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Angel♥ (angellover512) | 179 comments Ok, I'm going to write a short story, and people can comment on it!!

Where am I? she thought. Lost in the middle of the night in her own neighborhood was kind of embarrassing, but in the middle of the night it was scary. She tugged her bike along slowly, looking all around her for the familiar new home she moved into a few days ago. She swung her leg over her bike and pedaled along on the never ending sidewalk.


She turned her head and almost cried out loud. Her mom had drove the car around the neighborhood just to find and guide her home. "you're almost home, Helen." her mom said.

As in response to her mom's word, she saw the familiar trampoline next to her. Across the street, she could see her grandparents in the driveway waving their arms. she pedaled over to her home and put her bike in the garage. She was home at last.

please comment!

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If you had turned it into a real story, there could've been a lot more, but really, it was good.

message 3: by Angel♥ (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) | 179 comments its a short story. that actually really happened to me!!

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It's really good though!

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Kataury haha! Better than I could ever hope to do! Brilliant Eileen!

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Angel♥ (angellover512) | 179 comments its short!!

message 8: by Kataury (new)

Kataury Its true!! hahah! :D

message 9: by Angel♥ (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) | 179 comments :p

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Kataury "D

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Angel♥ (angellover512) | 179 comments lalalalalalalala!!!!!

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Kataury dee dum due dee!! ;D

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Angel♥ (angellover512) | 179 comments wah?????

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Kataury HoO!?

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Angel♥ (angellover512) | 179 comments ????????? weird.

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Kataury odd true... ?? :D

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What's going on?

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Kataury Short stories... they're hard...

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» Yeah. Oh Elise, I emailed you something. I've been anxiously waiting for replies, but no one has replied thus far.

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Kataury huh? like email?

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whoa . . .

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Kataury What?

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Kataury what? haha!

message 26: by Angel♥ (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) | 179 comments what?????howd this start???

message 27: by Kataury (new)

Kataury no idea Eileen!

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hmmm. short stories anyone?

message 29: by Kataury (new)

Kataury nope I got notin! nada!

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Angel♥ (angellover512) | 179 comments hm... oh who here has read the percy jackson and the olympians short story??

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short story?
not i.

message 32: by Angel♥ (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) | 179 comments oh i read it and now I cant find it! but it's pretty good! I'm gonna go look!

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