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Thempper Murhder | 20 comments Mod
species (Werecat,werewolves, etc. ,whatever u choose)-
human appearance-
shifter appearance-

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Thempper Murhder | 20 comments Mod
Name- Adine
species (Werecat,werewolves, etc. ,whatever u choose)-werecat
human appearance- waist length brown hair, brown hair, Tall and curvy
shifter appearance- long, sleek, black leopard
personality- anger management issues, but can be really sweet and kind.
other-Has no family. They have all been killed.

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!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 9 comments Name-Ivy Stotts
Human appearance-Rust red/brown hair, electrifying green eyes. She wears a silver blue shawl, and poor, dull ripped clothing.
Shifter appearance-Sleek black fur with a white tail tip, white paws, and a silver face with a red orange snout.
Personality-Lonely, kind, firm, curious, vague, mysterious.
Other- Her family was killed, leaving her with horrible people that treated her like slaves. She ran away after 3 years of torture.

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