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message 1: by Kristopher (new)

Kristopher | 10 comments I've posted this in a couple of other groups and am getting some interesting responses. I thought I'd try it out here:

I thought this would be an interesting question. I realize that most of the people who are members of this group are likely to have gone to college, but what about those who haven't? More people *don't* go to college in the United States than do. Why don't we make a list of the books that you think would give you the equivalent of a decent college education? I wouldn't worry too much about what degree, what university, possible masters/doctorate after the baccalaureate, just what books do we think would give a person a good, well-rounded education?


message 2: by Carol (new)

Carol Bro (cjbro) | 34 comments Wes:

There are many reasons an intelligent person may not continue his or her education to the college level – a dysfunctional childhood, death in the family, illness, the necessity of working to help out at home, lack of funds. A college education does not guarantee a person success as a writer; in fact, I am often amazed at how many people enter their chosen careers unable to even formulate a simple sentence or spell correctly. (I can personally attest to the truth of this statement in the case of attorneys!) Conversely, the lack of a college education does not preclude a person from being a successful, or even good, writer, author, playwright, poet, etc. The examples below may help you appreciate it is more the drive and determination, inspiration and imagination a person possesses that make him a writer worth reading. I might add, the authors listed below didn’t even enjoy the advantage of the G.E.D. programs offered today in the U.S. for the purpose of helping disadvantaged people who desire to complete their education!

Leon Uris (Exodus, Mila 18) – Left high school to join the Marines at age 17

Rod McKuen (Poet) – Dropped out of grade school and ran away at age 11 because of an abusive, alcoholic father

Nora Roberts (prolific & popular author) H.S. Graduate only.

Michael J. Fox (Actor & author of several books) H.S. dropout

Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice, among others) – Educated primarily by her father and older brothers, as well as through her own reading.

Dylan Thomas (Welsh Poet & Writer) – Left school at 16 to become a reporter for the local paper

Agatha Christie (prolific mystery writer) – Never went to school; she learned through reading newspapers and books

Mark Twain – Was not educated beyond grade school

Henry Miller (Playwright) – Didn’t finish college

Margaret Mitchell (One hit wonder: GWTW) – Didn’t finish college

The list could go on.


message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Ted Kaczynski - Harvard graduate; UC Berkeley professor; Unabomber.

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