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message 1: by Heather (last edited Sep 08, 2010 09:33AM) (new)

Heather T (horrorvacui000) | 5931 comments Mod
Intertwined (Intertwined, #1) by Gena Showalter Unraveled (Intertwined, #2) by Gena Showalter

message 2: by Heather (new)

Heather T (horrorvacui000) | 5931 comments Mod
I'm 90 pages in and confused as can be. Not necessarily in a bad way though. I didn't read the summary, nor have I read anyones comments on this book so I had no idea what to expect going into the story. I still don't. =) I'm getting antsy. At this point I feel like it would defeat the purpose to cheat and find out the main plot of the book. I guess I'll stick to learning about things as they unfold.

message 3: by Lani (new)

Lani (crahfty) I read the summary and a lot of it still didn't make sense. It was like Showalter couldn't decide which fantasy world she wanted to live in, so she just used anyone she could think of. I didn't care for the book and probably won't pick up the next one. I struggled to get through it, it just didn't flow well for me...

message 4: by Heather (new)

Heather T (horrorvacui000) | 5931 comments Mod
There does seem to be the possibility for quite a few different species. I've only determined 1 for sure at this point, but have thoughts on the others.

message 5: by Heather (new)

Heather T (horrorvacui000) | 5931 comments Mod
I'm approaching the end of the story. A little less than 100 pages left. I'm interested, but I'm not sure where I stand on it just yet.

message 6: by Heather (new)

Heather T (horrorvacui000) | 5931 comments Mod
Oh my! Showalter's blog! Wow! Apparently she has a beefcake Monday contest. I saw it from her goodreads site.

(so not good to post on the YA thread, but hey!)

message 7: by Lani (new)

Lani (crahfty) Wow. I probably shouldn't have looked at that Beefcake Monday pic on my work computer, lol!

message 8: by Heather (new)

Heather T (horrorvacui000) | 5931 comments Mod
Oops, didn't think about that.

message 9: by Lani (new)

Lani (crahfty) No one can see my screen, so it's all good. I think I probably just got really red in the face, lol

message 10: by Angela (new)

Angela B Wait, where is this? I'm not finding it and thinkging I am missing out :(

message 11: by Heather (new)

Heather T (horrorvacui000) | 5931 comments Mod
That's because she's posted something since.

If you go back and search her history for Beefcake Monday you'll get some interesting photos. This one linked above just happened to pop up when I went to her goodreads site that day.

message 12: by Heather (new)

Heather T (horrorvacui000) | 5931 comments Mod
Apparently it even goes back to 2009. Wow.

message 13: by Angela (new)

Angela B Wow

message 14: by Heather (new)

Heather T (horrorvacui000) | 5931 comments Mod
Haha. Maybe he could be Bones.

message 15: by Tya (new)

Tya | 846 comments Has anyone read Unraveled? I liked it well enough. Except for Maryann. She could take a long walk off a very short pier.

message 16: by Heather (new)

Heather T (horrorvacui000) | 5931 comments Mod
I haven't yet. I'm waiting for my library to get it.

message 17: by Tya (new)

Tya | 846 comments I'm so disappointed! I remember really liking this series and checking pretty regularly to see when the next book was coming out and I just read on Gena's website that she's not finishing it. Or at least no time soon anyway. Its not a big money maker so its gotten shuffled behind things that sell better and she says that she's lost passion/interest in the story so the story probably wouldn't be that good to begin with. She said that she's 100% focused on her new YA series (I'm assuming when this post was made that was the Alice in Zombieland series) which is...good enough. I guess. I like it. But, I liked Unraveled so much more! Heartbroken. Kind of. Considering I don't really remember anything. Still bummed though.

message 18: by Sar (new)

Sar (sarlykaraa) | 13 comments Tya, that doesn't surprise me. I've stepped away from Showalter's new novels. From reading rumors (and her own page) it seems her renewed relationship with religion took a LOT of spice out of her romance books. I noticed it quite a bit with the newer LOTU books. Could this possibly be why she is skipping finishing this series (Intertwined) and is going in the YA direction? So she can be more tame, but still sell? I haven't read these titles above, so I don't know hot and heavy they are.

Shera (Book Whispers) (sherabookwhispers) | 2445 comments Bummer she won't be finishing it. Even Jenna Black had/got the decency to wrap up her canceled YA series, and adult.

I hate getting left in the lurch. I didn't start these up because there was no development in the series.

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