaning about Daniel and how that would apply to our world today. I have heard Missionary stories where they were able to speak the native language without knowing they were doing it - or another instance where they had people come to accept Christ because they were going to attack them but saw that they had over 50 guards surrounding them that "shone in glittering armor" only to find out the missionaries were alone. (We later determined that was the night we hosted a prayer vigil for them and there were 53 people who stood up.)

I totally agree about Voice of the Martyrs and we have read from that and DC Talk put out some books that made it easier to present to my teens: Jesus Freaks: DC Talk and The Voice of the Martyrs - Stories of Those Who Stood for Jesus, the Ultimate Jesus Freaks and Jesus Freaks, Volume 2: Stories of Revolutionaries Who Changed Their World - Fearing God, Not Man and Live Like a Jesus Freak: Spend Today as if it Were Your Last.

I think the stories may be hard to hear sometimes, but they also are a testament to the power of those who truly believe. It reminds me of what happened in the early church. When the people were willing to die for their faith, people knew it was something special, something different. They weren't going to die for a lie. They had to honestly believe what they were saying. The people in authority wanted to squash Christianity like a bug - instead it spread like a wildfire.

I can't say I'm eager for persecution, but I do pray for God to prepare me and my children so when it comes we can stand.

message 10: by MaryLu (new)

MaryLu Tyndall | 44 comments Lee, those stories about the missionaries sent chills down my arms. I just love hearing about times when God shows up Big time! I have read Jesus Freaks, not volume 2 yet. I've been praying that the church in America would become like the church in Acts.. like you said, on fire, truly committed to the Lord, full of His Spirit, ready to die if need be for His name. Maybe I don't really know what I'm asking for. LOL. But I can't imagine a better way to go out.

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