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message 1: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Hi Everybody! I joined Goodreads a few months back after being hounded by a few friends and my mother in law. I'm slowly learning about all of GRs different features and stumbled upon this book club. I've been lurking around the last few days to get a feel before I posted.

I am a stay at home mom to 2 toddlers. I am a licensed teacher and worked in social services until moving to Washington last year. My brain needs the stimulation of a job or class and now that I am not doing those things, I have been reading a lot. I am a "one book at a time" girl, but read every night (occasionally during the day if I get really sucked in to a book). For budget reasons, I usually read library books. I work the "hold" shelf there like nobody's business! =)

I started a book club here with a friend of mine and we have 5-6 women that participate each month. I enjoy a wide variety of books but don't read much in the mystery/thriller category, and I also avoid the mass market type bestsellers that are common in grocery stores or pharmacies. (My 90 year old great aunt really thinks I should read Nora Roberts. No thank you.) I enjoy thoughtful, well written fiction, historical fiction, and fictional accounts of real events (like Dave Eggers "What is the What" and "Zeitoun"). I also love discovering excellent books that no one else I know has heard of before. I may actually like that part better than reading (most of the time).

I look forward to reading book suggestions and talking books with all of you!

message 2: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (tnbbc) | 10060 comments Mod
Hi Amanda! Thanks for checking out the site and deeming it worth sticking around for! We have a lot of fun here!!!

message 3: by Carol (new)

Carol Welcome to the group Amanda. sit up and take notice you will have a large amount of books to read. Take a look at the book giveaways. There are some nice ones for kids , you might be able to snag a few. And pick up a few for yourself also.

message 4: by Emily (new)

Emily  O (readingwhilefemale) | 140 comments Hi Amanda. Welcome to the group. You have two toddlers at home, and you still find time to read? You must be a superhero. I understand what you mean about the library books. I love whoever invented the "hold" shelf! It's so cool that you started your own book club. I would do that with my friends, but we can never agree on books. One of us wants to read the biography of Bach while the other wants to read graphic novels and another only reads classics and the last likes sci-fi. That's why I like this site so much. It's easy to find awesome recommendations, and there's always someone who can talk with you about whatever it is you're reading. I sure hope you enjoy it here.

message 5: by Karendenice (new)

Karendenice Hi Amanda and welcome. Not only will you have alot of books to read (especially if you join more than one group) but as you gain friends you will get updates on what books they have added to their list of to-read and currently-reading books. If your like me and you have friends that have a tendancy to read alot of the same books, you will be adding even More books to your to-read list. Happy reading!!

Hey Lori, where do I find the list of the giveaway books. I had it at one point, but now I don't. Appreaciate the info in advance.

message 6: by Carol (new)

Carol I am not Lori, but at the top of the page there are tabs, click on the one that says find books. The page will come up and there are more tabs click on the giveaway tab. Have fun.

message 7: by Karendenice (new)

Karendenice Carol, if I directed my question to the wrong person, I'm sorry. If I didn't and your are being a very, very helpful person then, I truly thank you. All tips and corrections, reccomendations etc. are greatly appreciated. Especially since I am pretty new to this site and sometiometimes not a very fast learner. lol

message 8: by Carol (new)

Carol No you did not direct it to the wrong person. Some times Lori can't get back to you right a way. So if someone else knows the answer they will answer for her.

message 9: by Karendenice (new)

Karendenice That's great Carol. I have found out that there are alot of very helpful people on goodreads. Thank you, again.

message 10: by Carol (new)

Carol You are welcome.

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