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The Same Stuff

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((can we make a charrie folder))

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Margaux | 90 comments Can I just sort of start the story? If it's ok with u guys.

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Yeah! =D

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Margaux | 90 comments "God" I thought. I was walking up to Masterson's farm. It was a beautiful summers day, and I was doomed to be stuck on a smelly farm all day instead of going down to the cove. I could just feel the salt on my skin and lips. The smooth water rolling on my skin as I played with a school of fish. "Next time," I thought "No matter how much she begs, I'll do what I want for a change!" "Sure...." I thought sarcastically "Marina, who are you trying to fool? You couldn't say no to anyone. Espacially not Emma(my bff). I pushed my red hair out of my face, and re-arranged my swim-suit straps under my clothes. ( I never left home with ought it). I spotted Emma and started running towards her. "hey girl!" She
called out. "what took you so long?!"
"I had to clean Salty's tank" she shook her head in a mocking sad way.
"you and your fish! How can you stand being around them all day?"
"idk, there just so fascinating!" The weird thing was a felt like we were opposites. I always thought that I belonged to the seas, and her to land. She got easily sea sick, and I just hated earth. "About that...there's someone I'd like you to meet."
"who?" she only told me we were going to ride smelly horses." know my society
"ummm ya, what bout it?"
" they want to see if you can be part of it" What? She'd always been soooo mysterious about her society and now she wanted me to join! I'd always wanted to know about it."great what do I have to do?" she sighed as if relieved."just follow me I'll explain there."
We walked up to the farm. There was a man, he was a bit creepy, if I say so myself. Emma walked up to him and introduced me. His name was Mr.Coddrington. He must have been sent from the environmental protection thingy; that's what Emma told me. He asked Emma to go inside. She obeyed; much to my disappointment. On the boulder in front of us he laid down 4 objects: north a crystal, east a raven, south a lizard, and west a mouse. I was quite shocked. I hadn't known what to expect but this certainly wasn't what I had in mind. Before I could ask any questions Mr.Coddrington abruptly told me "now I need you to put out your arms, palm downward and point to each object in turn. If you have a gift these objects will tell us where your gift lies." WHAT had Emma dragged me into!? Was this man crazy? Wel if he was crazy I shouldn't upset him in case he
attacks. I did as I was told while a bead of sweat slowly came down my fore-head.
Nothing happened until I crossed the lizard. It started to chase it's tail! "is this some sort of joke!" I exclaimed forgetting about safety measures.he didn't look shocked, almost as if he'd been expecting what I'd say. " sea creatures and reptiles." he wrote in his book "What!?" he asked me all sorts of questions. At the end he said " companioin to mermaids." he said matter-a-factly. He caught my eye and said in a calm way:" Emma will explain" and smiled, I didn't like his smile....

(is this ok? I can delete it if it's to....idk not good)

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(It's great!)
I saw Emma walk in the room, I knew today she was bringing her friend to be tested so we might have to be in here for a while.
"Yo Emma!" I said excitedly.
"Hey Olive, why so siked?"
"Just an update on everything like when my mom is coming back and stuff, I got a lot of sugar today!"
"I really wish people would realize how stupid it is to give you sugar."
"Yes, so how's your friend, Maria?"
"Marina, she's great being tested now, in fact she should be here in 3... 2... 1..." The door burst open and a girl with red hair rushed in

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Margaux | 90 comments "Emma!!!" i yelled as i burst into the room!"you will never believe what jsut happened!"
"try me!" she said laughing. "This isnt funny! that guy Coddrinton guy his completely coo-coo! i twisted my fingers in a circle newt to my head. "Why would you think that?"WHY was she questioning me?! Normally she would have just believed me! No matter how crazy I sounded!"He...he put these things like animals in front of me and made me do weird thing with my hands!He..the thing lizard started moving he said 'sea creatures' or something then told me i was a companion to mermaids!! We HAVE ro call the police!!!" Emma just stood there very calm. i hadnt even noticed this other girl until she spoke: "Emma, i think you should tell her before she has a heart attack." i just looked frantically from one to another. "WHO ARE YOU anyway?!"
"olivia companion to..."
"Maybe we should tell her first before you tromatize her" emma interuppted. "Come on girl ill explain on the way home..."

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Emma and Maria left while I just chuckled and walked away. I knew this would turn out interesting.
I found my best friend Marly and scared her to death by pouncing on her.
"Olive! No! You freaking scared me!" she yelled.
"Sorry Mars Bars,hows your creeper?"
"He's stalking me again!"
"Again!? Ugh, well I'll try to help but the last time I did he thought I was jealous!"
"I still laugh at that."
"So how's Diana?" I asked thinking about her frost wolf.
"She's good, we're guarding the fields tonight with you and Avril, David and his Rock Dawrf Knots, Emma and her fairy, and Luke with Kevin his Silky."
"Not Kevin! Luke I'm cool with but since Kevin can turn into a human he always hits on me!"
"I know but you really have to suck it up, with all the attacks lately we need all the help we can get."
"True, well I'll get over it for tonight, one night!"
"Good girl, now lets go for a ride, race you to the fields!"
"You are so on!"

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Margaux | 90 comments (her companion is a fairy)
I sat on my bed as Emma finished explaining about the society of MYTHICAL creatures. I just sat there. Emma started to look worried as I went all pale. "Do you believe me?"
"Hard to say...I know you wouldn't lie about something this big but....I'll need some proof."
"Oh, only that? That'll be EASY! Your scheduled anyway to meet your companion tomorrow." my companion, it sounded good in my head.
"Whats she like?" I asked "Oh I have NO idea. But sorry to have to leave in such a drastic time for you but I have to meet some other society members up in the fields."
"What are you going to do?" My eyes shined with interest. "Oh...well to put it simply...were fighting off attacks."
"Youll learn more bout it soon."
"Can I come?"
"You need your companion, and last time I checked 1.You don't even know her 2.Mermaids don't have legs."
"Dont they have the power to get legs, like when the 13 or something?"
"Ya, but your mermaids not 13, she's 12"
"ok, well see ya, I'm going for a swim."
"you'll be ok with ought me?"
"Emma I'm a big girl, just because I found out that my favorite fairy tale character EXISTS , doesn't mean I'm going to start flipping out." she laughed. "You flipped out a lot earlier today." I blushed "see ya later"
"be careful" she smiled and left.

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Brantley | 431 comments I found Kat by the stables soaked with water standing in the middle of a circle made up of fire imps. "Yo Blondie, what the unicorn tail are you doing?" i yelled over the noise of the fire imps. She turned around and the fire imps made a gap that she could walk through. "I got pulled into the water by Luke's selkie." she replied angry like. "Isn't tht like the 15th time Kevins done that, what is up with selkies and hitting on companions?" i said, though they usually only hit on their companions or universals(AKA Olive). "I don't know but i'm getting sick of it and next time he does it i'm setting every fire imp here on his seal butt." she said walking back into the ring of fire and right through the fire. "Hey do you know where Olive is i gotta ask whos on forest patrol tonight i forgotededed." I asked, "MAX, don't lick the fire imps!" i yelled across the other side of the fire as my chimera companion with his tounge an inch from a fire imp. It backed off looking grumpy."She's riding with Marly through the woods." she yelled pointing to th birds flying out of trees in the woods. I gave her a thumbs up and walked around the ring to get to Max. I got on his back and linked to him. Suddenly i heard three voices talk at once the black and white cobra tail the tan furred lion and pure white coated hind goat legs, all three were saying different things at once so i got a headache then yelled in my head 'G-Max, L-Max, S-Max calm down and i'll tell you wat were doing. We're going into the woods to find Olive, she should be on her dragon, you know the gold one with silver speckles." i thought to them after them when they calmed down. L-Max, the lion part of Max thought, "Ok is anyone else with her?". "i heard that Marly is with her, well thts wat i think the fire imp companion say." S-Max, the snake thought. "Then let us go-eth to-eth the-eth woods-eth." G-Max, the goat part, thought and bleated. They were all in my head but they were the full animal the full pure white goat, the giant tan lion bigger than a full grown Clidsedale(th goat was the same size as L-Max), and the black and white cobra that was as thick as a tree. And then we entered the woods at full speed, weaving through them without crashing with perfect precision. I saw a flash of gold and something else(olivia,what is avril)out of the corner of my eye. "over there" i said pointing in to my left. Max turned and in a matter of seconds we caught up to them. i they both looked at me both of their hair flying behind them and i guess my hair looked like blood red fire flying behind me. Me and Olive look sorta alike but we aren't related i'm just part italian and i like this color alot. "Olive i gotta ask you about the wood patrol thing." i yelled but she obviously coundn't hear me cause she just kept laughing like Marly while they rode. So i pulled out my phone and sent her a text message saying tht we need to go back to the farm real quick.

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Brantley | 431 comments Max and me were in the barn hanging with Kat eating pizza she had picked up cause the Mastersons were out of town and they asked us to watch their house, it was there dumbest idea they had but whatever it got us both out of our houses. "So your crazy uptighter than skinny pants tycoon parents actually let you come out here?" i asked. Me and Kat are the same age, we went to the same school and we've been friends for about 10 years. Her parents hated me, expecially my hair. Her hair was so blonde it almost looked white. "Yeah well i told them i would be with David, they trust him, and it technically wasn't a lie." she said, she hated lying to her parents. We kept telling stories tht we heard at school before it had let out for the summer. "You wanna know the one thing i hate about England?" Kat asked laying down staring at the stars, we had decided to got outside. Her fire imp, Niko, was playing with her hair, though he didn't have fingers of hands they were just nubs like a cartoon. "What?" i replied scratching Max's mane. he totally enjoyed it cause he was purring loudly. "The weather, it's so bipolar, i mean look it's raining everywhere except over the farm, i mean thts obviously a weather giant, people are gonna get suspicious" she said. She was right there was a perfect circle of clear sky above and the rest it was pouring. "There was a new weather giant companion today, they must've obciously done something tht Coddrington couldn't fix." i said shruuging my shoulders watching the patrol team made up of Olive and Avril, David and his rock dwarf Shortie, Emma and her fairy, and Luke with his selkie Kevin. They had just spread out to watch for attacks. "Wats up with the dissapeairng animals and people, i'm starting to get worried tht watever's doing it will get brave enough to come and attack us in daylight?" Kat said while Niko braided her hair that went all the way to her butt. "I'm worried tht thing is gonna burn all your hair, what would you say to your parents when you come home bald." i said then did an impression of her," Hi mom, hi dad, a fire imp burned off all my hair trying to braid it i'll be in my room later.". I laughed and Max tried but it came out as a really loud roar. The patrol group turned around, i couldn't see their faces so i laid my hand on Max and thought, 'L-Max what do their faces look like?'. 'They all look really mad.' he said then him and the snake looked really sad. "Hey don't pout, i can't stand to see monster look sad." Kat said nicely stroking the his back, then the snake's head, and then the goat leg. The snake rubbed her face with the side of its head and the lion licked her palm. Niko turned his head and stared daggers at Max. "Niko calm down, no matter what your my companion and no one is taking your place." Kat said hugging him. "How does it not burn you i've seen a fire imp companion get burned horribly by his companion, y don't you get burned?" i asked remembering the fire imp companion from Canada get his right hand get burned so bad it fell off and now he has a nub. "According to my teacher i'm powerful, some fire imp companions are fire proof, i'm one of them." she said obviously proud of her powers. "So if i told Max to blast breathe fire at you for an hour you'd be perfectly ok?" i said getting a good idea. "Probably not i mean i'm not tht powerful." she said staring at me like i was crazy. Right before i could laugh, i saw Kevin fall down with something sticking ut of his shoulder. Kat and me ran over there at full speed followed by Max and Niko who was riding Max. When we got over there there was an arrow sticking out of his shoulder. He was holding his arm in pain, Luke was kneeling over him trying to get him up to the house. I helped him up and got him on Max, then got on to make sure he didn't fall off, "Kat take Luke's post, Luke get Olive she can link with the unicorn in the stables, i'll get Kevin over there and i'll try to get the unicorn to help him." i told them then rode to the stables quickly. "I knew this was gonna happen sooner or later, just hang in there Kev, we're going to help you." i told the unconcious selkie. Olive finally got to the stables, she looked out of breathe. "Hurry tht rainbow demon tried to kick me through the wall." i said pointing at the unicorn. "Just let me work with Kevin, you're gonna have to leave so i can focus." Olive said taking the arrow out of Kevin's shoulder gently, "good thing it wasn't in deep." she said handing it to me as i left the stables.

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((Wait what do you mean what is Avril?))
I got a text from Brantley about meeting him at the farm, as soon as I won the race I turned around and raced really fast to the farm.
Before we had even stopped I hopped off Avril and raced to find Brantley.
"Hey Brantley, what's up?" I asked

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Brantley | 431 comments (i didn't understand at first i do now)
"I forgot if i had patrol in the woods, but i asked one of the adults and they said i didn't so i'm good, though me and Kat have to watch the Mastersons house while their out of town" i replied out of breath. "i talk to much!" i said."oh and Kevin got shot with an arrow by one someone with an arrow and i need you to help with tht rainbow demon u people call a unicorn" i said pointing towards the stable where a group of people were looking at David and Kevin.(i didn't know if we were continuing from yours or the one i posted when yall were on patrol so i started off with yours olivia and put mine in there)

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((Now we're going to yours cause it was really good haha))

I got the unicorns to help Kevin, as much as I disliked the selkie, I couldn't bare to see a companion in pain. I finished up and ran back to the fields where a massive battle was taking place, Avril was waiting for my commands. Quickly I hopped onto his back and took to the sky, behind all of the evil shadow creatures attacking there was an entire army behind them. Immediately I sent out a signal for all the help we could get. In minutes the fields were swarming with creatures good and bad. The dragons and even some of their human companions were in the sky with me when I gave the order to burn down the back ranks. As we did I could see companions starting to get hurt, we had to drive these things off and fast.

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Brantley | 431 comments (I feel so loved)
Max, Kat, Niko, and me ran into battle with creepy creature things. The only things i had in my pocket was my phone and some lint, so i just got on Max and told him where to shoot fire. I saw creatures and companions fall even a wood sprite was on fire. "Come guys MOVE MOVE MOVE, i promised the Masterson their house wouldn't be burnt or destroyed and things of tht nature and i plan to keep tht promise even if i get killed tonight or some kind of speech thts moving." i yelled over creatures roaring an things of tht nature. Olive was on Avril above us shooting people down with the Universal's bow and arrow. I saw rock dwarfs throw boulders, pegasi riders shoot arrows, and other creatures fighting crazy hard. So i did the same, found a pitchfork on the ground, don't know how it got there but i lucky it was there, and started spearing the shadow creatures tht sort of freaked me out, alot. I saw Kat using Niko like a boxing glove tht was lit on fire. Olive flew down next to Max and me so Avril could use her tail and claws to smash and cut these things. "Olive we gotta do something to get rid of them all at once or they'll keep coming until...probably for like three days. Isn't there some kind of universal thing you can do to destroy them or something?" i yelled while spearing mkore of them in the face. I saw more coming out of gaps between rocks and the ground and stuff like tht.

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"I'm not sure! But we would have to get everyone out of here for their own safety!" I yelled back. ((I'm totally going to make this special thing up))
Everyone was rushed out, it was just me and Avril. I hopped off his back and told him to get out of here. After he was gone I ran into the middle of the swarm of shadow creatures. I felt them pawing at me and trying to get to me. I began to focus all of my energy and power into one. Everything became dark. I'm not sure what it looked like from an outside perspective but in my eyes a blinding light covered me and all of the creatures, an explosion sounded and I felt the world around me go black.

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Brantley | 431 comments Olive was engulfed in silver flames and started to glow brighter and brighter as the shadow creatures started to ecplode into nothingness. I pulled the hood of my black paint splatter jacket over my eyes so they didn't melt from the light. Then when everything went dark i pulled off my hood, Olive was on the ground passed out. But her trick did work no more creatures were coming. I rushed over with Avril, Max, and Kat and Niko. I stood her up to where she was leaning on Avril, "Hey, she deserves to be in a dragon's dream for wat she did just now, tht was really cool and shiny." i said as her eyes fluttered open, the iris' were silver then faded back to their normal gray greenish. "What did i look like, was it shiny?" she asked in a raspy tired voice. " Maybe a little to shiny." Kat said laughing at her joke. We let Avril tell Olive about the silver fire through a link, "Tht sounds like i was looked awesome." she said looking like someone gave her 5lbs. of sugar.(sorry i made the thing up but you wondered what it looked like from an outside perspective again sorry but i think i did good, for the third time i beez sorry)

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((Yours is great BTW))

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Brantley | 431 comments (Thanks i tried to post something 10 times and it wouldn't work)
(i say Brantley)
After all the wounded society members were taken care of, the patrol team got back to their post. Luke stayed with Kevin in the stables so Diana and her Frost Wolf took their spot. Max and Niko went off to chase fireflies. So Kat and me went to Chartmouth to get some food, gauss for the wounded, and a pack of Monster energy drinks for us and the patrol team. When the Masterson’s farm was in sight I saw Max and Diana’s Frost Wolf roaring and slashing at each other. I dropped the brown paper bag full of gauss and bolted towards Olive. “WHAT happened, we were gone for 30 minutes?” I yelled over the roaring. Avril was holding back Max while Knot the rock dwarf held back the Frost Wolf with a bunch of chains.

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"Well, LMax started growl at Diana's Frost Wolf because it was sniffing at GMax, so then the Frost Wolf turned it's attention to the lion and they started to fight, David told me and he got Knots to hold back the Frost Wolf and I got Avril to hold back Max. No one got fatally hurt but David got a small cut on his leg," I motioned to David then winced at the sudden pain in my arm and looked down. Blood.

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Brantley | 431 comments "Tonight has definitely not been our night." i said lookign down at her arm. Kat ran up with both bags, i took the gauss out of one of 'em and started to wrap Olive's arm. Then as i tended to David's leg i saw a big shard of ice covered in red sticky stuff. "I found wat cut your arm." i yelled at Olive over the roars and grunts of four creatures. I handed the ice shard at to Olive after i took care of Daveed, which was his nickname. Olive looked at it then shoved it in her back pocket then stomped towards Diana to tell her, i decided to try and break up the creature mash by the barn before Max started to. PWOOOOOOOHM. To late. Max had shot a column of fire in every direction, and then lit the barn's roof on fire. "KAT!OLIVE!"

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"KAT! OLIVE!" I heard Brantley yell. We took one look at each other and took off towards the barn to see flames erupting from it.
Brantley had gotten some companions to help put it out but we needed more.
Soon more had arrived and in no time the roof was put out, the barn would be fine.
"What happened?!" Kat asked.
"Well, from the looks of it, we have a very P.O.ed chimera on our hands," I replied.
This night was insane, first the battle in the fields, the a companion fight, now this?
"WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH THIS NIGHT!?" I screamed at the sky, I had officially lost it.

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Brantley | 431 comments "Olive, did you drink one of the monsters in the bag cause those things were hot." i told her. "Just chill, sit down, and relax; i'll talk to Max.". She nodded and just stood there looking at the bag of energy drinks with excitement, "Kat, take the bag away Olive or the barn is gonna burn again." i said over my shoulder to Kat. I turned my head and saw Olive sticking her tounge out at me. I just chuckled.

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"It's for our safety Olive," Kat said to me.
I stuck my tongue out at her too.
She took away the monsters but I saw where she went, behind the barn, I waited a few minutes and quickly followed her. As soon as she had disappeared I snuck to the bag, I reached for it but a fire imp shot at me. I went really fast like a ninja and got the monster, it was a red one, my favorite. I ran away laughing then opened it and took a chug. This was gunna be good.

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Brantley | 431 comments I knew Olive would get the monsters sooner or later so i decided to scare her after i got done talking to Max. When i got Max to lay down i leaned against his back like dragon companions do when a dragon is sleeping to share dreams. "Ok i want each of you to explain wat happened." i told the cobra, lion, goat. They all started to talk at once, i heard GMax say something about feeling violated. "I MEANT ONE AT A TIME!"i yelled. I pointed at SMax and he hissed "The Frossst Wolf ssssstarted to ssssniff goatey, he got frightened, then he began kicking and kicked the Frossst Wolf in the jaw. I ssstayed out of it, then LMax got mad at Avril and Frossssty, and lit the barn on fire.". Then i pointed at LMax,"Diana's companion had walked over from his post, past me, and then i heard him sniff something. I turned my head and saw him sniffing the our hind legs. i told him to go away when GMax started to kick, but then he kicked the wolf's jaw like SMax said. Frost Wolf got mad, tried to bite our leg off, so i clawed at it, a shard of ice flew off his face." he paused. "Tht shard cut the universal's arm." i said during the pause. "Oops, anyways i heard the universal tell her companion to get me, and the rock dwarf got the frost wolf, it cut shot an ice shard into my paw and insted of screaming i breathed fire." LMax finished. I pointed to GMax and he explained wat happened and it was the same as the other two's. "Well, we're gonna help Diana and her companion fix the roof before the Masterson's get back and apologize to Olive for accidentally cutting her, and i want you to tell Diana's Frost Wolf say sorry for kicking him in the jaw." i told them pointing at GMax. They all nodded, "Y do i have to?" SMax hissed looking upset and confused. "Cause you three make up one creature which means if one of you do something wrong tht means all of you did something wrong." i told them. I broke the connection then got Kat to tell her fire imp to make a big fire in front of Olive so i can scare while i'm behind the fire making and pretend to be a monster to freak her out.Muwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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I was sitting, shaking because of all of the energy that the energy drink gave me. All of the sudden fire erupted in front of me and a huge beast was there.
I hopped up and began screaming my lungs off. I ran into the fields. I kept running in circles yelling that a beast was going to eat me. A few people looked at me worriedly then looked around to try to find the beast.
Brantley emerged from behind the fire. I saw him cracking up and stopped running. I turned to glare at him.
"BRANTLEY YOU JERK!" I yelled running at him, in no time I had pounced on him and had him pinned to the floor, I knew he was probably way stronger then me but ignored that fact for the moment.
"Why did you do that Brantley?!" I yelled looking down at him glaring.

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Brantley | 431 comments Cause i knew u were gonna drink a monster and plus i hadn't pranked you in like forever, so i just had to it, and plus i needed something to do y Max apologized to Diana's Frost Wolf." i said laughing as she stared me down, literally. I shrugged her off easily and got up still laughing like crazy. "You are so mean." she yelled stalking off obviously P.O.ed. Luke came over cause he heard Olive screaming. "Dude u messed up bad." he said chuckling. Then i saw Kevin walking towards Olive. I saw him put his arm around her then she shrugged it off and they started walking.

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I wasn't quite in the I hate him forever, just P.O.ed. Kevin put his arm around me and i shrugged it off.
"Not in the mood Kevin," I glared and continued walking away.
I heard Kevin leave and decided that now would be a great time to escape, I hoped none would follow, then again for all I know, I'll need the help.
"Stupid Brantley," I muttered under my breath, "Only he would do this."
"Who did what?" A deep voice asked, I hadn't even realized that I had entered a clearing. I turned quickly around my hair swooshing around me.
"Who's there?"
"Only me," the voice said again, a guy stepped out into the clearing.
"Who, are you?" I asked taking a step back.
"I am the one who has been attacking you, the raid tonight failed because of all of you vile humans."
"Vile? Aren't you a human too?"
"I am not!" The guy stepped towards me and brought his hand up, everything went black.

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Brantley | 431 comments The next morning, i got asked to introduce some new girl to her mermaid companion. I was waiting by the house when Emma came over with a tan girl with redish brownish hair, and eyes the color of the sea. "Hey M, this the mermaid companion?" i asked looking the red head in the eye since we're the same height. "Yeah this is Marina, who's showing her to her companion?" Emma asked looking around. "You're looking at him." i said stretching and yawning since it was 6 in the morning. "But your a two-four." Emma said with quizzy look on her face, then her friend looked really confused. "Actually, i'm in both i just hang out with the two-fours every new and then cause Kevin always points out my scar." i said raising my right hand tht has the scars tht run across my fingers in three lines. "Wat happened?!?" her friend asked grabbing my hand and looking at it with awe. each line was a centimeter long. "A rabie enduced Bobcat attacked me when i was 5, luckily i got my hand away fast enough so it didn't cut off my fingers." i said taking my hand back, "Now come on i gotta show your companion, the mermaid.". "Oh hey Brantley, have u seen Olive?" Emma asked before i walked away. "I haven't seen since she walked into the clearing last night after i pranked her and she got so mad it was funny, i let her pin me down for like 2minutes." i said remembering the prank with the fire imp. "I haven't seen her since." Emma gave me a thumbs up than ran towards the clearing while me and ummm Marina, of course she's in sea snakes.

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I woke up groggy, the room was dark and by the looks of the light from the small window, it was about 6 in the morning. Where am I? All the events of last night came flooding into my head from the attacks, to the companion brawl, to the prank, to me getting hit on the head.
I guess I did over react to Brantley's prank, of course I'd never let him know that I just admitted to being wrong.
I stood up and looked out the window again, I could fit threw it. As soon as a plan was forming in my head the boy from last night came in.
"You're the Universal?" he asked.
"Yes," I answered still gazing at the window.
"Don't look like much, where is he?"
"Hater, who? He who?"
"The Chimera companion! The one who can control all three companions!"
"I- I don't know." I said.
"Liar!" The boy stormed out before I could respond. What a drama queen.
I looked at the window, there's my plan. The window was low enough that I could reach it, so I worked hard to get the hinges off. Easy as pie. I shimmied through it thinking, this is too easy.
But none the less I took off to the clearing where Emma was. I grabbed her hand and ran back to the farm.
I finally made it back and started breathing deeply.
"What was that all about!?" Emma asked.
So I told her everything from the prank to escaping.
"Wait, so that means the dude is after Brantley!" Emma exclaimed.
She nodded and dragged me to where he was with Marina.

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Brantley | 431 comments (should i let margaux name her companion)
Before i took Marina, still pretty obvious she belongs in sea snakes, i had to do regulations and tell her about the Society. "The Society is about protecting mythical creatures, keeping them a secret from the public, and making sure the world doesn't fall into the hands, paws, talons, hooves, and other animal things like tht. I don't mean villians tht make stupid puns, i mean creatures. Humans wouldn't want to hurt them, except hunters, and there are some tht seem like they're from books, like shapeshifters, demons, and other creatures." i paused to catch my breath, "Vampires and Werewolves exsist, others don't except the lagoon creatures, they are real to. The old movie was made by one of there companions, it was a documentary actually. Though we had to kick him out for exposing his companion. There are 5 Companies of the Society, Company of Reptiles and Sea Creatures;thts u;Company of Winged Creatures,Company of Creatures of the Four Elements, Company of the Two and Four Legged Creatures, and the Company of the Universals. Universals are people who can talk to all mythical creatures. I'm a companion to chimeras, so i belong to technically two companies, sea snakes;reptiles and seacreatures; and two-fours;two and four legged creatures. You can't tell anyone, and no we don't brainwash thts tv crap, we just let u go and u have to swere to not tell the truth about wat we do. Our excuse is tht we're an enviromental group, i think i've gone over the basics, Emma can answer any of your questions." i finished letting her soak it all in. "Now lets go meet your companion. Oh and one more thing, come here at least every day if u can, or you'll companion will die." i added. When we got to the cove i saw the mermaid coming towards the shore. Then a giant blue piece of coral came shot out of the water and smash me in the face. Everything went black and the only thing i remember is Marina screaming her head off and get dragged underwater by a giant black tentacle.

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Olivia | 601 comments Mod
I saw the giant black tentacle drag him under, Marina was screaming and Emma just started to comfort her. I panicked of course, I couldn't let him die, he was one of my best friends, so of course I made the stupid decision.
I ran off the pier and jumped in after him, I followed the trail of bubbles down, down, down. I started to loose breath when I went into an under water cave.
I took a deep breath silently and peeked above the dirt making sure to stay hidden.
I saw Brantley sitting on a patch of dirt in the middle of the water with the tentacles swirling around him and the guy who kidnapped me was watching him.

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Brantley | 431 comments (wats a arse)
I was standing on a cliff with a horrilbe storm above my head, i saw a giant shark fighting a giant black octopus, thts when i knew this was a dream because i had just watched tht crappy movie Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, it SUCKED. "U saw tht movie 2, oh my god tht much money wasted on a crappy movie." i heard a guy's voice say behind me. When i turned around i saw pale skinned, black haired, leather jacket with blackjeans and a black shirt wearing guy who looked like he was in his late twenties. "Who r u, and u r so right about the movie it sucks so much." i said staring at the dude, i knew wat he was, so i let him think i was clueless. "So Chimera companion, lets not waste time, i now wat you r, u know wat i am, lets just get to the point. We need u to help us destroy the Society, do this and we won't kill your frineds, just everyone else, don't we kill your companion and the universal, then everyone else." the wolf demon said walking towards me, not a werewolf but kinda close. "Olive, Olive i know u can hear me, HELP. Oh and let me think about cause i don't wanna see people die, and i you're an idiot if you think i'm gonna help, oh and one more thing." i yelled then said, then i whistled. And a giant Max leaped out of the ocean to land behind me.

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Olivia | 601 comments Mod
"Olive, Olive I know you can hear me HELP. Oh and let me think about cause I don't want to see people die, and you're an idiot if you think I'm gonna help, oh and one more thing." Brandtley whistled, I couldn't see anything but I was pretty sure he was asleep or dreaming. I looked around and no one was there.
I must be completely insane or just want to get BRantley out of there because I hopped up onto the land and saw his body, quickly I grabbed it and started to drag it with me.
"Brantley, this would be so much easier if you weren't bigger then me," I muttered.
Brantley started to stir in his sleep, but I had to keep going, I had to get us out of there, and quick.

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Brantley | 431 comments I was being dragged towards the edge of the cliff while wolf demons nawed on Max as he tried to get the dude who was walking towards me. No one was dragging me i knew someone had to b. I grabbed where i felt the pull and i found Olive's invisible hand. I knew it was hers because it was shaking and small. I looked up but couldn't see anyone. Then the wolf demon grabbed my ankles and pulled me back. It hurt so he must b doing it in real life.

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Olivia | 601 comments Mod
Brantley got dragged away from me, no one was there.
"Brantley!" I screamed, my hand had let go. I rushed forward and grabbed for his ankle again. As soon as I got hold I started to pull back. The force trying to take him let go and we both flew back into the water.
It was easier to carry him now. I wrapped my arm around his waist and began to swim.
Finally I got him up onto shore and took a deep breath. I lay his body down on the sand and collapsed on my back next to him taking short deep breaths.
"BRANTLEY! OLIVE!" Emma yelled running to us with Marina behind her.
"Are you mad!?" She screamed at me.
"Hopefully, because if I wasn't that never would have worked," I smiled at her. Brantley muttered something and began to stir.

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Brantley | 431 comments I hit the water from a drpo tht seemed to take forever. I woke to Olive, Emma, and Marina starring dwon at me. "Brantley u ok." Olive asked still starring. I spat out a bunch of salt water and sprayed them in the face. i looked down to my feet and i was soaked. "Did i go swimming or did i wet myself?" i asked, my voice was groggy and i had a major headache and "I taste blood." i added licking my lips. Then everything came back to me, and bytht i mean Olive told me about the cave. Then my face hurt like crazy. "Oh and you got hit in the face by a clump of coral bigger thn your head going probably 85 miles per hour, and now your nose has a gash in it." Marina said counting on her fingers wat happedned. I reached for the ice shard in Olive's back pocket, she pulled it out and hannded it to me. It worked like a mirror and i looked at my nose, i still had a small piece of coral stuck in it; the rest of my nose was, well there wasn't much of it left honestly. "Holy crap, it doesn't have a nose left.OW!"i yelled then painfully yanked the coral shard out of my face. I saw Olive hide a laugh, the other two just winced.

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Olivia | 601 comments Mod
I laughed when he pulled out thte coral shard and yelled. He turned and glared at me with a glare so intense it silenced me.
"Sorry," I said.
"Well, today has been a productive day," Emma said.
"Yeah, so Brantley, we all need to talk," I said. "TO THE MASTERSON'S FARM!" I yelled pointing my finger up in the air like a superhero. I took off running pretending I had a cape flowing behind me. I got to the farm and waited for everyone to join me in the big room, they are taking longer then my superhero powers took me.

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Brantley | 431 comments I had to get Emma and Marina to help me up to the house cause my head was spinning like crazy. We let Marina stay to help me up if i fell out of my chair. Olive told us about her kidnapping from last night. "Yep, i know wat we're dealing with here." Mr. Garcia, one of the adults from the elementals, said. "Wolf Demons." i said pulling a book off the table and flipping to the back of the book called, 'Society's Guide to Spirits and Demons'. "And u know this how?" Mrs. McArthy asked quizzically putting her hands on her hips. I told them everything from the dream to my broken face. Then i showed them the remains of my nose since i had wrapped gauss around my head to stop constant bleeding. "So how do we stop 'em." Olive asked walking over to sit on the couch to look at the age with our new enemies on it. "We have a secret weapon." i said handing the book to Olive. "Oh yeah, then wat is it smart guy?" Marina said just like Mrs. McArthy. I pointed at her with a smart alek smile.

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Marina? How is she a secret weapon? I thought.
"How am I a secret weapon?" Marina spoke my exact thoughts.
Everyone in the room looked quizzically at Brantley.
Can mermaid companions breath underwater or something?
I turned my body to face Brantley, my legs were crossed and I sat just staring at him.
"So, explain? How is Miss Mermaid over there a secret weapon?"

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Brantley | 431 comments I sighed, "I handed u the book so u could read how toget rid of them. There's a recipe for a special poison, it's only known to one kind of creature, mermaids, and i've met Marina's companion and she know it exactly. Oh and according to the book, mermaids are Lyconontrail, the wolf demons, natural predators, don't know y but its still cool." i said sitting back and sinking into the couch. Mr. Garcia came over and looked in the book. "He's right, but we need a bunch of other items we need to get, we're are we gonna get chimera venom?" he said. Then i looked at him like he was a retarded 5 year old. "Oh right, sorry i forgot." he said rubbing the back of his head looking embarrased.

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I started laughing, I couldn't help it.
"What else do we need?" I asked.
"Well a lot of stuff, but we will leave it to the mermaid to tell us," Mr. Garcia said.
"Is there anything else that our enemies said that you need to tell us?" Emma asked Brantley, he seemed hesitant to answer with all of us staring at him intently.

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Brantley | 431 comments "No, they just want to kill people, the only reason they kidnapped me and Olive is because we're two of the strongest Society members. We're in the way, so they're trying to get rid of us." I said thinking this would be better. I tried to get up, and had to have Mr.Garcia help me up. "So i suggest u guys go to the cove, talk to the mermaids, and i'll go relax because i've been standing up for 5 seconds and everythingis already spinning. I sat back down, wheneveryone left the room, i got up and ran to the barn, got on Max, and told him to run to the straight through the clearing, then straight to the water, and donot look back. And in a matter of seconds, we were gone.

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Something was up, I knew that much. Emma could tell too because Brantley is never one to give up or to rest while injured.
"Olive," Emma tapped me on the shoulder.
"What's up?"
"Let's go check on him, we both know he's up to something."
I nodded and we both took off towards where we left him, but of course. He wasn't there.
I ran to get Avril and Emma joined me.
Avril! Did you see Max and Brantley go anywhere?" I asked.
Avril nodded.
"Follow them to where ever they went! Adn step on it!" Avril took off, not looking back

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Brantley | 431 comments I've memorized creature sounds, thts wat u get for being in the Society as long as i have. And i heard dragon wings heading in our direction right when they took off. It was obviously Avril since Max turned around and covered his eyes. "Max stay here, and if Olive asks u where i went do not tell her anything" i told Max. The snake and lion nodded in agreement, then i ran into the water. I used to date a Kracken companion so i can hold my breath for half an 15 minutes, which was all i needed to get to the cave.

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All I saw was Max.
"Max where did he go?" I asked him, but Max just ignored me.
"Max!" I yelled.
"Why isn't he responding?" Emma asked.
I didn't know why, I looked around, from the trees to Emma to the water.
The water! It had ripples in it!
"Emma stay here, guard the animals, if we don't come back in an hour and a half, leave," I said. Without waiting for a response, I jumped into the water and went to the cave. I hid so that no one knew I was there and waited.

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Brantley | 431 comments "So u came back to accept our offer." he said stretching his arms at all the half wolf, half demon monsters behind him. There must've been a hundred filling the tiny cave. "If i do, will u spare the society, i'd rather they be slaves thn dead; the normal people, i have a even better plan for them instead of u all just eating 'em." i said an evil grin. Niceus then transformed into his true form. He had black hair, gold eyes, claws tht could cut through metal, and stood 12 feet tall. He had to get on all fours and now he was 10 feet tall. I bowed so i wouldn't bet eaten. "Lord Niceus, king of the Lyconontrail." i said. I knew Olive was hiding behind something so i pulled my phone out,"Just let me make a quick call?" i said, they noddedin agreement. I went to my recordingand found the mermaid call i recorded. I pressed play then dropped my phone in the water so the mermaids could actually hear wat it was saying instead of screaming. All of the wolfs looked at me in disbelief. Then i heard the sound of thousands of powerful fish tail swimming our direction. "Bye losers." i said running towards the water. On my way i grabbed Olive from behind the rock she was hiding behind and we both jumped into the water.

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Olivia | 601 comments Mod
Brantley grabbed me and dragged me out, curse his being stronger then me.
We swam out of there, it took 15 minutes but finally we were back with Emma and our companions but Emma had left, I knew why, it's been a while longer then we expected.
I fell onto the dirt on my back and huffed. Brantley sat down criss cross apple sauce next to me.
"When did you make that plan? How are you healed? How did you hold your breath so long? Why did you sacrifice your phone? HOW DID YOU KNOW I WAS BACK THERE!?" I asked all at once, Brantley always seemed to know what I was up to and where I was.

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Brantley | 431 comments (haha criss cross apple sauce)
"1.I'm smarter than u think, i made it when i was in the dream;2.I faked the whole time, except when i pulled out tht piece of coral, and this isn't fake stuff my nose is seriously messed up;3.I went out with tht Kracken companion tht used to live in Chartmouth, then she moved to Australia;4.I didn't, i had a see through water proof cover on my phone, one of the mermaids will find it and probably return it to the Society, or not, guess i'm not tht smart;5.Like nall universals, u unintentionally send out a wave of power, chimera companions can see tht wave, so can companions to the great lions." i explained to her taking off my jacket and laying it on a rock to dry. "Well, tht explains y i can't get away with anything." she said ringing out her hair. "And two more things, i also know u to well, so i knew u would figure out were i was and follow me, and theres a crab on your pants." i said pointing at the crab clawing its way too her shoulder.

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